Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Deep Freeze

Happy new year everyone.

Well we here in North America getting lik up with these cold temperatures. Is not only up here in Canada but even way down in the US they getting polar vortex effect that got places like Kentucky and Georgia bawling fa blue murder from the cold.

Up here in Toronto since the new year we have had ice, snow, and then cold temperatures alternating. If it ain't one trying to kill ya is de next.

Yesterday was one of, if not the coldest day I have experienced in my years in Toronto. The windchill took us to near -40 and even my 3 minute walk to the bus stop had my skin burning me from the cold. Luckily it has warmed up today to a quite balmy -15 with windchill of -23. Lol, yes temperature is all relative.

Buses and streetcars had all sorts of trouble even the airport nearly shut down and had to cancel all departures and nearly all arrivals cause it was too cold for the grounds crew to work on the tarmac and the de-icing fluids dont de-ice when the temps get this cold.

Anyway I find this cold thing just have me well tired these past few days. After negotiating the cold on my way to work all I duz wanta do when I get in the office is sleep.

And we still got another two months of winter ya know. Wuhloss

What encapsulated the whole cold thing across the continent for me though was this story.

 A Kentucky inmate managed to get out of a minimum-security prison on Sunday — and turned himself in the next day at a motel a few miles away, explaining that he wanted to get out of the frigid air.

Lawd ave mercy! I can just imagine his thoughts.  "See all this cold thing, I ain't ready fa this ya! Right now I prefer jail to being out here. Run? You expect me to run in this thing? I out hayso ketching frostbite, so wunnah mekkin sport. Looka let me go back inside an get my three squares per day."

Ya know is cold when a fella decide freedom is less important than warmth.


VirginiaC said...

I have been following the weather reports and checking in with my friends on the East coast to make sure they're all okay.
It's the coldest it has been for the last 20 years apparently. I hope the cold eases up soon.
I had not heard the story of the prison escapee...that is funny.
Take care and stay warm....all your innards and

Guyana-Gyal said...

Man, people really get soft, a li'l cold weadda got everybody so?

Sez me who hhhhhhhate de least bit o' chill.

Is Siberian winter you all gettin'.

How I laughing at dat prisoner.