Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring again

Its spring again
everybody knows its spring again
To the girls and boys and people above
This is the time to fall in love

Spring again - Biz Markie

Happy Easter to all.

Well its spring again here in the t-dot and I figured I'd share with you some of the items that let me know that spring has arrived here:

(1) Its raining now instead of snowing although this winter was so up and down that we did actually have a fair bit of rain.

(2) Folks have discarded their winter clothing and some have already adapted shorts. Ok memo to the shorts wearing community: Just because its not snowing doesn't mean its shorts weather just yet.

(3) The temperatures have risen. Toronto doesn't seem to have those four discernible seasons like the textbooks talk about. Spring kind of rushes straight into the warmer weather that we call summer within a matter of weeks. None of that three month, June 21st solstice jive, spring lasts from late March to about mid May when all the trees have their leaves.

(4) The crazy people are back on the streets. I'm not sure what its all about but the first signs of spring for me are the fact that I see more and more of those with serious mental issues on the streets. Its like the city locks them up for their own protection during winter and then just lets them all go at the beginning of spring.

(5) The dandelions are back. Raking the lawn last week (apparently I had to aerate it or some such nonsense after winter) I saw a few dandelions. Sigh! The saga continues.


dorna! said...

Well man, you know what they say about life giving lemons so make lemonade? Well since you got dandelions, go HERE. There be good eatin' off your lawn. ;)

Campfyah said...

Happy Easter
Thaw out and enjoy the nice weather cause before you know it wunna in T-dot gonna be crying dat it cold.

Chop and eat dem dandelions in some good salad.

Abeni said...

Dandelions need love is a nice time of year,renewal and all that.Enjoy

Brotha Buck said...

Happy Easter, and what is t-dot?

Rose said...

Hope that you had a great Easter day. It is getting too hot for me, I prefer Spring but it seems as if we are jumping straight into

Rose said...


princessdominique said...

Yes some people can't wait until it gets a smidge warm to take off all their clothes. Sorry about the dandelions!

Anonymous said...

heavy 'spring' jacket (quilted no less) + open toe (toe's all out there) + the gta = it's not that warm yet.

Cymple said...

Hummm... Spring seems so short here too. Like a month break between the extremes of winter and summer.

BajanQueen said...

Enjoy the know people can't wait to get into their summer clothes.



Miz JJ said...

Happy Easter!!

The sun may be out, but that doesn't mean that bare legs need to be out as well.

jelli said...

I know I am late but Happy Easter. Where I am it is HOT, HOT and more HOT. We had rolling black-outs because of the demand for power since folks were running ACs at full blast. No rain in site. It's only April. I dread the upcoming summer months.