Monday, June 06, 2005

Dandelions and such

Well it looks like summer's here (knock on wood). This weekend we had some great temperatures in the 20s and today its supposed to go up to 30C. Of course now we get the complaints about it being too hot. Damn Canadians are never satisfied lol. Winter's too cold, summer's too hot. Whatever!

See me, I'm loving it. Bring on the heat a brother got to get some sun and work on his tan.

Image hosted by So the last few weekends I've been trying to work on my lawn and all that good stuff. Not that I'm a big gardening fan but with the nice temperatures its a good way to stay at home and still be outside. Plus with the new house I just got to do what I got to do. Damn living in an apartment was definitely less work!

So a few weeks ago I tackled the dandelions. Now let me tell you this I was never one to pay any attention to those things before this summer it was always more like oh look yellow flowers in the lawn how nice. Now, after spending an entire weekend digging those things up all I can say is dandelions are the spawn of the devil. Evil, insidious, nasty looking things with roots down to the depths of hell. How one little weed can have roots a foot down in the ground is beyond me lol. And I started off not having so much a lawn as a dandelion patch with the occasional blade of grass so you know it was some serious backbreaking work digging up those things because if you don't get as many as possible they come back with a vengeance cause they spread quicker than wildfire. Serious thing that.

Anyway I got the dandelions under control at least in the back yard but now I have philosophical and ethical issues with my lawn. Yes Jdid has to make simple things difficult! What issues you ask? Well in order to keep the lawn looking half decent, not aiming for perfection or anything just half decent will do, one needs to put in quite a bit of the H2O. My issue is I feel like its a waste of good water to be spraying it on grass that a man cant even eat when people in other countries would love a little drop of water to quench their thirst. Don't get me wrong though I'm not about to become all environmentalist and the like but for me its like what is the point of this grass watering foolishness anyways.

Maybe its my perspective on things. Growing up in Barbados the folks in my neighborhood weren't into the lawn thing. You would grow a nice little flower garden to nice up the place but grass was a weed and if it was growing on your property you would take out a little chopper or a ho (a garden tool as opposed to a hoe which is a ....ammm never mind) and get rid of it. Now here it is I'm cultivating grass. What the??

Ok so I guess grass is a plant and plants add much needed oxygen to our atmosphere and use up CO2 so that preempts me from just digging it all up and paving it over, plus a nice little green lawn looks kind of nice too but I got to reach some sort of compromise. Maybe I'll grow a kitchen garden in the back or something. Who knows!

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Amadeo said...

As someone who was manuel labor for my mothers garden...I concur...Dandelions suck.

Abeni said...

I hate all types of gardening.Occasionally I'd try to see if I can get some flowers to grow but seems I don't have a green thumb

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Congrats on your new house. I seemed to have missed that blogg. Yes, get dem dandelions-they are truly one of the most insiduous weeds around. I like gardening but it likes cooking-don't like the cleaning up. Fortunately, I live in a condo so gardening is non existent. But I know how you feel when you need a bigger spread. I'm feeling a little cramped.

Slow Metamorphosis said...

Look I dont care what anybody says but keeping grass up is hard work, you have to be up to the challenge! Plant some grass seeds and get some fertilier or something that kills weeds...only water late in the evening cuz if you do it mid day or when the sky is too high up, the grass will burn. lol....thats all for now

Angry Dog said...

LOL, @ must post some pictures of your industrious self in the garden digging up dandelions! That'd definately cause some serious waves in the blogsphere!

Nikki said...

I would love to have a nice little garden in my backyard, but I don't have a green thumb. Maybe I'll hire some landscaper to hook my backyard up with me. The garden would go nicely with my gazebo and hammock.

Big N said...

You do realize that Toronto has some real shit weather, all things considered. All a man asks for is 25 degrees with a cool breeze. That's perfect weather right thurr :P.

Mad Bull said...

Grass? An island man like you? Cho! Import some white sand from back home and spread it around the whole garden. When it looks messy, just rake it. Nuff things can gwaan for you and your garden will stand out from everyone elses. Go for it!

The Marlo Girl said...

jdid: a HOE is the garden tool, and a HO is the slack gyal. so, according to your post, you and a slack gyal were digging weeds in your garden! LMAO

i gine tell yuh wife...

Jdid said...

@amadeo - yep they do
@abeni - cuhdear! :-)
@sunshine - yea its fun but its more work in a bigger spread
@slow met - the grass will burn if you water in the midday? didnt know that hmmm
@angry dog - will work on it
@nikki - you dont need a green thumb just put in a bit of work and see hat happens
@Big N - Naa yesterday was great, nothing wrong with a little heat or sweating
@madbull - I'm thinking rock garden lol
@marlo - oh man, busted! ok how much do I have to pay to keep this under wraps.

Nat said...

lol... so eventually when i need to learn bout this gardenin business i can come to you for help? I am totally clueless when it comes to that stuff... i can't seem to keep any plants in my condo alive... i try and i try but i failed each time.

Anonymous said...

not me. when it's cold - i dress appropriately, when it's hot, i strip it off! ;) i'm just thankful for what we got!

i like the white sand idea - and rocks too - could make for quite an interesting garden!

Anonymous said...

Bwoy, the grass nice man....apartment living with nutten green around is sterile. But, like anything else, keeping it good looking takes work. I have quite a bit to do with my fish tank...clean filter, water changes etc.

Like you I nuh too love the manual labour thing at all. Drink a beer when the sun get you all sweat up and ting. Dr. D.