Monday, June 20, 2005

Big Shot Bob

In the NBA every team is supposed to have its stars, the go to guy, the guy who will win the game for you at crunch time, the all-stars. In these NBA finals for Detroit that would be Chauncey Billips and Rip Hamilton and for the Spurs that would be Tim Duncan and more recently Manu Ginobili.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen the game is on the line these guys are the ones the coach draws up the plays for, the guy you want with the ball in his hand when the game is down to the wire. Yet every year for the past couple of years there has been one mere mortal role player type dude who regardless of which team he's on, for just one playoff game when things are on the line takes over from the better known stars. That man is Big Shot Bob aka Robert Horry an NBA veteran with 5 championship rings with the possibility of a 6th looming quite largely this year.

Now Horry isn't your regular NBA superstar, no one's going to call him the Franchise or think of building their team around him as they aim for a championship run yet somehow year after year, series after series when his team is in dire need and a series is at its most crucial juncture this dude just steps up and wins it for his team.

Last night he did it again for the Spurs. Watching the game and cheering for the Pistons, I had this sinking feeling that it was his night. Oh oh there he goes with a three at the buzzer at the end of the third to give the Spurs a 1 point lead. Oh oh he seems to be feeling it as he hits another 3 in the 4th. Don't give him space I'm screaming to the Piston marking him. Make him dribble the ball, make him pass to Duncan who we can foul and whose foul shot is now as bad if not worse than Shaq.

And then in overtime in the first close game of the series he got wide open and hits the game winning three pointer. Nooooo!

Oh well got to love the guy, talk about performing when it matters, this guy really takes that motto to heart. So props to Big Shot Bob, forget Ginobli and Duncan, he just might have won another ring for himself and his teammates


Nikki said...

Although I'm a Pistions fan 4 life, you gotta give Horry his props. He's that clutch shooter, that go to guy when the game's on the line.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Watched the game and saw that clutch shot. You have to appreciate that. Next game is going to be a good one.

Don Tate II said...

Ah, missed the game, but sounds excitin'

Luke Cage said...

That brotha is as cold-as-ice. Did you ever see the interview they did with him about 2 years ago or so? He said basketball wasn't pressure. Hitting clutch shots isn't pressure. Raising a child with birth ailments and maladies, now that's pressure. Good to see a man who's got his priorities in order.

Zantiferous3 said...


Anonymous said...

OK, basketball.....anodda one o dem sports that I just don't feel, so maybe I should just keep quiet! Dr. D.

obifromsouthlondon said...

Dr partially with u on dat. only cos we dont get the games over here. to much socceer (I'm a socceer nut)

rely on didy to keep man updated. love & basketball baby!

muffin said...


Jdid said...

@nikki - yea horry deserves his. I still want the pistons to win tonight though
@sunshine - i hope so
@don tate - it was
@luke - thats a great perspective on things
@xquizzyt - well if duncan gets another ring i aint mad at him
@Dr D - ya have to pick up another sport star
@Obi - and we get very little soccer here
@muffin - lol, fine be like that

Big N said...

I expected the shot, but I did NOT see that dunk coming. Some Stretch Armstrong type slam that was.