Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Belly Rings and Cleavage

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFirst off thanks to everyone who hit up the comment box the last few days. I'm feeling the love so thank y'all for making a brother feel appreciated.

Anyway with a title like today's' you guys must be saying Jdid like he going give we a spicy blog today. Well maybe, maybe not we'll see.

Now recently I've been telling you all about the heat we've been getting in Toronto. Yep, Toronto known more for its cold and more cold has been getting some temperatures around 30-34 degrees Celsius and with the humidex that is going past 40 degrees Celsius (thats 100F) mark on some days. (oh I wrote most of this blog last week before the rains descended in case you're wondering) Now that is some proper heat trust me on that and after the winter that we had I man no complain about that regardless of the humidity and the smog. I mean ideally I'd like to be somewhere on a beach with pristine air and a cooling breeze but if I cant have that I would still take the heat and humidity over the cold any day of the week.

Now ya know once heat in the place the first thing that duz happen around here in Toronto. Yep clothes coming off, skin expose people walking 'bout looking lawless! And it doesn't even have to be the sort of heat we getting now just let the temperature pop past 12 degrees Celsius and some folks bust out the shorts and start getting their tan on outside.

So you can only imagine how much clothing coming off in this heat we had here early last week when the temps were in the 30s. Now don't get me wrong it doesn't really bother me one way or the other if clothes come off or not cause ya don't need to tek off ya clothes to catch my attention. I grow up in the Caribbean and I quite accustom seeing skin so it aint no real issue for me if ya feel I getting titilated by the sights. I mean I aint going say I aint enjoy some of it but at the same time its not really excite a brother too much.

What is an issue for me though is when the bare skin is a little too close to me. Like for instance, last week some day I got on the bus to head home during rush hour. Somehow I was lucky to grab a seat facing the aisle. Now waiting as the bus driver took his sweet time to go into the bathroom or whatever it is they do at Kennedy station after they arrive from the previous trip, the bus started to slowly fill up until there was only standing room. As the standing room too started to fill up in walks this one tall young girl wearing what I can only describe as a fuzzy sports bra with long sleeves and a pair of low rim jeans (I don't call them no low rise is low rim) so all her stomach expose and she also has a silver belly ring.

So I am sitting in my seat staring through the window half tired just trying to relax after my hard day at work and 'when ya hear de shout' this girl came and held on to the pole in front of me and start chatting on a cell phone. More space in the bus and you're supposed to go stand in the back but no one ever does and so she came to a stop right smack dab in front of me. So one minute I'm relaxing looking out at the parking lot and next thing bram! A belly ring and two hard hip bones and an exposed navel staring me straight in the face right at eyeball level and no more than 8 inches from my nose. Rather uncomfortable for me I'd say.

Now tell me what is the proper etiquette for that situation? Do I just sit there and stare at the bellyring, do I try to avert my eyes by staring off to an angle or do I just hang my head and stare at my lap?

And people in the bus staring at her because of how she's dressed and then they staring at me to see if I staring at her. So what was I supposed to do? Well I was looking straight ahead when she came and push she belly up in my face so I don't see why I should be fidgeting and trying to look no where else but ahead. I lie?

Anyway a little later in the trip she moves down a bit in the bus and then totally obscures the sight of the lil fellow with the Muslim headgear that was sitting next to me and the poor man had was to put he hands over he eyes and pretend he cant see nuttin. Cuhdear!

Then there is the cleavage thing. I tell y'all I not complaining by a longshot but ok this scenario happen to me twice in the last two weeks. I'm on public transit again, this time I standing, my eyes inadvertently just happen to glance down at the person sitting in front of me when whoa! I realize that this woman is just showing off major major major cleavage with a low low low cut thing I can see almost to her navel. My eyes must now jump back up and look straight ahead through the window and pretend like 'la la nothing to see here, nothing to see here' cause I cant risk looking down again because next thing ya hear Jdid is a ol pervert and look how he staring at women breasteses on the bus and train and thing. Next thing ya know somebody arrest me or somebody man or brother want to lik me upside my head with a two by four and I aint do nuttin.

But what ya going to do? The women will wear what they wearing and I got to look where my eyes take me so if cleavage and eyes happen to converge ya cant hold me responsible, my eyes didn't know what was going to be in their line of sight. I wasn't searching for cleavage it just happen to find it. Anyway that is my story and I sticking to it.

Anyway its officially summer so I guess the skin will be shown but still there are some times when you find your eyes looking at things you would rather not be looking at or that you start to feel a bit uncomfortable seeing up close.

Oh what I should say although I don't want to lecture is ladies its important not to go too far with the dressing though. Saw a rather thick young lady at Kennedy a few weeks back and she was wearing a nice summer dress. Only thing the dress was probably a few sizes small for her so curves shooting out blam blam and blam all over the place, cleavage popping out, butt sticking out and the dress so short and flimsy that with every step I thought her underwear would be exposed.

Now if you dress that way oh for sure the guys will look and you will get attention which I assume is the purpose of such attire but that don't mean that you looking decent. So yea you will get attention but is it really the type of attention you want. Or is attention like publicity in that any attention is good attention. I don't know but anyway I done with that cause I aint lecturing anyone. Wear what ya wearing and I will look where I got to look.


Sunshine said...

Jdid-LOL-I'm howling. Let me ask yu-did anyone find out how much she charges? I can only say when a woman dresses like that she's definately an exhibitionist or a street working girl. It's a bit much don't you think?

Anonymous said...

What's a warm blooded man to do rude yute? If she flaunting it...look yes!

Dem same ones now, when man pass certain argument ready to vex.

Yes, you ought to think about these things before you dress (albeit skimpily) and lef you yard! If you on a beach now, I can understand.

Comment 'bout the Muslim fellow had me laughing. Guy must have had to pray to Allah for help! LOL.

The heat is here too. Have some water handy! Dr. D.

obifromsouthlondon said...

Jdida u crazy lolololol!!!!

yeah all that skin is disconcerting. but not as much as when the "large" girls do it. letting the belly hang out and all that ish. urghh cover up already.

Natty said...

What difference does it make it the skinny girls or the "large" girls do it? It's all the same. Cover up a little ladies- look respectfull, be respected.

Gunner Kaufman said...

First off, one day ill tell you about my Toronto trip...i was supposed to be there a weekend, but i stayed for two weeks, the females in Toronto, shesh! anyway, im feeling your beef.issue with the lack of clothes and exposed flesh...i was on the bus a few days ago and a young girl got on with the most insane set of "boobs" i have ever seen, and stood breast/eye level next to me...truth be told, i got off the bus six stops early....i was so damn uncomfortable, i couldnt stop looking and they were in my damn face, and she couldnt have been more than 16....i just coulnt take it..figured it be best for all parties if i left....but i have to admit, they were amazing!!!!!

Urban Sista said...

LOL!!! If you think that's bad, wait until Caribana. I was on Yonge St. last year hanging out with the girls and I saw a young woman wearing a pair of pants with a huge cutout on her backside. The entire left cheek was exposed and in my eye.

Let me not forget the girl wearing a pair of panties -- masquerading as shorts -- on the street.

My mudda woulda slap de taste outta my mout.

Big N said...

Gotta love summer :P

And if some scantily clad girl is all up in my personal space, she gon get a staredown. Mind you, I won't be looking in her eyes.

Then again, if she's as big as Kirstie Alley, that may not be the case.

Zantiferous3 said...

ROFLMAO!!! What I hate is when someone sweaty stands near you and their bare skin almost touches you BLECCH!!! God forbid!!!! LOL

But that's hilarious... I hear you... look where you want!!!

Luke Cage said...

LOL. Hey Jdid. I'm not sure if you were saying that this was a problem or if you were lucky. I'll tell you one thing man. I'm already a woman watcher. You stick that in my face, and I'm going to watch even harder, regardless of how people are looking at me! You handled that deftly though man, like a true gentleman. I can probably learn alot from you. Kudos!

Amadeo said...

Oh're hitting on my Big Brother complex...I work with young people some being just younger than me. I have that problem all day.

Campfyah said...

I feeling you on this one Jdid. I wrote something similar on my first post into my vacation. de temps rising and de gals dem loosing dem sanity and wearing any an everything. I say if you on de bus/metro, miniding yuh own business and she come and push she wun in yuh face, den look if it worth looking at or chuspe real long and hard if it ein worff de look.

dorna! said...

Cellulite and spandex, 'nuff said.

Lene said...

oh snap... i'm laughing out loud. you are the best storyteller on this blog thing. i'm your official groupie/president of your fan club.

the bare skin thing erks me too. like, there isn't many options when someone jooks themselves into your line of vision. i hate when people wear clothes that are too tight or small.

i see nuff little girls on school trips at my work and they are wearing shorts/skirts that expose the lower part of dem asses. why? why go on a school trip with stilettos and miniskirts? why?

The Marlo Girl said...

lmao... jdid you's a real half-idiot...

Scratchie said...

way I see it you wear what you want and I look where I want. if yuh wearing something to look at (or not wearing something as the case is) then I going to look.

Anonymous said...

scary that that's the type of outfit my 17yr old niece tries to get away with. she's a 'pole' and very busty - very, very scary what people will wear. otherwise, very funny post!

Mad Bull said...

You know, this is a big ra$$ issue... I am supposed to be a big respectable married man, living pon an island thats just a little bigger than a postage stamp. EVERYBODY knows you.... then when the little miss things flounce themselves up in front of you and you start staring, I mean... you reputation mash up! I feel you on this one, Jdid.
What I can't take is the ones who wear the undersized mega-tight skirts which serve the sole purpose of trying their best to flash people.... how can you not look, then when you look, the little miss drag down the skirt and look on you like you thief sup'm. When they do dat, I feel to tell dem "Doh look pon me, go buy some clothes and put them on! %@#@$!!!

Jdid said...

@sunshine - yes its a bit too much
@Dr D - ya cant help but look
@Obi - true
@natty - I agree but still we tend to cringe when larger girls wear stuff that just isnt for them
@gunner - lol at the 16 year olds and yes need to hear this toronto story
@urban sis - caribana is a whole other story, i remember i used to like the yonge street line , last year i passed by and it was just too many underage girls in way too skimpy clothing being accosted by dudes my age and older it was pretty disgraceful.
@big N - ha ha ha, good one
@X - yea the seaty thing is an issue
@luke - woman watchers of the world unite lol
@amadeo - so how do you deal with it
@camp - if it was worth looking at is the question
@dorna - true
@star - thanks so does the fan club have meetings and would you like to buy an autograph :-)
@marlo - thanks lol
@scratchie - true
@nyabg - yes it is scary so what do you say to your niece
@mad bull - true thing, cant let that offset ya rep star

ground_hog_666 said...

I'm not in Toronto so it wasn't the girl you saw, but I know a girl in my neck of the woods who likes to wear skimpy outfits, like very low rise bare belly styles and short crop tops, and she's done something like that on a train, with a guy's eyes just inches level with her belly button. I told her of your incident, and she said that if she's flaunting at you, why arent't you looking? Her attitude is thus: "If I'm not embarrassed to show off what I can give you a bit of sunshine in your life, why should you feel embarrased to look at it? We all in the human species have this badge (our belly buttons) of achievement of our victory in our very first battle of life: to be born, and no way will I not be proud to show that 'I exist!' Furthermore, because the navel was a part of one's mother, the female of the species has a special attraction for males in terms of the aesthetics of the female belly and the attraction of guys for girls' bare bellies is healthy and natural, or the human species would become an 'extinction event'. I'd be very disappointed if a guy I was giving that sunshine in his life, even for 20 minutes on a bus, even unspoken and never cross paths again, would not return the favour with some appreciation. And if that appreciation would come as some form of tacit acknowledgement, like a quick smile or whatever as we parted at the ends of our trips, it would make MY day as well, so please don't deny me! I could have stood in front of someone else, but there was something about you that at that moment I felt the need to give you my sunshine, so please don't reject it. You may need to 'bank' it in the future for a 'rainy day' and remnisce about a girl who gave you a bit of enjoyment that time, but if you reject it by turning your eyes away, you won't even have that memory to savour. And life brings on all kinds of crosses and every bit of sunshine, even in retrospect, helps and everyoner needs it. As for others who might 'object' why should you miss out on a ray of subshine because someone else might be jealous or your good fortune or my ability to give you that sunshine. I'd say to them: 'eat your hearts out, guys'!". And this is "from the mare's mouth" - what more else or better can I add?