Saturday, June 25, 2005

5 or is it 10 things that I love

Ok Starfoxx tagged me so I'm a do this right now and stop being a stick in the mud.

10 Things that I love. Oh first I guess I should say I hardly ever use this word love. Maybe its because I listened to 'Love's gonna get'cha' a few times too many but yea I think this word is overused. Anyways here goes.


1 - My Family - that's my wife and parents anybody else doesn't really count. Basically my motto here is if I would defend you, or get into crap for you for no apparent reason then you are family and so far that list is rather small.

2 - Music - Especially hip hop. Music just does something for me. Aside from Hip Hop, I'm all about the reggae, jazz, calypso and that sort of stuff as well. Just music with a good rhythm. Its kind of funny how many good friends I made in Canada just through music. My boy D, I met when we were back home and he was a hip hop head, then I meet another brother through him who was a dj who I'm still tight with till today. Then I remember my boy J. I was in university residence and there weren't many dudes who listened to hip hop so when I walked past his room on moving in day and heard Jeru's Come Clean pumping I knew that I had to see who was playing that. Anyway years later we still cool too, My Boy P I also met under similar circumstances and we still cool like that too. Oh and I sort of met my wife through hip hop too so all in all musics been good to me.

3 - Heat - I hate cold weather, and I mean absolutely frigging hate it which is ironic cause I live in Canada. I think my internal theromometer is set a few degrees lower than everyone's else so I need it to be at least 25C before I start to feel comfortable.

4 - Writing - Actually I never realized how much I like writing until a while back. Yea my blog isn't the best written thing on the net but considering I didn't even think I had anything to say I'm pretty happy and I've seen an improvement in my writing since I started which was one of my goals. Oh and I hated writing stuff at high school, think I started writing because of hip hop. One of my boys was writing songs and I thought I could do a better job so I started writing. I actually had an entire hip hop album written before I made it to Toronto (sort of like Brand Nubian, meets Gang Starr meets KRS-one lol). Then I moved onto poetry, which I had/have a real love hate relationship with and then I decided I needed to write more than that. No real goals regarding the writing just seeing where it goes but I must say I kind of like the fact that we have so many brothers and sista blogging cause one of my biggest beefs is that black folks seem to perform too much and not actually write so one day I hope to see some of you talented folks as authors.

5 - The beach - Something about going to the beach back in Barbados at 5 or 6 and just being immersed in its salty embrace that's just so therapeutric.

Anyways that's all I can think of and I wont force any more.


Don Tate II said...

We have numbers 4 and 5 in common. And number one does include the blog family. Right?


Anonymous said...

Interesting...we share a number of your 'loves'.

Re the family.....have no wife or child, Mummy passed away 5yrs ago. But Daddy, my sister and nuff of my Aunts and cousins well important to me. I will put up with crap for lots more people in my family than you included....but...indeed....not all o dem. (Have some bredrins that more important to me than some family members.)

Music...oh yes...hip

Gimme heat over cold any day.

And which Caribbean person does not love liming on a beach? Being on leave it would be a lovely day to go Lime Cay...however, with the present weather I would probably haffi carry an umbrella and there would be no skin to look at...dermatologically speaking that is! ;-) Have a irie weekend. Dr. D.

Lene said...

love it. it is supposed to be 10, but who can think about 10? it's too hard, you gotta break that ish down.

i love the heat, but it has to be hot heat. i loathe humidity because of the effects it has on my hair. plus, i work outisde all summer in PANTS and a dark green cotton shirt.

Mad Bull said...

Me, I love Adriana Sage.... I would link you to ten photos of her but if you go to google and type in her name you can find so many more pictures of her so I won't bother.... ;-)

Yamfoot said...

1. cricket
2. music
3. writing
4. exercising
5. teaching people
6. men with nice muscular bodies
7. happy family times
8. friends
9. cricket
10. cricket

4panist said...

its not easy to think of 10 off the top of my head but your list looks pretty good. I'm a big fan of small pleasures though, like a good book, banana popsicles, a good hug and a long nap on a saturday afternooon. so come to think of it narrowing it down to 10 might not be easy. for me its all about loving life so I"m probably the wrong person to ask.

nahmix said...

interesting! didn't know you're married! do you have kids?

Campfyah said...

Yuh dona like de cold but live in icebox canada. Good dude, good :-))

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-My list very similar. I ditto Campfyah's question. How come yu living enna cold country.

Jdid said...

@don - sure blogging fam included if you wish
@dr d - we need to convert you to hip hop
@star - i'll take any type of heat, humid or not
@mad bull - adriana sage? never heard of her
@yammie - hmmm why do i get the feeling you love cricket :-)
@4panist - not a big fan of the small pleasures
@nahmix - you havent been paying attention then, nope no kids.
@camp - i like to think of it as living in exile
@sunshine - see response to camp.

nahmix said...

i suppose, that one definitely got by me! :-)