Friday, June 03, 2005

Eediat Ting dat

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe way the world going these days I think I might have to make 'eediat ting dat' a regular feature of this blog.

When I first saw this story I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. This is the sort of thing that when you read it it would make a man involuntarily swear. All I could do was say "no man dem lie, man dem mekkin joke, this cant be fa real!"

Bwoy if this one true I feel Cambodia trying to mek third world countries look bad. We going to need a new designation fa them, I hereby declare them a fourth world country cause them in a class of their own. Eediat ting dat.!

Clearly dem didnt hear bout that Sigfried and Roy fella that get maulsprig by the Lion the other day. Reminds me of what my parents used to always say when they saw people messing with dogs "ya feel dem got rubber teets" in this case them fellas feel that the lions got rubber claws. Anyway read for yourself. Got it from here

Spectators cheered as entire Cambodian Midget Fighting League squared off against African Lion

Tickets had been sold-out three weeks before the much anticipated fight, which took place in the city of Kâmpóng Chhnãng.

The fight was slated when an angry fan contested Yang Sihamoni, President of the CMFL, claiming that one lion could defeat his entire league of 42 fighters.

Sihamoni takes great pride in the league he helped create, as was conveyed in his recent advertising campaign for the CMFL that stated his midgets will "... take on anything; man, beast, or machine."

This campaign is believed to be what sparked the undisclosed fan to challenge the entire league to fight a lion; a challenge that Sihamoni readily accepted.

An African Lion (Panthera Leo) was shipped to centrally located Kâmpóng Chhnãng especially for the event, which took place last Saturday, April 30, 2005 in the city’s coliseum.

The Cambodian Government allowed the fight to take place, under the condition that they receive a 50% commission on each ticket sold, and that no cameras would be allowed in the arena.

The fight was called in only 12 minutes, after which 28 fighters were declared dead, while the other 14 suffered severe injuries including broken bones and lost limbs, rendering them unable to fight back.

Sihamoni was quoted before the fight stating that he felt since his fighters out-numbered the lion 42 to 1, that they “… could out-wit and out-muscle [it].”

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Can you imagine what went through that lions head? "Well boy the food on the plane wasnt so nice but look how the fellas provide me with a nice 42 item buffet."I mean seriously putting a lion in a ring with 42 midgets is like putting a hungry man in front a plate of fried chicken. The chicken and the midgets dont stand a chance. I wonder if dem thought the Lion was vegetarian?

Something about this whole article makes me want to break out into

A wimoweh, a-wimoweh a-wimoweh, a wimoweh
A wimoweh, a-wimoweh a-wimoweh, a wimoweh
A wimoweh, a-wimoweh a-wimoweh, a wimoweh
A wimoweh, a-wimoweh a-wimoweh, a wimoweh

In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight
In the jungle the quiet jungle the lion sleeps tonight

Doggone it, the article's fake but still it made for a decent blog!


Natty said...

Is that what goes as entertainment in Cambodia?
Incredible- I hope that they don't kill the lion now that he's had a taste for midgets.
This certainly qualifies as one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

Urban Sista said...

It's fake? I read this earlier this week and all I could say was, "dese people well ignorant. Why yuh tink yuh could test a lion?" Chupse.

I'm glad it's fake. Nobody should be so foolish.

Amadeo said...

I'd like to see 42 midgets vs. Shaq...that might be cool.

Abeni said...

Where you got the info that it fake? Hopefully it is cos no one should be that stupid

Gunner Kaufman said...

I know its fake, but i couldnt stop LAUGHING MY ASS OFF....i haver it printed out and taped to my wall at work...that was comedy..teh best art is, if you do a can by a tee-shirt...from the fighting midget league...i kid you not!!!

Big N said...

Loved the Lion King reference.

Lene said...

It had to be fake. i was going to say how come none of those animal rights protesters aint saying nuthin about this? hahahahaha

solitaire said...

Well a wha dis... memba di story bout di man dat did enta di cage a di lion and a seh 'im trying fi SAVE di beast. Telling di lion bout Jesus and di lion did RIP HIM A NEW ONE.

laugh and nuh laugh but mi did laugh bad... I know I shouldn't have.

And please, PLEASE make Eediat Ting Dat a regula ting. COODEH, I was in Malvern Mall the other day (yeah yeah, I can't believe it neidah) and was walking by one a dem choppa choppa shop dem... and Eediat Ting Dat a play. I just wish the patrons would have listened to the words dem. BUNCHA EEDIAT TING!

dorna! said...

Ah, they got you Jdid. Doh feel bad, they did a great job of faking the BBC page.

I fell for it hook, line and sinker when I first saw it; even though I couldn't fathom why midgets 2 to 42 didn't just get the heck out of there once midget 1 became lion entree.

Which brings me to Mike "for the right price I’ll fight a lion" Tyson. I say someone should take him up on it.

Mad Bull said...

Well, I knew it was a lie, because if any such thing was going on, Don King would be the manager for the lion and I didn't see his name mentioned anywhere... still, this was some really funny stuff... I agree with Solitaire, make 'Eediat Ting Dat' a feature...
Truthfully, if such a thing were really going down, I wouldn't mind watching it on pay-per-view... now that would be ultimate fighting! ;-)

summer m. said...

eh. not to be cocky, but i've made up better shit, imho.

Slow Metamorphosis said...

Oh had me there for a second fa real!

Jdid said...

@natty - yep it was dumb
@urban sis - yep its fake
@amadeo - isnt that your usual nba season?
@abeni - found the dude who claimed its his
@gunner = no way! are they made in cambodia :-)
@big n - actually my young padwan I think that song was around before lion king
@starfoxx - well its not animal abuse it would have to be the midget rights protesters getting upset
@soli - ok maye i'll make eediat ting dat a semi-regular feature
@dornal - yea they got me, sigh!
@mad bull - ha ha ha, pay per view would be interesting
@summer - yep i'd agree with you all you need is a fak cnn website to sell it as the truth
@slow met - well they got me hook line and sinker

Angry Dog said...

LOL...that was a good one---though I'm sure that somewhere in the world, some damn fool really did challenge a lion to a fight...and lost!