Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Not guilty y'all got to feel me

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI wasn't going to comment on Wacko Jacko's acquittal. Like my man Brother OMi said there are more important things to discuss. So I said to myself don't bother with it, its not really worth it. Especially since I have deliberately been avoiding all news articles relating to the trial as I thought the media was as usual just peddling a silly trial as big time news instead of focusing on more important events.

Then I heard about the acquittal and said well good for him, I shall not pass judgment but I hope he's learned his lesson and will at least be more careful in his dealings with kids in the future. That was supposed to be that. End of story!

But then I stupidly read another Jackson article and saw this little blurb:

The Jackson Web site trumpeted the acquittal with graphics declaring "Innocent" and showing a hand giving a victory sign as a fanfare plays. A scrolling calendar highlights historic events such as "Martin Luther King is born," "The Berlin Wall falls," "Nelson Mandela is freed," and finally, "June 13, 2005, Remember this date for it is a part of HIStory."

Hold up, Hold up, hold up! Ok Martin Luther King is born yep historic moment as its the birth of a man who helped his people, Berlin Wall falls yep another historic moment as its the symbolic end of the cold war, Nelson Mandela's release yep end of an unjust imprisonment and a signal that 'legalized' apartheid is on its way out, June 13th 2005 ummmm? Oh yea June 13th 2005 Michael Jackson is acquitted of child molestation and the greater significance here would be what exactly??

Now see this is a case of hyperbole gone wrong. How the hell does getting acquitted for molesting kids equate with those other events mentioned. I mean seriously what are they thinking? Yea I know its a big moment for Michael personally and some of his fans but those other moments were big in the grand scale of things for the world. What the hell does his release do for anyone? Lots of dudes escape jail time and yea its a big day and they are happy, overjoyed even why wouldn't they be but you don't compare this to world changing events. How is this a world changing event?

And no I don't think Michael actually wrote this or at least I hope not but still his employees are being oh just a tad bit over-zealous shall we say. Don't believe the hype!


Anonymous said...

When I heard the verdict, I was like, OK, so he walks...let off some gas and move on.

Agree with is no major world event.

I hope he is undergoing counselling...him nuh look at all well. Enuff o dat. Dr. D.

Gunner Kaufman said...

Dont forget, Mike made the comment equating himself with KIng and Mandela....but then again...Martha Stewart also compared herself to Mandela....we have allowed pop-culture icons to just, (for lack of a better word) "wild the fu$% out" and we dont say anything. Remember jessie jackosn is the one who originally said when the trial started that he felt Mike "wouldnt" get a fair trial because they didint have enough blacks on the jury...hmmmm i havent heard him say anything of late though...we need to man up and start destroying these cats and putting them in thier place...singers need to sing and shut up...actors need to act and shut up...and the masses need not tolerate the crap that we have alowed to latch on to celebrity/fame that is hurled at us.

By they way..remember Robert Blake? He was his first statement outside the court...he never made mention of the fact that his wife was killed or had rmorse o sorry...but he did say it cost him 10 million to walk...hmmmmmmm?

Nikki said...

The lye from Michael's perm must be seeping into his brain if he's comparing what he went through to Martin or Nelson.

Don Tate II said...

Glad you posted on this subject. I think its interesting reading about all the differing viewpoints.

obifromsouthlondon said...

I'ld agree with you and I don't think Mikey wrote it himself (or anything recently). Looks like something Tito would write lol.

Ok i held my breadth and hoped for the best. happy he got off in the end. But a world historic event? come on now.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I'm glad Michael got acquitted. Maybe now he'll be careful who he lets into his life. He does need counselling.

Amadeo said...

To be honest...I wanted to see what Mike would look like after 3 months without any "special care" or cosmetics.

Nat said...

I contemplated writing about this as well. People are rejoicing and i know he was aquitted and is a free man but i just can't understand how there is no truth at all to everything he was accused of... so even tho there was "reasonable doubt" still don't make him all good again

Natty said...

Next year-no one will remember what happened June 13th 2005.
There are so many significant anniversaries out there that are WORTH remembering and honoring.
MJ getting aquitted0 not one of 'em.

notyouraverage.... said...

he needs counselling, soooo bad - and new staff - people that actually care about him and say, "No Michael, I really don't think it's a good idea to have a 10 year old boy over for a 'sleep-over'."

Slow Metamorphosis said...

I'm glad MJ got acquitted too but that is taking it a tad too damn far

The Marlo Girl said...

ok. so he was found not guilty. does it still mean he's not a frickin' weirdo? absolutely not. what it means is that the rich and the popular can buy themselves freedom and a catchy slogan--a la "if it doesn't fit, we must acquit!" RIP johnnie cochran.

i hope this is a shake up wake up reality call to MJ--although we all know he lives in his own convoluted universe and his percetption of reality is definitely skewed.

Jdid said...

@Dr D - yep nuff counselling
@Gunner - I guess these celebrities think of themselves as truly being great persons and ot as just entertainers and the like
@Nikki - lol, fa real
@Don - thanks man
@Obi - yea maybe tito did sneak in there
@sunshine - but will things change
@amadeo - i think he'd probably melt
@nat - he isnt good again just free
@natty - exactly
@n.y.a.b.g - yea definetly new staff
@slow met - true
@marlo - he is still a weirdo and yes the rich can buy justice a so it goes a so it always went