Thursday, June 02, 2005

I guess I should post

Haven't really had the time lately. Started one blog but don't have the mental capacity to finish it up at the moment so I figured I'm going to take the easy route out. Oh check Ms Blaize's list on you know you're addicted to blogging when.... and I guess I should add you know you're addicted to blogging when instead of emailing the addicted to blogging list you blog about it lol. Oh and if you're at Ms Blaize site and have some time read her 4 parter on the stalker. Man that stuff would make a good movie.

Saw a story about how a homegirl in Alabama is suing a hair salon because they charge black women more than white women. Check the story here. I understand the suit but what I'm wondering is whether this chain is charging about the same as salons that deal predominantly with black women's hair or say a white woman comes in with big hair is she charged more than one with less hair. Just wondering. Sounds like the suit has merit though. Oh well guess I'll wait and see how it plays out.

Image hosted by Been watching Chappell Season 2 the last few nights. Keep falling asleep in front of it though because I'm dead tired but that in no way is a slight to Dave. Believe me folks this stuff is hilarious! I actually miss seeing the season live. Not that its not shown in Toronto its just I never remember what time its on. So here I am watching the Racial Draft, Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories and I know Black People for the first time and I am laughing my butt off.

The funniest thing I saw was one skit where he's talking about how black folk never believe our celebrities are guilty. He shows a potential juror being interviewed for the Michael Jackson trial. Nothing that the lawyer tells him can convince him that Michael is guilty but when the lawyer asks so would you let your kids sleep over at Michael Jackson he's like "Oh hell no!"

On one final note was just listening to the radio and there are some folks here that feel dem smart. They are putting on a talent show and are having auditions. Now hear them, spectators can come to auditions and watch....for 5 dollars. I must say that's a pretty good idea because you know at least at the auditions you might get some folks that not ready for prime time so you may get a little comedy thrown in.

Anyway wow amazingly with nothing to talk about I constructed a blog. Have fun folks.


Nikki said...

I copped that Chappelle Show: Season 2 as well. I haven't had time to watch it. I'll probably peep it during my down time this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I too mek up a likkle blog outta nutten.

Wonder if that salon charges the same to shave a head as for a haircut...regardless of ethnicity? Jus curious. Let us know what happens.

BTW, was glad to see that the runaway bride is being charged.

Later. Dr. D.

obifromsouthlondon said...

damn join the club nikki. I've borrowed it twice. and returned it twice.

charging for auditions huh? I might have to take my cam along and steal the show.

interviewing java programmers. wikid. wonder what kinda questions you dropping?

Nat said...

lol once again chappelle is killin it... its going to be the highest selling tv show boxset probably more than season 1. I went to two stores and the set was sold out!! finally got it at best buy and have been watchin it since tuesday

Lene said...

I need to cop the damn thing already. I've seen all the episodes on the internet and Comedy Network, but I need to see the bloopers and special features. I had pre-ordered it from but I cancelled it because I heard I could get it cheaper from hmv. hahahahahaha.

I love the episode with Making the Band 2 and Wayne Brady.

Amadeo said...

I dug the extra hollywood stories....

Gunner Kaufman said...

I also copped the Chappelle Show....I cant stop watching it myself...the cat is gifted...i went to a bar late one night and he was on stage in the middle of his routine..he stops his routine, looks at me, says wassup, i respond..and then he asks me how many times ive been arrested...the place fell out..cant lie..that night the dreads were quite wild and the razor hadnt touched my face in 7 months...he got me...

OH yeah!!!