Sunday, June 19, 2005

Props to Pops

Or Happy Fathers Day as it is better known.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSpent way too much time trying to find a nice picture to accompany this blog and couldn't even find one I liked with a son.

Anyway I want to say happy father's day to all the great dads out there who are raising or have raised their children properly. Got to shout out some of the man in blogworld like Obi, Mad Bull, Don T , Scratchie, Gunner and Brother Omi who are doing their thing as fathers. Keep it up bredren! Respect! If I've forgotten anyone didn't mean too the love goes out to you too.

I think in general Father's dad is no way the big promotion that Mother's day is because well there are alot of kids, both adult and children, out there with father issues.

Fathers get the shaft for so many reasons. LOL, even the old saying Mother's baby Father's maybe keeps it real by showing you how the love is usually distributed between parents.

Now some fathers don't do much to help themselves out though. They provide the biological material but then they don't stick around to assist in the rearing of the child or they do such a bad job that its better they weren't there. Well to those guys I say come on fellows try and pull up your socks and do better. You made you bed and now you must lie in it, that is if you helped make the child, help raise it by being there not only financially but to assist in the actual rearing of the child, passing on morals and values and that sort of stuff. Especially when it comes to our sons, they could really use a good role model to steer them on the right paths from small.

Moms are great, some even super I'd suggest but it'd be a hell of a lot easier if there is a dad involved.

But on the flip side even some of the better dads still get the shaft. Why because the father's role in some cases is usually that of the tough guy, the bad cop, the disciplinarian, the parent you are afraid of. So while mom is soothing your cuts and bruises after you fell down or tried to 'small up yaself" and fit through the hole in the wire fence dad is the one telling you in no uncertain terms with a firm voice that you need to not do silly things like that. He can be the spoil sport, the kill joy, the tough hand. And so mom might become the friend the one you talk to but you still have this sense of the distance between you and your father.

Just offering that up as a reason why even when dad's there he doesn't get the same love as moms. No disrespect to the moms just that I think the dads need some more love and acknowledgement. Hey I'm a man , I got to look out for my bredren!

Anyway spoke to my dad in Barbados early this morning. Ended up talking about cricket a favorite in our conversations.

Its funny growing up, I really honestly cant say I wanted to be like my father but in recent years I've seen a myriad of similarities, I know where he was coming from now and we've been through a lot of similar experiences. And I cant say I'm at all displeased with the fact that I'm becoming a lot like my dad, in fact I kind of enjoy it. Its rather cool!

Growing up I got the impression that my dad thought that I was too soft and quiet while I thought that he was too hard. Plus he had a sense of humor always telling jokes, I didn't really have one, yo me was a serious likkle yout! lol. He was always there for me though its just that many times we didn't see eye to eye. Plus I think I sort of enjoyed just taking an opposite stand to him in some weird way, not being openly rebellious just arguing the devils advocate case all the time.

Still I always appreciated the time I got to spend with my dad. It was and is still pretty amazing to see how he can just strike up random conversations with almost anyone and just get along with them so easily. De man 'ave charisma and charm, I have to work on that!

So you wont get into a whole I wish I was living physically closer to the fam thing today but yea man my pops is mad cool and I appreciate the job he did in raising me. So much love to my pops.
Anyway I'm running out of stuff to say here so once again Props to all the Pops and I hope all you guys remembered your dads today.


Anonymous said...

Man, you have nuff words today.

Plenty of what you say is true still.

Daddy hol a shirt and lata some Chiney food will buy for dinner.

Happy Father's Day to the rude boyz inna de crew. Dr. D.

Abeni said...

Funny how as you grow older you start acting like your parents or their words suddenly start making a heap of sense

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-A Belated Father's Day to you. It's true when you say "I don't want to be like my mother or father" but I agree that the older you get there are similarities we share with one or both our parents-not all good. But we love them regardless.

Natty said...

There is nothing quite as wonderfull as seeing a father interact with his child. It still moves me to see sons & fathers hanging out and enjoying each other's company. Props to the good Pops - for real.

Mad Bull said...

I really feel you on this one, Jdid, seeing as I had a most wonderful father and yeah, had he still been alive, I would most definitely have called him yesterday.

Urban Sista said...

Wish I could have commented yesterday, but I was busy hanging with my dad :) I've always been a Daddy's Girl. When I was small, I'd want to help fix something or build something, my dad would say, "go help yuh mother!" Now, we'll be hammering side-by-side or I'll call him from Toronto needing to know how to fix my closet or a pipe in the bathroom.

My Pops is the best and doing much better :) Happy belated Fathers' Day!

obifromsouthlondon said...

jdilla thx for the shout out! yeah almost forgot father's day. woke up my wife and baby boy presenting me with a ring lol.

so true you know. I'm the toughie in the house. yeah mother's day gets more props :(

hope you enjoyed the weekend

Lene said...

happy fathers day and stuff. keep wearing the ugly ties and socks that we give you...

Radmila said...

Great post!
There are plenty of good fathers out there (not mine), but I can say with confidence that my husband is one. One thing I'd like to say though, is that many women could do better choosing when it comes to a father for their children.
I've seen many a woman knowingly have children for someone whom they KNOW will be a crappy, unwilling father.
Like Chris Rock says (paraphrasing):
"Yeah, you can do it. You can have a kid without a man. You can drive a car with your feet, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea"

Jdid said...

@Dr D - yea felt like giving some props to pops
@Abeni - yea scary aint it
@natty - agreed
@mad bull - i hear ya
@urban sis - glad to hear your dad is doing much better
@obi - well someone's got to be the tough guy
@star - lol,
@radmila - thanks. good point about the men that women choose