Friday, May 05, 2006


"Some of us are looking searching for something to die for out there"

Haven't had one of these (dreams) for a long time. (And before anyone says it. No I wasnt drinking, smoking or eating food that upset my stomach, eating too late or anything like that)

There were children. Three of them, two boys and a girl to be exact. All under the age of 6, with the boys being darker than the girl. They looked familiar but I don't know whose kids they were, and none of them felt like my own.

They were on the floor in what appeared to be a relatively small West Indian style living room with big windows through which a generous amount of sun streamed. They were playing around when the girl stuck a disk into an object under the television which appeared to be a DVD player. Music streamed out, not sure what it was, but I was present and removed the disc saying it wasn't appropriate for kids.

Then I went searching for an appropriate cd and ended up opening the front door outside onto a veranda looking down at some car parked in front of the house. I got off the veranda somehow and it must have been my car cause I ended up in it digging into every crevice for a particular disc but I don't think I ever found it.

The dream shifted and I was back on the veranda with two elderly, very dignified looking, black persons with prominent cheek bones and their hair in various shades of gray. One person's hair was a lot more gray than the others but I cant remember if it was the man or the woman. All I remember is that it was more salt than pepper and it was a thick short afro. No names were given but I also knew that I knew them somehow.

They looked happy.

The dream blurs from there although I recognize that I spent much time hanging out on the veranda with these people but who were they? I still don't have a clue.

Fast forward and I'm leaving the same house in quite a rush. The veranda is empty and I'm fiddling with an iPod, at least I assume it was an iPod since I had white earphones, as I hit the street at a fast pace.

I walk quickly past a mature lady planting corn and say good morning. She was wearing a long colorful but not new skirt, something with a white background and tiny splotches of color possibly flowers. She had a hoe in hand and was digging intently into some very dark soil but as I walked further the soil changed to a browner color and I saw rows of holes in the soil at specific intervals which really didn't correspond with her digging. Plus I'm not sure how I knew she was planting corn but I knew even though I'm not sure that would be the way one would go about planting corn.

She said something to me as I sped past and continued speaking. I might have heard what she said but I think the music from the iPod made it difficult to catch all the words.

So I turned back and removed the headphones.

She spoke to me, exactly what was said is again a blur but she was either pointing or speaking about the veranda and so I looked back.

There I again saw the dignified old couple but I knew they were dead. They were sitting in nicely carved wooden furniture, which possibly had always been there on the veranda. It was the type of furniture with the woven bottoms that you used to be able to get from the blind workshop in Barbados. The couple was all skin and bones now and at points they were skeletons sort of like they do in Pirates of the Caribbean. (On another note do I need Disney's permission to have characters similar to the skeletons in Pirates of the Caribbean in my dream? I don't want to be accused of plagarizing my dream. I don't want them to shut down my dreams like they nullify that "Opal Mehta" girl's writing contract the other day. Next thing ya see a Disney slap a lil logo on me dream or a Disney Lawyer come into dreamland and close muh down. Cuhdear!)

The couple was not alone as various persons including myself appeared to sway in and out of the picture on the porch. Imagine my thoughts as dream me watched other dream me. The couples' bodies shifted between skin and bones and part skeleton at various irregular intervals but the other persons seemed alive. Everyone started dancing, a slow rhythmic swaying type of dance to some music which floated in like the notes of a flute. Then they were all singing. I couldn't actually connect the voices I heard to actual bodies but their mouths moved and words were heard. The song or rather the line they sang over and over was:

"Some of us are looking, searching for something to die for out there"


tianne_x said...

well i can't say much about the dream......our minds wonder alot that's true

i heard about Opal Mehta issue a few days ago.....its a sad sad thing.....but she's still young it was a slip up(hopefully) she needed to be more careful and reference(as a college student that is always drilled in your head).....but if it merited publishing in the first place tho i think they could just revise it and still publish it to avoid any possible lawsuits....or at least let her continue with the 2 book deal rather than cancel it totally.....she still has promise if she generated such an initial buzz

Ravenbajan said...

Interesting dream Jdid! Personally, I find the dreams that feel more vibrant, or stay with me a long time after I wake up usually do have some sort of meaning... whether it be the past or something yet to come.

On the surface, it looks like your subconcious is looking for your place in this world, but who knows? If I were you, it would be driving me nuts to figure out who the people in your dream were. :)

brooklyn babe said...

This reminds me I had a weird dream last night myself... where my boss, had on a clown outfit...
...hmmm might not be a dream lol!

Wha'goin'on Jdid...
Cheese n' Bread, and all that Bajan Jazz...


Dr. D. said...

Interesting dream...not sure I can interpret.

Perhaps the part where you say the CD wasn't for children to listen to was your paternal instincts at the same way you will care for and protect JDidlet.

The older folks now.....rass....dat one have me my yute.

Have a good weekend, even if spent in dreamland.

Quirky Creativity said...

It made me think about people longing to mean something to someone or some thing. Or, they just want to have something that is so incredibly important to them.
Paternally speaking, perhaps its the unconditional love for JDID jr that fueled this dream!

lol Everyone is a shrink these days! hahah

Oh, and the long skirt that was colourful yet not new, stuck with me for some reason. lol

Anyone care to interpret that?

Stunner said...

Yuh need fi go buy Lotto mi yute!

That's some dream! I have had some strange dreams, mostly some adventure type dreams. But I think nothing of dreams, just some random unconscious brain activity.

texbaje said...

alright since nuhbody aint want tuh touch de man dream I gine give it a shot. At least wunnuh cud say that I wouldn't mek it in the fortune telling business.

1. Things weren't right in that living situation and you knew there was a better way. (kids playing wid music and you went outside for something better)
2. Your option for better had tuh do with travelling. (the car can stand for travelling, luxury or mobility) But... you didn't really find what you were looking for.(you were looking for the better way)
3. So you went back to your past to see if the answer was there. (old regal looking people, happy)
4. But that wasn't good enough so you tek off again with the technology direction. (I remember you used to be in school wid a walkman most days:-)
5. So this time you pass your history sybolised by a lady in the field. But she was happy hence the colorful skirt and the fertile soil.
6. You were not going tuh be held back by her so even as she kept doing her thing and appealing to you, you continued and symbolised by the natural soil changing to more artificial ground cover, symbolised by holes at specific intervals (like a motherboard huh?!)
7. It is interesting that you chose to go back home. When you arrived the history was decaying but there was this understanding that life continues and you were alright with the history(hence the slow swaying song)

Scratchie said...

I won't even venture a guess. Just to say I hope all is well with you and the family.

Natty said...

Hey Jdid- wow nice dream.
Here's what I "felt/saw" when I read your post.
Firstly- it's good that you can remember your dream so clearly and able to follow the sequence in the timeline.Because of this, my first impression was a strong one: end & beginning, full circle of life, coming home.(children, old people, dead people). Lots of images of new beginnings- such as the children, the old lady in the garden, the movement of the car and of you walking...and in all of these you are an active participant.
ie. you take the cd away from the children- parental instict to protect & to teach young children (wether they are you own or not does not matter)you feel a need to show them a better way.
The older lady planting corn: the fact that you recalled/noticed her dress points that you are noticing details in your life now that you may have overlooked before, either thru your new baby or thru the eyes of others. You recognize that people other than children are capable of great changes & beginnigs.
We all get caught up in our very busy lives and when it comes down to it, we all end up going back to the basics- we want the comfort of going back home. Sometimes we can't- because of geography or because of unresolved past conflicts with the ones in our past that we associate with "home".

You dream is a good one, very positive. Lots of changes for you to come, and you will welcome these with open arms (as you went back to the old lady on the garden to listen/hear what wisdom she had to share/pass on to you)

As comes the new changes, some old ways must end. I see the skin & bones people on the veranda and the end of some part(s) of your life and the beginning of new chapters.

I believe that you have been given an opportunity-a glimpse of what "some of us are looking, searching for something to die for out there". The veranda is that vista and by remembering this dream, it's almost like you can assimilate the glimpse of better things coming and take the time to see this in its fullest.

One last thing: and don't laigh out loud now>>>Have you ever seriously considered becoming a Big Brother or some type of preacher, clergy?
Just a vibe I got from your dream...

jelli said...

I am surpirsed that you could remember all ythat much of your dream. It seemed very interesting.