Saturday, May 13, 2006

Second Coming

Well its been a while since I actually sat and blogged. Well what can I say, a brother's been tired. Work, a new baby at home and more work it seems as if well a brother just cant find the time to actually sit at the computer to get his writing on which is quite a shame.

Anyway like I said been tired, well tired and not sleeping well either although that's not baby related as you would think since he usually only wakes up like once a night and I tend to sleep through that. Why should I wake up? I cant feed he! Wha I gine do, all I can tell he is sorry son my breast milk aint come in yet and it don't seem like it will either so ya buss luck wid me. Check wid ya odda parent.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis time of year though its one of my favorite times of the year, NBA playoff time, and I've been trying to watch the games. Trying being the operative word as it seems like I fall asleep in front of the tv every time. But you know I got to put my money behind the Pistons again this year.

Yea they lost to Lebron and the Cavs today but I still think they have what it takes to take it all the way.

But anyways today was the first game I got a chance to really watch more than one quarter and let me say it is pretty disgusting how much the commentators are on Lebron's jock.

Now I guess I should start by saying I'm not that big a Lebron fan. I'm sorry but everytime I see Lebron I think of over age little league pitcher Danny Almonte. Why? Cause I'm still trying hard to believe that Lebron is 21 or whatever age they claim he is? I want to see birth certificates. Dude looks older than me and he definitely doesn't have the body of a 21 year old. I guess freak of nature and man-child are the words that could be used to describe him but yo, check that cat for roids, human growth serum, mutant X genes something man, I'm telling you 21 year olds do not look like him. He's 21 going on 40.

Just kidding but seriously though I was really hoping that the Wizards would knock the Cavs out in the first round so I wouldn't have to deal with the Lebron-mania for another round but alas it was not to be.

Yes he is a good player, some may even say great but all the comparisons to Jordan. Oh brother give me a break! They are two completely different players in my opinion. Jordan was finesse, Lebron is just a big bodied bully. I'm not saying Bron aint good, I'm just saying he's not Jordan. He's all herky jerky, Jordan was smooth even when he was powering to the hole. They are not the same.

Plus yes I know the NBA has to have a superstar to market but it gets a little stale when they foist these next great one labels on these youngsters even if Lebron might be deserving of it.

I'm just saying although Lebron looks like he has it all in terms of skills, will, knowledge and drive lets just wait and see him accomplish something more before crowning him, oh wait he's already King James. So commentators scale down on the hyperbole and lets see the dude play and let the viewers judge for themselves how good he is. Otherwise your groupie behavior is just tiring.

Anyways I'm going back to sleep in front of the Spurs game. Dallas is giving them a run for their money.


Nat said...

hey jdiddy!!
i shudder when i think of u as a pistons fan... i hope the finals is not another snoozefest liek last year. but the pistons will win the next two but they wont be sing the spurs i am sure dallas is winnign this series. check out my last post when u get a minute think u might get a laugh out of it

4panist said...

only one comment on this post? Maybe now that the series is tied (spelling?) there will be more interest. I haven't even been following the finals but whenever there is a close race I pay more attention. Keep us posted J-d.