Monday, August 14, 2006

Two years later

Wow time does fly when you're having fun doesn't it? Two years ago I started this blog. Didn't think it'd last past more than three posts to be honest. I mean for a guy who speaks so little who would have thought he'd have so much to write right?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAnyway I was just going to do a normal post something about second hand burkas I saw at a garage sale in my neighborhood on Saturday (seriously I cant actually make this stuff up) and how sometimes western and other cultures just don't blend as seamlessly as we'd like and at the end say oh yea by the way its two years since I started blogging but I figure I always get ridiculed at home for not celebrating occasions so I should actually probably just focus on this two years bit today.

Ok so here we go. Two years of blogging. Whew! Boy do I have a lot of time on my hands to be able to chat so much lawlessness on the internet lol. Actually there is a lot less free time now than there was when I started but somehow I still try and get in a few posts a week.

Actually after two years I'm reminded of Dr Dre's lines on the Watcher "I've seen em come, I've watched em go, Watched em rise, witnessed it and watched them blow, Watched em all blossom and watched em grow". I should be about ready to get my O-G status up in here y'all cause I think its been a challenge to survive two years. Forget a pimp its hard out there for a blogger! Shout outs to dudes like Dr D and Mad Bull who been going on 4 -5 years in this business. Now that's gangsta!

But to get back to this two year thing I must say that this blogging business has been actually quite the study in writing for me cause, and I know most of you bloggers out there know this, you can go through some serious doldrums when you're just not feeling to say or write anything. Seems like I've been in one of those for a while.

I guess its a bunch of things. Been just kind of wondering why I continue to blog and what's the purpose and all that and whether I shouldn't be writing in other mediums or just quit writing cause my writing sucks or what should I really be blogging about, is this too trivial is this too serious, and whether I'm connecting with my audience here and who is my audience here and how come a brother don't be getting a lot of comments all up in this although I know mad folk who claim they read here. Actually as is my tendency I'm probably overthinking the whole blog business. I should just continue to write just to write, you cant write for anyone but yourself. Came to that realization years ago with the poetry bit.

Know something strange about the blogging bit too? Sometimes I go over some of the stuff I wrote and be like did I actually write that? Hmmmm. Just doesn't seem like I could write something like that. Who knew.

Another interesting thing is who reads the blog. You're never sure are you? Folks I expected to read it don't and people you don't expect do but that's part of being in internet territory I think.

Anyway before this gets way too long lets just say its been a pleasure to share with you my readers. Hope you guys have been able to understand some of the craziness I've shared and I haven't bored you way too much. See this blog is kind of crazy cause I really don't have a focus and I've got way too many influences that kind of don't connect at times: hip hop, music in general, Caribbean experiences, crazy ass times in the wacky world of public transit (I could start an entire blog just on that) a warped sense of humor and strange interpretations of everyday events. How does it all come together? Beats the hell out of me.

Must say I've made some good friends in this blogging biz too. Its like a whole other level of internet connection. I feel like I know so many of the bloggers although I've never really met them. There's an interesting study in socialization there somewhere I guess.

And I've also got to say that some of you guys motivate and inspire me with your skill with the written word. Wont call any names but some of you I wish I had your talent and whenever I read a good blog I'm like man I wish I'd thought about that or had been able to articulate on that level but see me, me never copy nuhbody at least not intentionally so I just continue to do my own thing.

In closing, just big respect to people like Kami, Dr D, Mad Bull, Luke Cage, Amadeo, Obi, Princess D, Camp, Brother Buck, my lil sis Lene and all the other bloggers on my bloglist and any who aren't whose work I've checked out. Big up to all my readers in the T-dot and Canada in general, big up to the Canadian bloggers, my readers in the US, England, Worldwide wherever ya at. Respect to all my West Indian crew thanks for coming through. And mad shout outs to all the Caribbean bloggers. I got this issue that there are not enough of us in this medium, which is one of the reason I havent quit yet, so I hope to see our numbers increase as time go by. Don't be shy now.

But wait a minute I just realize somebody might be out there thinking "Chupse! But look at he doah. He bigging up the whole world like he got 50 billion people reading he in circulation like the New York Times when truthfully um is only like 5 people duz read this stupid blog when the day come. He Jdid like he feel he big ya kno! See dat is wha duz happen when sum a dem fellas feel dem reach. Chupse. He juss get two years under he belt now and feel he big. Doan mind he fa true. "

Anyway regardless of how many read, be it 10 or 10000, thanks to all of you out there in cyberspace who visit the site. Cant make any promises but maybe I'll be able to celebrate 3 years with you next year Inshallah.

And hey what would a Jdid post be if it wasn't too long :-)


gdab55 (Dom) said...

Heartiest congratulations to you, sir! It is no mean feat to have made it to two, still generating material that is worth reading! May you go from strength to strength. You have set the blogospheric bar awfully high.

memer said...

Congrats, Jdid, it is a feat to last two years. I guess I started about the same time as you, but stopped after about a year ("personal reasons" as they say), but I'll be looking to start up again sometime "soon." I think it helps to think of it as a personal project, a serious hobby (even when you're being funny/silly/trivial). Whoever shows up, shows up. It's just personal expression.

Also glad to have found a blogger of caribbean background. I thought the yanks were hogging the mic when I started but I'm slowly finding some bredren -- and Toronto-based ones at that. We need your presence. Keep up de good wo'k!

Dr. D. said...

Well, first off, respec due to you JDiddy! I assume seh me get an invi to the session....mek sure seh you have VX and coconut water in the bar! ;-)

Seems to me that you been in the 'hood for longer than two years still. As for me and my gangsta four years plus, bwoy, I man getting tired still....thanx for the big up.

Luke Cage said...

Mannn, good looking out on the shoutout and a job well done on making it all the way to here. I guess we're of the same mindset J. I began blogging sometime in late 2002 and thought that after 5 or 6 posts I'd give up on it, and even then it was thru the mothership over at my art website and back then, it was strictly related to art.

I even turned off the comments link and it was Cheryl (of positively cheryl fame) who said I needed to expand my blogging operations to the rest of the blogosphere and not keep it confined to the art webring. And I did, but changed the format to Interstellar Matter and then of course Luke Cage about 9 months later.

Anyway man, what has followed for me is the meeting (online of course) of some fantastic individuals. People I can't stay away from their platforms or written scribes or whatever and others who simply make me think. I love the whole aspect of the community connect presence that blogging has to offer. Here's to another 2 years as your space here in the blogosphere has become one of my favorite stops. Keep putting your thing down man.

Melody said...

Congrats on your 2nd anniversary, Jdid. 2 yrs on de blog tek nuff focus--not to mention Dr. D's 4 yrs on de blog! Mi rate oonu!

Abeni said...

COngratsssssss.Mine went by unnoticed-as a matter of fact you brought it to my attention

krsone said...

Congrats, don't think I've ever missed a post, but due to my passive nature I don't comment enough. Couldn't have that on this occasion. Here's to another 2 years!

Leon said...

Two years huh. Wow. Congrats. Most blogs last three months or less, so that's quite an acheivement. May it live to see many more.

princessdominique said...

You did good, many of the other fall out of the race long before 2 years. I remember when I stumbled on your blog. I was still over at blogspot :) Congrats!

Shotta M said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary.

Poeza said...

Congrats bredren. 10 points as we used to say. I know there's more to come so I will wait along with the rest of the fans. All these well wishers from repeat offenders are only testimony to the fact that this is proper foolishness lol!

jelli said...

2 years hey, Well It has been a please for the short time I have been reading your blog. I hope to make 1 year, let alone two and I hope to be half the writer you are. Peace.

Gela's Words said...

Jdid, yu going somewhere? Yu giving tank yu speech like seh yu accepting grammy awards or yu off to somewhere and we not going to see yu again? But si yah!!!

Anyway, I'm fairly new to your blog, and I totally enjoy it. You notice I keep coming back.

Miz JJ said...

Congrats on 2 years of blogging. You were one of the first blogs I read and one of the first to comment on my blog. Hopefully you have a few more years to go.

Ravenbajan said...

Congrats on your blog's 2nd birthday! As far as writing material, don't worry about what you write... just write whatever comes to mind. You've done an awesome job so far!

SP said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jdid said...

@dom - thanks man. I'm waiting on you to start blogging
@memer - thanks. hurry up and start up again
@dr d - yea man ya definetly get an invite. no is only two years i've been here is just cause the posts so long and boring you think is more than that :-)
@luke cage - thanks man
@mel - thanks we hope you stick around too
@abeni - thanks
@krs - thanks have you checked the hiphopquoatables lately though?
@leon - thanks man
@princess d - thanks
@shotta - thanks
@poeza - thank you kindly sir
@jelli - i'm sure you'll make it well past one year and onto two
@gela - thanks so wait you nuh like my grammy speech? i figure i aint going win anything so I might as well use it here
@miz jj - thanks
@ravenbajan - thanks
@sp - thanks

4panist said...

Hey J-d,
I haven't commented in a long time but I do try and keep up with you blog when I get a chance. congrats on the milestone. I hope to continue being entertained or enlighted by your writing.

Honest said...

Happy Blogversary!

inciquay said...

Wow, you're two years old! I aspire to reach that age one day! How cool that you've found enough to say for this long. Sheet, some days I think I'll never be able to last this long. Other days I just want to scrap the whole thing. Good on you for stickin' with it and making an awesome blog to read!

Anonymous said...

time does fly. congrats!!