Monday, March 05, 2007

All we do is Spark Mad Izm

marijuana pon di corna
it keep mi calma it mek mi smarta

Marijuana - Richie Spice

I was trying to make time today to blog about last Thursday's storm and my trek through nature's exfoliant aka freezing rain and snow flakes that duz lash ya in the face like dry rice grains. I tell ya my short walk home in that storm was like a free facial. Plus you should see all the tree branches and such that came down from the high winds. The day after all the trees around my place were covered in ice. It was quite a sight.

But yes I was going to blog about that ...until I saw this. Two Texas teenagers are under arrest for giving marijuana to a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old boy. Imagine that!

I mean I know some fellas that start smoking early and I know some children who have tasted alcohol at very young ages but giving a 2 year old weed? Now that is pretty bad. I mean actually lighting a blunt and giving it to a 2 year old child? Man that's just wrong. Come on now there's got to be a minimum age on puff, puff, pass.

What got me too is that the children's mother was in the next room sleeping and she "didn't realize" this was going on.

What could that really mean? That she is accustomed to the two guys smoking up around her kids or that she knew that they gave drugs to the youngsters and didn't care.

Talking about one she was sleeping off a toothache. Toothache mi eye! She was probably high too.

And though the story doesn't say how old she is I saw her on TV and she looks very young probably a teenager herself or just barely out of her teens. The children raising children. Then she has the audacity to look at the cameras and say she don't think the children should be in foster care they should be home with her.

Home with she so they can get high again? Chupse! She want two hard slaps or locking up. What kind of mother lets this kind of stuff happen. Pure lawlessness!


Abeni said...

Could be that she just didn't think the fellas would go that extreme. Wonder how they even thought of that

Dr. D. said...

!Jus readin bout this made me high to rahtid!

Crankyputz said...

That's messed up....don't see how the mother could sleep through that.....foolish

Miz JJ said...

Makes me sad because obviously the boys who did that were taught that kind of behavior as well. That mother should have her children taken away. And to make a video of it. Lawd. I agree someone needs a slap.

Campfyah said...

Story has been all over the news down here. I wish they cart them off to jail and leave them to rot. The sad thing is, why on earth would those two fools do such a thing and then had the audacity to videotape it. The other sad thing is that is sure appears not to be the first time for the children they were puffing like pros.

nahmix said...

you know...this is probably the most retarded story I've heard in a minute. we're totally going to hell!

scratchie said...

Things gone well bad fuh real. I laughed the other day at the ad about the children affected by second hand smoke but it's really crisis addicted at age 2 and even younger because those around you chose for you.

Mighty Afroditee said...

...and the woman who pawn her pickney like a bat and use the pickney as a weapon to bash her boyfriend in a fit of temper. She gi' the chil' a concussion and seh she nevah mean to!

Its depressing.

Lene said...

lol @ your labels.

the mother needs a beating for allowing that to happen. i'm sure the wasn't the first time those kids were exposed to that.

second, i hope they get taken away from her, and put into care.

Amadeo said...

If that happened in my family...someone else would have gotten thrown in jail for what they did to those two boys.

inciquay said...

I was just so doubly dissapointed that they were Black. *SMH*

Mad Bull said...

@@#@# holes! Dem want two shot!