Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring again

just like that Biz Markie song. Or at least it will be by tomorrow.

Yep Spring again. Time for all the crazies to emerge from their winter slumber. I always find that one of the funnier things about spring in Toronto. Its always like every crazy person was in hibernation and then suddenly they all wake up and come out. Oh well.

Hopefully it will at least feel like spring as well. So far for the past couple of weeks we've been having our ups and downs in temperatures, mostly downs. Tomorrow, the first day of spring it is/was supposed to be 14 degrees Celsius. So why is it that today was -8? Is temperature changes like that that have everybody on the streets sniffling and coughing.

Actually one thing I've noticed about Toronto weather especially of late is that the transitions between seasons are not at all very gradual. everything just occurs suddenly. One day its -8 the next its +14 the next its +25 in spring and in the fall one day its +10 the next day its -6. no wonder all sorts of flu and cold and bugs duz be stirring around this place.

Oh well!

Anyway today Cranky post about how she attracting nuff attention from the opposite sex (she has the kavorka so they say) and someone said maybe its because of spring. Well I am here to confess that I too have been attracting some attention. Yes is true! Don't look so shocked. I still may have it going on. Not sure what it is but it might be going on.

Anyhow I was walking to the subway this evening and there were these two shapely sistas in front of me on my way up the street. One of them looked back and saw me and then with a twinkle in her eye said something to the other one who promptly looked back at me and smiled. Ok so I don't know if she had a twinkle in her eye or not but I telling ya she say something to the other one and then the other one look back and smile at me. Yeaaah baby!

Woo hoo, I still have it, whatever it is, lol.


Crankyputz said...

Preying on the someone's Mum. Shame! hehehe....

Happy Spring...why is it so cold today??

Charles Duggleson said...

Who knows what it is that sparks attention from some. Maybe you're starting to cultivate that older man's Clooney-esque debonaire dash?

Whatever "it" is, make sure it's not an open fly.

Luke Cage said...

Yessss!! Brotha J! The looong cold winter is over (at least in seasonal change anyway in accordance to the date). I don't think I've appreciated a spring or longed for one this much in some time. That's when the eyes start drifting, searching, seeking and finding man.

I drove thru my local Mickey Dee's just yesterday and the woman in the drivethru window noticed I had a Haitian flag around my rear view mirror.

She told me that it was nice that this area had good looking Haitian men like myself. Awwww. How cool was that huh?

Rose said...

I am glad for Spring...the hohum of winter was a downer. We need some good looking brothers in this town.

GC (God's Child) said...

hey, thanks for dropping by
Kavorka? please explain
and isn't it nice to know you got it
whether "still" or "back", you got it.

Ri said...

Spring love - sounds nice - aint no seasons where I am -just hot all the time -

Leon said...

Spring - a time of renewal. Enjoy the season.

Brotha Buck said...

Toronto sounds alot like Austin. Never know what to expect.

Amadeo said...

Now I'll have that song in my head all day...but that's not bad.

Lene said...

Good for you JDizzle!! Those women knew you had some swag...

I'll go outside as soon as the snow melts....completely!

Jdid said...

@cranky - well at least its warm now
@charles - hey I like that whole older man debonaire thing
@luke - way to go man
@rose - i'm sure there are some around your way
@GC - kavorka - the lure of the beast, its from a seinfeld episode
@ri - i definetly prefer where you are bro.
@leon thanks
@brother buck - but i'm guessing austin is oh just a tad bit warmer in the winter lol
@amadeo - at least i didnt get you with anything from sound of music lol
@lene - swag? boy are they seriously mistaken lol