Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Coming of age

Chris Bosh and the Raptors came of age tonight with the game 2 win over New Jersey. They really had to grind out this game. Welcome to real playoff basketball guys.

I get the feeling Sam Mitchell's been reading my blog cause the team seemed to address most of the concerns I addressed in my last post. Mo Pete got some playing time instead of Joey Graham, TJ played at the death and we took better care of the ball and stayed within striking range all game.

Oh and big up to Sam Mitchell for winning NBA coach of the year. Last year the guy was voted the coach most players didn't want to play for in an unscientific poll done by Sports Illustrated so what a difference a year makes. Mind you I still think he has a ways to go to match up to the elite coaches in the league but his team did win20 more games than last year.

So Game 3 on Friday. What's the advice? Well Sam in case you're reading here goes.

- Keep on doing what you're doing but lets get Bosh to take it inside more.
- Lets get back to Raptors basketball with more passing.
- Don't give up on Graham just yet. His confidence seems to go in streaks. If he can get going again he's definitely an asset.
- Bargnani is a bit out of it bring him along slowly. Tell him he needs to up his intensity too.


Fiyah said...

You really do think he is reading your blog don't you? :)

Good win for the Raptors. I wish I would say the same for my poor Lakers. The Suns annihilated them tonight. Ah well...

Jdid said...

fiyah I'm not saying that Sam himself reads the blog ....but he does have alot of assistant coaches :-)

naa almost everything I said last post was common sense I'm sure he knew what needed to be changed. Soe of it had to do with the newness of playoffs to his players as well. Its all fine and well to say they'll be ready but until they actually experienced it it wasnt the same

Luke Cage said...

Mannn big ups to Sam for winning Coach of the Year. He definitely deserved that beating some great candidates like the head coaches from the Suns and Mavs.

Crankyputz said...

Those were all good points, good thing Sam incorporated it into his strategy. Graham and Biryanni (hhehe) need to be phased in