Sunday, April 08, 2007

Raptors win Raptors win

Raptors win!

Who would have thought that after a 2-8 start to the season the Toronto Raptors would win the NBA's Atlantic division? Way to go Raptors! Congratulations! Big up! Respect!

What can I say! I doubted that the Raptors would be any good this season. Yea they made moves in the off-season but I thought way too many moves. I mean how does a team with 9 new players, including a bunch who had never played NBA ball, coming in win? Guys have to become comfortable with their roles, they have to learn to trust each other, they have to bond as a team so I figured any improvement this year would just be a step towards actually competing next year.

I thought yea that Bargnani draft pick is a definite bust and why trade Charlie Villenueva for TJ Ford. Well what do you know Coangelo's moves seemed to have worked well for us this year. Actually only bad move he has made so far seems to be picking up Fred Jones in the off-season and he managed to trade him away for Juan Dixon who has fit in quite nicely with the team in the second half.

So yea we did compete this year. Who would have thought?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOk well yea the Atlantic division is bar none the worse division in professional basketball and there were a couple of nights where we actually led the division while still having a record that was under .500. But still look at us now 44 wins and 33 loses (including tonight's victory over the Bulls), 10 games over 500, a guaranteed playoff spot and right now the fourth best record in the Leastern ummm Eastern conference.

Pretty nice turn around for a team that only won 27 games last season.

Still I cant say I'm an ultra fan like Chuck and Leo who bring the play by play or like a few of my friends are. I like the team, even though I'll admit that they've screwed up my love of the NBA since I seem to watch very few non-Raptor games these days.

I wont pretend like I think they have more than a passing shot of making it past round one of the playoffs either unless they somehow end up playing a hobbling Washington Wizards team cause I just see too many deficiencies despite their record and improvement this year. I still say they are still too green for the playoffs and their lack of a consistent inside game and rebounding will hurt when the rough and tumble playoffs start. But who knows, I've been wrong before maybe they'll surprise me again.

All I can say now though is they've done the city proud even if when they won the division they were still only the second biggest sports story here, the biggest being the Maple Leafs having to play the Habs to keep their NHL playoff hopes alive. Got to love this city its definitely a hockey town. But hockey town or not got to give props to the Raps. Good looking out guys. Bosh, Ford,Parker, Graham and the boys thanks for making us proud of Toronto basketball once more.


Crankyputz said...

It's all thanks to MA boy Anthony Parker...BIG UP ISRAEL@..

Why is Sam on the sideline always hollerin like a disgruntled parent at a pee wee league game???

And I wish Martin would stop giving the other players advice, I mean there's a reason he's a back up-back up,,

Luke Cage said...

"Leastern ummm Eastern conference" - although very true, dayum J! -lol

My Knicks will be watching the playoffs from home. A.G.A.I.N. - phooey!

SimplEnigma said...

If dude's face looks like this and he's just shooting the ball, I wouldn't like to see what his sex face looks like. Ugh.

Nothing else to contribute...LOL, I love basketball, but haven't been following pro this season. It's all about the March Madness babayyyy! LOL.

Poeza said...

Well as one of your "ultra fan friends" let me say I always reserve your seat on the bandwagon so don't worry, I know how it is. lol! At least your using the seat this year. lol! I'll still call you if I secure some playoff tickets and I promise not to make you beg.

Right now we've done more than expected so everything else is gravy - hmmm, still it would be nice to meet new jersey in the 2nd round.....

@crankyputz - martin is there to do precisely that, give advice. don't be surprised if he's an assistant coach next year.

Amadeo said...

My town has no basketball...I'll be forced to sit through crappy traffic as the Orioles lose game after game.

GC (God's Child) said...

erm, I don't follow basketball but that pic is nice--those two lakers just standing in the background astounded

Miz JJ said...

I am happy for the raptors, but does their division really stand a chance?

Leon said...

Total indifference here. But if you're happy, then I'm happy for you.

Lene said...

I knew Raptors were making playoffs this year, but I was thinking 7th or 8th. People laughed, but he who laughs first, laughs last... or some crap like that. hahahaha

Villager said...

I live in Cincinnati where we endured the Cincinnati Bengals for over a decade as a stone-cold loser. It is much better atmosphere when the pro team in your town is winning!

Toronto will also be a fav sports town for me since it is the home of the first Black man to manage a World Series champion (Cito Gaston)

peace, Villager