Friday, May 04, 2007

Ipod Generation

I came across this story on yahoo the last week. Its about some schools banning kid from having Ipods in class and in exams. Now to be honest I don't even see why this is a story. My generation wasn't allowed to sit in class listening to Walkmans why does this generation get the opportunity to use Ipods in class?

Its just like the cell phone debate I blogged about a few months back. Why is allowing kids to have Ipods in class even an issue? Make them leave them in their bags and if you see any trace of Ipods or headphones in class confiscate the items or send the kid to the principal. How difficult is that? After a few lose their mp3 players they would get the drift.

But the part of the yahoo story that got me was this section "Kelsey Nelson, a 17-year-old senior at the school, said she used to listen to music after completing her tests — something she can no longer do since the ban."

What? You can listen to music after completing tests? Since when schools had that option? Look schools are for learning not listening to music unless its music class. If you got a test and you finish early ya best be looking over your answers not pulling out no iPod to listen to music.

Boy is things like this that make me feel so much older than I already am. Listen to music in class after test! Unheard of in my generation. Look when we finished a test and had time left over we would look at the answers a second time or if you didn't feel like you would sit and daydream, use ya imagination that you were somewhere else or doddle on the page. What happened to doodling, drawing that sort of stuff? You could imagine back in the day me sitting in a test situation, finish the test and pull out a LL Cool J or some Milli Vanilli (what! they were cool until we realized they weren't)? Why the teacher would think that my head bad or I gone mad and I would be heading straight for the principals office.

Too much slackness in schools these days man. I always have to reiterate this statement just because the technology is there doesn't mean it has to be in the classroom or that kids have to stay connected 24-7 or cant be bored for a few minutes before the end of a test. Geez no wonder so much attention deficit disorder stuff affecting the children these days.


Crankyputz said...

You have to laugh how common sense is now news worthy. Like all this media hype about the government offices banning face book, people don't need face book to do their job, so its A ok for the office to ban it.

Just leave blogger alone.

Campfyah said...

times sure are a changing.... all we "old" folks can do is look back and laugh and glad we went to school during our times.

When dey ban Ipods, de students gonna find another way to cheat..but yuh gotta try to stay one step ahead of them. wha yuh gine do wid dis new generaiton

SimplEnigma said...

LMAO...I was just out to dinner with a friend last week, and there was a group of three women and a little girl sitting next to us. The girl had her walkman on and was listening to it through the whole meal.

That would NEVER fly when I was growing up. Nothing at the dinner table - even if yuh the only one sitting there. LOL. You're right, I do feel older than I am.

Island Spice said...

hahahhahahah. puh-leez!
really. PLEASE!

My granny needs to write down them rules she used to have us live by.. I used to have to dress up for dinner yes!

Miz JJ said...

I agree. I feel so old reading that. No way should you be able to bring cell phones, or iPods into the classroom.

Lola Gets said...

Back when I was in high school, the girls in my school used to use calculators to cheat. They were high-tech things that you could input and save information on, like formulas! I never did that though. All those girls were in the National Honor Society behind that. Go figure.

scratchie said...

My sentiments but my wife teaches and you can't enforce on one side and the parents aren't willing to follow through on the other. Take the iPod ans see how many parents looking to dust you out in a few hours.

gela said...

True, true. To hell! What is this generation coming to anyway? chuups. I feel so aged just saying that.

bakannal said...

i agree wit scratchie. parents need to do their bit too. cellphones in schools was the issue here in guyana recently. some parents said they need to be in contact with their kids becuz of crime an all kindsa tings. as a result they can hav phones but can also use dem during breaks.

Fiyah said...

I don't see any reason why they can't be allowed to HAVE them on their person. Just don't use it during school is all. And if they do and it gets confiscated tough luck!

What about the recent "Scandal" with Alec Baldwin getting a public scolding for scolding his own daughter in that voicemail?! Sheesh. Is like yuh cyah discipline kids now a days!

Abeni said...

Stupes,excuses getting lamer and lamer.Students feel they entitled to having their cell phones on in classrooms too.Wonder what next

Rose said...

Ipods in the classrooms? No wonder our children in America are on the bottom rung of the ladder in education.