Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Its Iraqi road

So they sending Prince Harry to serve in Iraq!

OK from a certain perspective I just don't understand this. OK sure he's doing military duty and they want to send him to complete his service and all but couldn't they find something safer for him to do?

I mean don't get me wrong I'm not condoning special treatment for him because he's British royalty I'm condoning it because you're sending him to Iraq with a special bullseye on his back. I mean the eyes of those Iraqi militants and terrorist groups are probably lighting up at the thoughts of going after someone so high profile in their own country.

Why send him there? Its not like civilization as we know it now really looks at its leaders to be the generals in battle, the men on the frontline, the ones in the thick of the fighting. This isn't the world of the Hannibal or Leonidas anymore. No one says you cant lead because you haven't killed someone or haven't been on the frontlines. Sure you get some props for that but in other lights its seen as reckless or you're labelled a warmonger. And really how much props do you get nowadays for fighting in a war? It doesn't even translate into decent political currency. I mean if McCain couldn't beat Bush to a Republican nomination or Kerry couldn't beat him in an actual election who are we really fooling that battle experience counts for anything?

And don't get me wrong I really could care less about the Royals. I just think its silly knowing that the guy will be targeted more than the average soldier to send him down there. Sure his uncle fought in the Falklands war and British royals have fought in other episodes around the world but cant you let him sit this one out. Find him a desk job.

Is the upside to him going so great? Is it worth the risk? What does it prove? Him serving still doesn't mean he's one of the common folks. He's still going to get special treatment there and back here anyways. So whats the point? We all know he's different or rather is treated different.

Just let him stay behind or ease him into an auxiliary position instead of trying to put on a show that yes he too can fight for his country blah blah blah.

Plus you are possibly putting his regiment in bigger danger than it would be in without him there. Think on that!

His going proves nothing and if he goes gets targeted and so happens to get injured or worse well whats gained? Not a thing. So I say just be transparent with the preferential treatment, let him stay home and get it over with and save him and also his regiment from getting targeted.

OK but another side of me thinks yes it is preferential treatment and I cant really justify sending Tom the butcher's boy down there and letting Harry slide on this one, although certain politicians have done it before. But then from the perspective I'm arguing from I just see Harry as a kid who will be targeted more than the other kids and think is that really fair to him? If it was someone else and I felt they would be targeted disproportionally higher than the other soldiers I'd say keep them at home too.

Baa who knows, I ain't spending alot of time thinking about it.


Crankyputz said...

Great point, all this fuss about him going, is detracting for the real questions that need to be asked, like, "when are they all going to get the heck out of there?"

Miz JJ said...

I do not think he should be going. I understand he decided to go into the military and not sending him would be wasting all the thousands of pounds they spend on his military training, but I still think he should keep his backside in England. Like you said he will be a huge target. So Bob the butcher's kid who is in his squadron will also be a bigger target. Just by him being there he endangers the lives of so many others.

Lene said...

i would make a special bomb for that regiment. damn british crown is sitting on the spoils of slavery.

John Shop said...


You're not too well in the head, are you?

Ri said...

I dont think them terrorists would really want Harry that much, but how about if Bushie sent one of his rebel daughters, then all of sudden Iraq would attract every terrorist and wannabe terrorist in the world, even from the USA.

When I observe what the English have done to the legal profession in my Islands, I wish all of them would be sent to Iraq with no armour, now really thats more kind than what they wish for me. I am not being over the top.

Abeni said...

I thpught he wasnt going to do active duty.But instead of anyone going whether it's prince or pauper they should just leave Iraq arready

Anonymous said...

I was going to blog about this. Trust me, he'll be so taken care of, the slightest sign that his he's in danger, they'll be shifting him elsewhere.

Although the idea of the brave Prince going to war sounds so much like those story books I use to read. Then you think. War? The war that they created?

gdab55 said...

Only reservation I would have is the additional risk to the other men in the Blues. Otherwise it is highly commendable...don't see any of the children of the neo-cons who authored this war willing to serve in it. Good on you HRH. kudos to you john shop!