Friday, June 08, 2007


This story made me laugh this morning.

Saw it as a breaking news story on TV last night and thought I hope they solve this. Witnesses saw a scruffy looking man dragging a 4 year old girl through a wooded area and alerted police. They then staged a massive manhunt assuming that the girl was abducted. Last night's scenes showed tens of police beating the bush looking for this alleged criminal and the lost girl.

Then when ya hear the shout the girl ain't get no abducted or kidnapped. The scruffy looking man was her father.

Well to me it was good for a laugh.

Cant blame the witnesses they did what they thought was right. Cant blame the police either they responded and didn't take chances. I blame the lil girl cause if she was behaving sheself the scruffy looking father wouldn't have to drag she along anyplace.

But how scruffy is scruffy that people wouldn't think you are the father and report you to police? I want to know cause I feel something like that could easily happen to me.

Sooner or later somebody going say "Police look I see a scruffy looking black man pushing a stroller in Scarborough wid a chile crying and de chile doan look nuttin like he. He look suspicious too. I feel he kidnap de people chile!"

Next thing ya know task force and all sorta police wid big guns AK-47s and Bazookas chase me down, surround me an shoot me cause dem mistake de straw in my Tim Hortons ice-cap for a 9 millimeter or something equally ridiculous.

Wunnah may laugh but dat could happen.

See how children duz get ya in trouble?


Anonymous said...

I guess that was a case of better safe than sorry.

SimplEnigma said...

LOL...u crazy.

I'm actually glad though that it happened that way. Nice to know that people are still looking out for the welfare of strangers in these days and times.

Miz JJ said...

Not to sound mean, but you should know that nobody would care about a black child. Sounds terrible, but it is the truth. Also, what made people think it was not his child? People who look scruffy have children too.

Luke Cage said...

Incredible story and weird that you came up with this today. I have problems with my neighbors leaving their very young kids roam the street when I'm coming home. These shorties are like 3 or 4 years old and stuff. With no adult supervision!!!

So I told one of my friends, one day I'm going to snatch one of those kids and call the cops. When the cops arrive, I'll say that I found this little guy roaming the streets and I called you guys to find out where his parents were.

Well, my friend admired the fact that I would go to great lengths to teach the parents a lesson, BUT she emphasized that it could backfire on me and I end up getting arrested. After all J, I'm big, and I'm black and there's just no way, I'd ever win something like that if it were my word against the child's.

Strange world we live in man!

Stunner said...

LOL! Look like we need to start giving father's an "I'm the Daddy" ID badge!

Mad Bull said...

Luke, my advice is to leave those kids alone. Jdid, you are so right, it could happen to you. They just might shoot you too!

Abeni said...

Must be the dragging and wooded area that set of falrms.Better safe than sorry still.It amusing though the way it turned out

gela said...

lol. Oh Jdid.