Monday, June 04, 2007

eediat ting dat!

How the world gone mad! (this is like 5 posts in one so feel free to leave me 5 times the comments)

Chapter 1: All we certain of is that he's dead.
Ya mean to tell me that three months later they are going to come out and tell me that Bob Woolmer wasn't murdered? Chupse! You know how bad that murder business did look on the Caribbean and the World Cup and now you're saying it was natural causes? Chupse! Ya mean people was speculating about betting mafias, Muslim and Hindu extremists, strangulation, secret poisons, hitmen and everything under the sun and all for nothing. You know how many blog posts I waste on Woolmer and how much words other people waste on this case plus nothing to talk about the damage this cause to reputations and the like? And ya know people going say the Caribbean police ain't up to the mark but the pathologist that start the ball rolling on this murder thing ain't West Indian, the Jamaican police inspector in charge wasn't West Indian either plus the Jamaican police had call in Scotland Yard. You know Scotland Yard? Dem fellas that used to link up with Sherlock Holmes and could solve a murder just by looking at the sweat under a hat rim and a shadow somebody left in the back yard. Dem fellas supposed to be good man. How come they couldn't tell we from every since that the man wasn't murdered?

Eediat ting dat!

Chapter 2: Terror in the skies
I guess by now everybody's heard about this joker with the TB who flew all over the Western world. Andrew Speaker knew he was sick with TB yet he chose to fly all the way to Greece for his wedding. Then even though officials there told him to stay put cause he was infected with a strain resistant to the usual drugs he flew all the way back via Prague to Canada then drove to the US for treatment claiming that he was afraid that if he stayed over in Europe he would have died.

Chupse! You ever hear such stupidness? You know how many people this man could have infected? Bin Laden would be recommending he for awards for the damage he could have inflicted! Speaker is on a bunch of planes with hundreds of passengers going all over the world, then he gets off in Montreal and drives down to the US likely stopping at a couple of Tim Hortons on the way. You know how many people he could have possibly come into contact with and spread his disease? (I mean even the smallest Tim Hortons does have like 200 people lined up for a double double and a donut when the morning come.)

The Authorities always chatting about Al Quida and Iran and Iraq doing biological warfare but this man could have played Typhoid Mary on a global scale and set off a new black plague or super epidemic that could have wiped out a significant chunk of the Western World.

Homeland security running down every man jack with a tan, we worrying bout Chicken flu, and people still ain't coming back to Toronto since CNN & BBC bad mouth we bout the lil SARs outbreak 4 years ago that get blown out of proportion meanwhile this clown running about the place free as a bird with a disease that if it turned into an epidemic could have made 9/11 look like a lil nail juk.

And then on top of that now he got the nerve to talk about he sorry. Sorry! Sorry doesn't begin to excuse your actions. Man if I had been on a plane with him during this affair I would be now looking to lick he down with two big rocks or getting my Chuck Fender on (gash dem & light dem).

Talk about absolutely selfish.

Now he's complaining about why they have armed guards at his hospital door? Well my boy its because you run around the place even though they told you to stay put and you endangered thousands of lives. You my man are a threat to society and if there was any real justice in this world they would lock you away for a good long time.

Oh and the icing on the case is that he's done completely screwed up his father in law cause how it going to look that he had TB and run around so when the father-in-law is a TB expert. Way to get in with the in-laws Andrew!

Eediat ting dat!

Chapter 3: The Rundown
Speaking of in-laws. Then there is this incident. Some sort of Sri Lankan on Sri Lankan violence in Toronto. This high school kid has been seriously targeted. First allegedly some of the guys from his school threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of his home. They missed him but his mother and sister both got injured with his mother still in hospital now with serious burn injuries.

Now as if that wasn't bad enough the father of the girl he's been dating tries to run both him and the girl over.

Sorry to tell you this my yout but you my friend are snakebit. You need to keep a low profile. And if I was someone who knew you I would be trying to keep my distance too cause I ain't sure what will happen next with you. You wearing a target and I ain't want to be anywhere close to you.

The eediat ting award in this story though goes to the father who tried to run down this lad and his own daughter. My man I could understand that you vex that this guy going out with your daughter but tell me how running over both of them solves anything? I mean maybe I might give you a pass if you were the TB fellow's father in law in the previous chapter cause his career might go through the Eedoes because his daughter marry a moron.

I might even give you a pass if you just run down the fella but once you added your daughter into the equation I got to seriously question your logic. Yes running her over gets rid of the dating problem but umm it also gets rid of your daughter. Did you stop and think about that. Hmmmm.

All I can say is that your head got to be bad my man.

Eediat ting that!

Chapter 4: Oops!
So Billy Donovan, former coach of the back to back NCAA champs the Florida Gators signs a big 27 Mil contract to move onto the NBA and coach the Orlando Magic and budding superstar Dwight Howard. Good move Mr Donovan. Lets look at it logically. You are at the top of your game having won two championships so nothing left to prove at the college level. Your star college players have all declared for this years NBA draft so next year in College ball the team will struggle. check! You're heading to the NBA the toppa toppa basketball league in the world and you're getting a pay raise. 27 Mil contact. Damn that's like Lotto money! Way to go Billy!

So you sign the contact on Friday and now its Monday and you decide you have made a mistake? Mistake? Guy they are paying you 27 Mil , to coach in the biggest league in the world. You have one of the better young big men on your new roster and a young team that made the playoffs this year, your old team is going to suck for a couple of years, you get to stay in Florida and if the Magic fire you you probably still get most of that money. Mistake, how could this be a mistake?

Now you are saying you want out and the Magic are saying if you want out they can sue you for breach of contract. So you're going from +27 Mil to negative money. Way to go Billy, way to go!

Eediat ting dat!

Chapter 5: Trini to the Bomb
Saturday at one of my myriad social events (and yes in case you wondered I hit up every last one of them and survived although at one event I was repeated attacked by a small child with a balloon sword) I heard about this alleged terror plot targeting JFK being perpetrated by some West Indian people. Guyanese and Trini apparently not that it matter which countries cause all a we is one and this is going to reflect badly on the region as a whole.

Apparently they had some plan to blow up something or the other at JFK and disrupt the flights. Serious business that!

Anyway two things about this alleged plot got me. First off one of the suspects is a former MP from Guyana. MP? You mean as in Member of Parliament? An elected official? I'm going to have to ask Guyana Gyal what kind of people them voting for down there cause I was really shocked that a fellow with them sort of credentials would do something so. I mean I know a lot of politicians aint really that bright but you really don't expect a fellow once he been involved in electoral politricks to turn terrorist.

Yes the Caribbean full of crooked politicians but most a them just trying to line their pockets quick before they get vote out they ain't trying to blow up nobody.

And then the other thing was that to show how stupid these wannabe terrorists were the biggest joke is that homeland security say that the plot wasn't even technically feasable. Chupse! So you mean you was plotting for a good long while, long enough for people to put you under surveillance, collect evidence and arrest you, and it turn out that the whole thing wouldn't even have worked if you had had the chance to execute it? Chupse! That is insult added to injury. That is like me sitting down here and get blueprints and safe cracking tools and hire getaway car and come up with a plan to go rob the bank on the corner and when ya hear the shout the bank on the corner been closed down for 5 years. Waste a damn time!

Shame on allya wannabe terrorists! Not only wunnah mek West Indians look bad but wunnah mek we look stupid stupid too! Before y'all start this thing somebody should have sent one of wunnah that email that been floating around about why West Indians cannot be terrorists.

Eediat ting dat!


Dutch Pot said...

(1)Bob Woolmer - The horror!! What I want to know is how many deaths have been wrongly documented in Jamaica? I immediately remembered when my stepmother died at age 39 and the Post Mortem said it was failure of artery. A whole heap a Jamaican wondering now....TOTAL SLACKNESS!

(2)The man with the TB should be told he is quarantined for 5 years!! Him too damn wicked - and so is the so called wife. What kind a irresponsible behaviour that? If is married she did want married and shi know di man sick - whe didn't she tell him "honey I will marry you anywhere" and stay put? The marriage in trouble already if you ask me cause none of them any sense!! LOLLOL Plus both of them selfish bad - then again - that might make it work! LOL

(3) Him salt. Bad.

(4) Skip...LOL

(5) Dem is really a set of clowns!! But I watching that this terrorist thing is getting more and more Caribbean names calling...
The opportunist that I am, since the West has turned it's focus from the Caribbean, I see this as a BIG opportunity for Caribbean governments to put together an argument that they are being left to fend off the creeping onslaught of terrorism by themselves. They need to start bawling left, right and center that they need AID to fight crime. They need to start saying that crime in the Caribbean because of lack of resources is projecting into the agenda of terrorists. They need to jump on the wagon and take back some of that market share that they have lost to Africa.

Well...nuh true? LOL It sound harsh - but dat is why dem name "GOVAMENT"

Abeni said...

This Woolmer thing just plain silly. Got to wonder why all the hullaballoo to end back up full circle and claim natural death.

That TB man beyond selfish..I didn't even know TB existed still.

Lawd Jdid you coulda make 5 lil posts:)

Urban Sista said...

Cheese on bread, man. Yuh got muh laughing at muh desk (and de new job people don't know me like de old job people, so dey might put me out!)

When my mother called me on Saturday talking about West Indians in a terror plot, my sister said, "Chupse. You know we would have to get caught. We cyan keep out mouths shut 'bout nuffin'." You know dem idiots did probably calling people, saying, "man, I gon' do big tings. Me, Mikey, Vasbert and Nayo gon' blow JFK ta hell up! Lemme tell yuh -- I'se a big man, bozie!"

TB dude needs a few hot lashes. When you have a flu, everyone is barking at you to stay home and recover. But when you have TB you can run around the globe? I put him up there with the runaway bride and the mad astronaut. Chupse.

Crankyputz said...

A myraid of news....

The father is crazy, as is TB man

Sigh to Woolmer's non-murder deathy and the terror plot..

Luke Cage said...

Whoa!!!! Bob Woolmer is alive??? Get out of here man.. that is really jacked up. What's that say about professionalism in the industry of forensics and medicine when you somehow mistaken someone for dead???

Hey J, you mentioned how Billy Donovan was being offered all that money... man, I guess it just goes to show ya, that money must not be everything. I'd like to know what made him renig the deal though. The Magic must be feeling like, huh??? WHAT???

And Snakebit isn't the word on that one kid. That's a dark cloud that follows him everywhere, with thunder and lightning overhead to boot!

GC (God's Child) said...

lol @ luke cage

that TB business--isn't there a cure for it? I'm confused.

Campfyah said...

Lordamercy too much madness in de world.

1- Dem people know long time dat Wolmer din get poision, but dem wanted tuh mek de Caribbean look bad. Is wicked dem wicked so.

2- Speaker fella should still pay a penalty fuh flying wid he TB know how much people be next tuh yuh coughing and all kinda thing he family wanna hold news interview and blame de CDC fuh dem son travelling all bout de world sick.

3- Dees cultural relationships does bring out de worst in people uh...

4- 27mil down de drain...Oh well

5-West Indian Dubuya and he hornies did looking fuh something tuh put we in de axis of evil program fuh de longest timenow.

SimplEnigma said...

Cheese on...LMAO.

Chapter 1: Case of too many cooks spoil the broth. Once yuh call in people from everywhere, yuh bung to have mistakes.

Chapter 2: In the interview I saw with him, I thought he said officials told him he was ok to fly. I'm almost sure that's what he said.

Chapter 3: The fadda a fool, and di boyfriend need fi find a hole fi a few months.

Chapter 4: He probably considered all the things you did, not realizing that more headaches and accountability comes with more $$. Him probably sign whey him life fi dat $27 mil.

Chapter 5: No comment, save that if it was a party plot, I'm sure we woulda execute it with the utmost skill.

Lene said...

that TB dude needs two rockstone inna im head. who does that? that's how sars was spread.

woolmer never made jamaica look any worse than it already is, im afraid. my friend's uncle got killed down there recently, and it was random too.

that sri lankan kid is doomed. he needs to stay at home and hide.

those guys at jfk, man... i dont know.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Chap. 5: Me? You askin' me? I ain't vote for he, I was in Jamaica when he been around here, not me, no sah, I ain't vote for he. I proper shame and vex, look what they plot to do, man the evilness of it I can't even begin to imagine.

Chap. 2: you see when people cough in plane and airport, I never can tell what bug they spraying all over the place, some of them don't even cover they mouth!!!

Chap. 1: That news about Woolmer shock me. All along I had some sort of belief that the man did get murdered.

If you see how the Pakistani cricket team vex, they get bad name in all o' this.

I feel sorry for Woolmer family, what they musta gone through.

Anonymous said...

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Liquid Soap said...

Lol,"Get my Chuck Fender on"lol.
At least they're saying the terror plot wasn't feasible...course now fox are calling trinidad "the new hotbed for the war on terror" which i think is just rediculous

Lola Gets said...

Great post!