Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Body Slam

Boy this fella Akon could only be a good pieca idiot!

I mean he get cuss out good and proper fa wukkin up on the young under-age girl in Trinidad just last month or so and now he back in the news for stupidness again.

How he going to throw a fan off the stage just so?

Look try and Google or youtube the video for yourself but I watched it last night and all I can say is now I can see why he had to sing lyrics like "I'm locked up, they wont let me out" cause for right now I feel they shouldn't have let you out in the first place. At least not without some sort of psychological evaluation.

I mean regardless of what the fan said to you how are you going to invite the man up on stage and then without warning do your best imitation of the WWF and just up and fling the man into the crowd? What kind of stupidness that is?

And what is Akon's problem with picking up people? First it was the young girl who he fling round all over the stage like she was a rag doll now he lifts up this guy and throw him down bram! just like a big bag of cement. Look man behave yourself people aren't inanimate objects that you can just do them sort of things too.

But you ain't got nuh sorta sense man? The Trinidad thing cost you sponsorships and tour dates and all sort of money and now you get a lil pieca stage time here and this is how you behave? Plus if you're going do these sorts of things why would you do them in places where people got a million cameras? I was able to watch you throw the man offstage from at least 4 different angles last night without even doing a serious search for it. You aint realize that every time you perform somebody nowadays duz got a camera phone, a video camera, a tv camera sometimes even a pinhole camera aimed at ya. And once they got you on film you cant deny and say i wasn't you that do the deed.

Looka boy I don't know what wrong with you but try and disappear for a while cause you getting out of hand plus your voice starting to get on my nerves like Rihanna's Um-ba-rella. Go and seek salvation or something cause you really need the lord.


Ri said...

Eediat yes. Not too bad, though he could have been R. Kelly.

nahmix said...

he's determined to ride his 5 minutes of fame until the very end!

Miz JJ said...

I saw the video and it seems strange. Why did he pull up a fan just to throw him into the crowd? I also love in the article how they are trying to find the kid so he can press charges. Of course the police always go out of their way to find a way to prosecute black people. Not to say Akon did not play the fool, but c'mon now.

Villager said...

A fool and his earning-potential are soon parted!

This is my first time visiting your blog. I enjoy the flava and the flow!

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the Electronic Village and learn more about others operating out here in the Afrosphere!

You are not alone!

peace, Villager

Stunner said...

Sound like an idiat move to me too. Seems he's all caught up in his own hype.

Crankyputz said...

hehe,....I think you should have a weekly rant get all that annoyance out...ella ella eeeh eehhh

GC (God's Child) said...

he is on drugs

SimplEnigma said...

What I find interesting, is that police are looking for the yute so he can press charges (which, if the dude wanted to press charges I'm sure he'd be MORE than capable of doing so without the help of the police), while Paris Hilton spends 3 days in jail and then is released.

Hmm, first dem denounce him because he had someone on stage. Now him throwing people off stage and dem still have something to say. You just can't please people.

Yamfoot said...

oh i didnt know there were consequences from the trinidad episode?

Amadeo said...


Abeni said...

Real fool that.

gela said...

hehe, I like your cussing out, lol. Tell him J.

I'd trod kinda carefully after the trini incident. Then again, maybe the likkle lad prolly think it's the coolest thing to have happen to him. hehe.