Monday, June 25, 2007


Discuss amongst yourselves.

A New Zealand couple want to name their child 4real. The authorities thankfully blocked it. Cause ya know if this went through the flood gates are open and children names getting even more ridiculous.

An Indian doctor allowed his 15 year old son to perform a C-section on a patient because he wanted the boy to get into the Guinness book of World Records. All I'm saying is that woman had to be alone and seriously drugged up or stupid cause I know I wasn't letting no 15 year old operate on anyone that family to me.

Anyway the world has gone mad. That's all for now folk.


Luke Cage said...

J, awhile back, I saw a 11 year old indian boy perform surgery on a critically injured neighbor. This kid is purported to be one of the world's most smartest individuals. They even had doctors in the field to see if he was the real deal and he smashed all of them with his answers.

I don't know about this 15 year old, but I agree. That woman must be pretty drugged up to allow that to happen. I won't even comment on the naming of a child 4real. Unbelievable!

ms. complexity said...

Maybe he did train di bwoy real well? If the father was right by his side to make sure he didn't make any if he is known in the community...maybe this woman thought it would have been okay.

As 4real...4sure dat a eediat ting dat!

Anonymous said...

My ovaries just cringed while reading about the 15 year old performing a c-section.

eemanee said...

the world has indeed gone mad...and i'm afraid it has taken me along with it, 4real!

Abeni said...

I don't get the sense that the woman knew the teen was going to operate. Can't see a sane person going along with that.

lol,what's in a name anyway

Radmila said...

On the 15 year old is cheap in other parts of the world, and the educated and rich treat the poor as though they aren't equally human.

It's certainly a concept that is hard for us over here to grasp.

Crankyputz said...

Radmilla hit the nail on the head,

But you know sometimes kids are brilliant...and if they know what they are doing, heck why not...rather have a brilliant 15 year old, than a doggy 50 year old doctor....who never quite got the hang of it..

4Real, 4Real??

Leon said...

Stupid. Just plain stupid.

Mad Bull said...

I heard about that indian Doctor and his son. Really stupid, now he's gone and lost his Medical practitioner's license, all to get his son's name in the Guiness B. O. R. The funny thing is, they didn't put the boy's name in, after all that! Stupid Doctor.