Thursday, March 13, 2008


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woe is me, shame and scandal in the family
woe is me, shame and scandal in the family

Shame n Scandal - Lord Melody

From the time this Elliot Spitzer scandal broke I knew that I wanted to blog about it. The only problem was every journalist and quite a few bloggers had their say before I could get to a computer and I kept seeing my ideas in print. Beaten to the punch again. Drats!

So what to do? Should I just regurgitate what has already been written hundreds of times? I don't really like that idea but I still feel I should say something about the case so here goes. Maybe somewhere along the line I'll have an original idea.

When I heard about this case many things ran through my thoughts. I thought about how deliciously ironic and somehow sad from some aspect it was that a crusader like Spitzer who was standing up to corruption should be laid low by something like this sex scandal. It's the old adage about glass houses and stones I guess. Still I feel a certain sadness for the guy.

I also wondered what a $4,300 an hour call girl looked like? Miss Universe, Halle Berry perhaps? Nope just a regular run of the mill chick from the looks of it. No better or worse than someone you'd meet at the club I suppose. Of course after being shocked at the price (he pay hummuch for what? Dat duz come in a gold plated edition these days?)I also came to the conclusion that Spitzer was paying a premium not really for services but for discretion. Sure he could find someone cheaper but then they might go and chat out all his business and people would know his long and shortcomings so to speak. Cant have that can we.

But $80,000 on sex? Van damn! Was dude trying to price call girls out of the affordability range of the average john or to completely steal a phrase from someone on the cricket message board was he trying to touch off global pum pum inflation?

I liken it to the Kobe Bryant situation where Kobe gave his wife Vanessa a 4 Million dollar ring as part of his apology for cheating. Like that situation this exorbitant fee just somehow raises the ante for the regular joe. Hey not that I'm condoning any call girl liaisons by the way so dont get the wrong idea. Just stating facts.

I also thought that as a Governor and one who was a crusader against wrong doers Spitzer should have been more careful about the money trail which is what got him caught and actually brought to light the existence of the whole Emperor's Club call girl ring. Maybe he thought he was Steven Seagal ..... Above the Law.

PhotobucketAnd then there was the one original idea I had. Whats the deal with Spitzer's wife? I guess I wasn't the only one who found it strange that as he delivered his mea culpa she was standing next to him in support since the next day it was all the talk in the newspapers.

Not that I'm from the school that says she needed to be throwing the frying pan at him or publicly cussing him and throwing his clothing to the curb. I always believe that when it comes to marriage and that sort of relationship stuff there is always stuff that outsiders don't know so speculation is always just that speculation. She might not even leave him in the long run who knows.

No I'm not saying she should be running to the divorce lawyers all now although she is well within her right. I'm just saying that the show of public support just flies in the face of what someone who has been cheated on or who just found out something terrible about their spouse would do. I can see anger, silence, sadness, going into hiding all as the normal responses but sucking it up and standing next to this guy when in all likelihood so soon after the discovery you want to slap him across his head just seems really dyfunctional somewhat.

Or maybe she's the political equivalent of the ride or die chick. Cue the Biggie track!

But she's not the first political wife to do it and possibly not the last which leads me to wonder whether these marriages have some pre-nup clause that says I will publicly support my husband as he's going down in flames or I will get nothing in the divorce settlement. Who knows?

Anyway the one thought that really did hit home to me pretty hard about this Spitzer situation (and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else yet so its still original) though was the thought of spending all that money, 80,000 dollars on call girls. From my perspective it just brought into light the whole have vs have not situation cause to the average 9 to 5 person like me 80G's is a good piece of money but to Spitzer clearly this was chump change. 80Gs is more than most of us make in a year hell two years for some folk and this guy could blow that all on 20 or so hours of good times with call girls. Just like that! No sweat! 80G's most of us are thinking car note, mortgage, tuition loans, daycare bills, rent etc but to him it was probably the equivalent of buying a couple pairs of designer jeans or a few DVDs.

Says something about the economic divide of society doesnt it?

I'll leave you to ponder that while Kanye's spaceship echoes in my head "I've been workin' this grave shift and I ain't made s***, I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly, past the sky".


Abeni said...

Stand by your man..for better or worse ..don't kick a dog when it's down and all that commitment thing. I suppose you do the public face and behind doors you vent.

Living in Barbados said...

Nice post. I thought too about the price tag and the total. Makes no sense to most of us. Why pay at all? Must be for something special and probably very weird? His exposure could be so shameful.

GC said...

Spitzer's father is big in real estate
80K is chump change to him
Don't know what she's thinking. Maybe she's thinking about her daughters. Or maybe she knew from when it happened 4 years ago and she's already done the frying pan bit.

Crankyputz said...

At least the wife looked properly miserable for once...its a wonder no one's cueing pics of Hillary in a similar position x amount of years ago. Heck if I was in Baracks camp that's the tape I would be leaking...

bakannal said...

wat a hypocrite (another unoriginal thought). this jus reinforces my belief dat wite ppl head nah good. he an him wife.

Radmila said...

I don't feel sorry for him.
I feel sorry for the people who love him.

His wife looks like she's been non-stop crying.

How much is the p*ssy worth...your whole career, apparently.

Empath said...

Yea Abeni, she probably doing a M'dea on him behind closed doors. Either way she is tough and Spitzer, what can I say. He is climb high and so he fall hard. Guess he mortal after all.

Guyana-Gyal said...

All that money he spent! Imagine how many children that coulda send to school in a po' country, or help a mother wit' pickney start a small business.