Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bits n Pieces

Haven't actually felt like writing lately so here's some filler to hold you for a bit

(1) The Toronto Sun's been running this series on Sunday about Jane n Finch. Not a big fan of the Sun but the series has been decent so far.

(2) I didn't really get the point of Earth Hour to be honest. And what I didn't get even more was Toronto holding a concert downtown during Earth Hour. Ok so maybe they can operate all the equipment on portable generators but what was the point of the television stations carrying the concert live. Oh we're carrying this concert for you to watch on TV even though you're supposed to turn off all your lights and just read books by candlelight or go on moonlight walks. Duhh!

(3) Speaking of books David Chariandy's Soucouyant is an excellent read. Many books fizzle near the end as the writers seem to struggle to figure out how to end properly, sort of like a Saturday night live skit, but Chariandy does a good job of keeping the interest right until the end. To be honest I thought he had fallen into that pitfall somewhere around page 140 of the 200 page novel when something major happened but he really kept the story lively and didn't just drag the book out like some writers do.

(4) Since I mentioned Saturday Night Live, Mad TV had a really funny skit about a woman who stands by her cheating politician husband a la Spitzer's wife. It was hilarious. Hopefully someone will post it on Youtube soon.

(5) On that topic of Spitzer whats with this new dude Patterson who replaced him? For a legally blind dude he sure has a lot of skeletons in the closet. First he admitted to having an affair awhile back when his marriage was on the rocks now he's admitted to doing marijuana and coke back in the day. I've heard of being honest but damn son leave something for the press to find out nuh man. Whats he going to admit to next? Does he know who killed Kennedy? Is he down with Bin Laden? Boy try and keep ya mout shut and stop telling people all ya personal business so. All I know is the man is shutting down potential scandals by revealing all from the get go.

(6) And speaking of scandals, man was this month the month for political scandal and trouble. My man Obama went from smooth sailing to battling to let people know that he wasn't some sort of black extremist due to this whole thing with his pastor's preaching. I'll be honest I didn't really think what was said in the sermons was that bad. Dude said what a lot of black folks think and its not like he said these things out of context as the sound bites would have you believe. Check more of his sermons where the more controversial comments came from and see how they fell within the boundaries of his speech. Its not Rev. Wright just out of the blue started to glower and cuss and damn the U.S without reason. Dude was making valid scripture points. Anyway I found this article here which speaks about the double standard applied to Wright, a black preacher, compared to some of the white preachers out there. Its been silly how some of the commentators have behaved about this thing.

(7) And finally this has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. Dude in Missouri is installing his satellite tv, needs to make a hole in the side of the house for some sort of connection, tries and tries but cant get the hole made so what does he do. No he doesn't go to his neighbour and ask to borrow a drill. Nope dude takes out his .22 and tries to shoot a hole in the wall. Real smart right? But wait it gets worse. He doesn't realize that his wife who was helping him with the installation has gone back inside the house and the bullet accidentally strikes and kills her.

From my perspective he's either the dumbest man who ever lived or the smartest cause if he had planned on knocking off his wife no one is going to believe this is anything but an accident. As it stands though I think the man was just an eediat. If he doesn't get a Darwin Award this year I don't know who gets one.


Raquel said...

#3 looks good! I might read it if it's not too creepy. I read a novel based on a kind of spirit from African folklore, The Icarus Girl, and it gave me dreams...

#6-I agree with you. The U.S. media is afraid of the angry black man. His points were valid (especially from the point of view of a black American man over 50 who ecxperienced racism first-hand, but his delivery distracted from it. And I don't get why Barack is being made accountable for what his preacher says...

fyi, your advice to sleep when the baby sleeps is great advice and works like a charm...unless he decides to stay up for 8 hours straight! It'a all so worht it. :)

Lola Gets said...

4) Yeah that Mat TV skit was hilarious!
6) The reason Obamas pastor is getting so much play, is so that white Americans will think again before voting for him. Not the Republican voters, theyve got their candidate, but the Democratic ones. Think about it: Have they brought up Clintons minister?? Nope.

I read an interesting post on Listen To Leon that said that the CLinton minister aint much better, cause its the philandering Rev. Jesse Jackson!


Miz JJ said...

Wow. That last story is really sad. Just wow.

I like the Daily Show when Samantha Bee made fun of the Spitzer thing. She made her husband stand behind her and admitted all this fake stuff, but it was hilarious!

Stunner said...

Mad TV is crazy funny. Hopefully I'll get to see that episode!

Stunner said...

BTW I started posting 2008 carnival pics!

GC said...

thanks 4 the link 2 the article
never heard of those guys or their crazy doctrines
crazy stuff

Abeni said...

Oh my,that last story is sad. That man must be in such grief.

Soucouyant sounds like something I would definitely like to read

iriegal said...

I am a lover of Mad TV. You have to laugh because they are a bit over the top. Regarding Rev Wright, well sometimes the truth doesn't always set us free, it just starts controversy.