Monday, March 17, 2008

3 am


Thought this was kind of funny. Its the cover for the March 17th issue of the New Yorker. I guess its supposed to be a fun take on the 3 am ads that Hillary was running sometime back insinuating that when the ish hits the fan Barack wouldn't know what to do. However I think you could also read other things into this cover. I wish it was one of those New Yorker back page insert your own caption cartoons actually cause I would love to see some of the responses.

I've got a few ideas but I'll keep them to myself for now. All I will say is Politics does make strange bedfellows. Maybe you guys can come up with some and put them in the comments.


Two brothers got on the bus this morning. High school age. Wasnt paying much attention but this bit of conversation caught my attention and disturbed me.

First brother: 'I asked for money to buy a new bag and the b**** wanted to see the old one first'
Second Brother: 'yea and then she goes and spends the money on herself'

OK is it just me or do you also think the first brother could have been referring to his mother/female guardian/custodian as a b**** ?



Lebron is just too cold.

After the Cavs' loss, Stevenson said a number of things about James, including his belief that James is overrated. It was part of the trash talking the two players were involved in during the game. James said: "With DeShawn Stevenson, it's kind of funny. It's almost like Jay-Z [responding to a negative comment] made by Soulja Boy. It doesn't make sense." For those readers not cultured in hip-hop, Jay-Z is a hip-hop mogul while Soulja Boy is just a rapper.

What that should read is Jay Z has skills Soulja Boy is just garbage.


Empath said...
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Empath said...

Lol, LeBron is cold. But you kinda generous when you call Soulja Boy a 'rapper'. That would make Black Thought,Lupe, Talib and Mos Def
Das Über Rappers, right?

Jdid said...

Empath that wasnt me that was the newspaper quote. I wouldnt consider soula boy a rapper by any stretch of the imagination.


Interesting caricature of the!But,where is Bill? I guess in the other room.Supposedly,doing his thing. Also,politics does make strange bedfellows.RESPECT!!

Campfyah said...

caption...Damned Bill don't call now...." or "honey, must you answer that....."

aquababie said...

souljah boy is the boil on jay-z's ass! LOL i can't stand that mess. it's terrible. my bf made a cd for his younger cousin's birthday party. the cousin wrote down all these songs and gave them to him. while looking for songs we found this mess by souljah boy called "girl you stank, take a bath". i kid you not the entire first minute of the song was him repeating that foolisness!

Empath said...

Oops, my bad.

GC said...

seems to me like they are saying there's not a whole lot of difference between Obama and Clinton--something about strange bedfellows. Not sure. It's almost chilling though.

How many red phone calls does a president get though? And look what happened when certain people had that responsibility? Oh, the carnage.

Stunner said...

Some of these youthes these days are something else, they have no respect for anyone!

that pic is pretty interesting indeed.

As for soulja bwoy, He isn't a rapper, he just makes noise on a beat!

Amadeo said...

Lebrons stock just went up in my book.

Crankyputz said...

Haha to Esteban's comment about Billy Boy!

That 3 am phone add was silly, and its truly sad if it did make more people vote for her....

Now you got that silly Solja Boy song stuck in ma head

Leon said...

Love the cartoon. How dare that punk call his mom a b*tch? Soulja Boy's a one hit wonder. Just wait and see.

Abeni said...

Honey,let me answer.