Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Free Marion!

Cuhdear man. Ya know I used to like Marion Jones bad bad bad when she was competing. Tall, slim, athletic plus she was fairly good looking and man oh man was she fast. What was there not to like?

Then the bubble burst. Bruggadown! Steroid usage, give back medals, give back prize money, pariah, jail time. Cuhdear.

PhotobucketWell you make ya bed ya got to lie in it the old people would say but still.

Now she's in jail not because she use steroids mind you but because she lied about it. I feel fa she young kids and family.

So the other day I read that she write one letter to President Bush hoping he would commute her sentence. She's been in jail since March or February anyways so yea why not. Its a long shot cause hundreds if not thousands of people apply for a Presidential pardon so chances slim anyways.

But now I read that the president of the US track and field write a letter to Bush saying no dont even think about commuting her sentence. She must be made an example of.

Ya see me. I think that is utter nonsense on his part. The woman aint kill nuhbody. She aint pelt a big rock and lik in nuhbody head, she aint stab nuhbody, she aint shoot nuhbody wid big bazooka, ak-47s and klashnikoffs, she aint rob no bank, she aint steal nuh old woman purse, she aint kidnap nuhbody childrens, she aint do nuttin so. So why you would tell Bush to not even think about commuting the sentence?

Just be quiet and let the man decide fa he self if she worthy of commuting the sentence or not nuh. Chances are he wouldnt commute it anyways but you din have to open ya mout.

Look how many big hardback men do(ing) steroids and get(ting) away scotch free? And you want to set an example with this poor girl. Cuhdear man dat is harsh.

You think her being in jail makes any difference though? Give me a break!

Sometimes these people duz really get caught up in this thing. Its sports. She cheated and she lied. Disqualify her, take back the medals, embarrass her, cast her from the bosom of the athletic Cherubims and Seraphims that you feel must exist even but cuhdear ya mean the man cant even think bout commuting she jail sentence?

Plus its not like she get lock up for doing the actual steroids , she get lock up for perjury aka lying. Wha when it come to lying Bush should be able to emphasise wid dat shouldnt he?


Dutty Bwoy said...

I know she had to give back the medal but I didn't know she had to give back the money too. A while career of earning gone just like that.

America is really an interesting place. If they can not get you on a simple crime like steroid use or having "sex with that woman" they will get you to commit perjury and incriminate yourself. Why do so many fall to the obvious fact.

Don't you think if when they invited her to testify in their federal grand jury she should have had a sit down with one of those major television and come clean.

She is a beautiful women but it has to be more than that for her to get out of jail. I think its kind of silly and even more embarrassing asking Bush to pardon her. She is a smart woman and should know that Bush only pardon his close friends who lie under oath (same thing Marion did) for protecting other layers of Bush lies.

Its not the end of the world. she will get out of jail and move on with her life.

jelli said...

Well I agree with the president of Track and Field. Not only did Marion Jones' actions affect her they affected her team. The Olympic committee was trying to take away her teammates medals as well. She only has two more months. She should serve her time and disappear into obscurity.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Now, that is an interesting scenario. What to do, what to do. But, I tell ya, that last sentence summarized it perfectly. Talk about hypocrisy. The ultimate lyad himself in a position to free anudda one.

I say, mek she serve she time. L’il Kim and Martha had to do it, and she should as well. She need a good PR person to spin this for her right now, and give her some street cred for being in jail. It worked for Lil Kim an Martha, so she should try it as well. After all, she goin’ need a career when she gets out. Maybe she can rap or stat a home-mekkin show, or join wid dem oudda ladies and form a support group: “Lyads Un-Anonymous…” LOL!!!!

Pepper said...

yeah i agree with you. i just hate to see lindsay lohan and kloe kardashian spend hours in jail for dui when she has to spend all her itme tho. weren't they more of a threat? do everything else...the jail time is a bit much

Will said...

i agree with you... po' ting...

is upsettin when they powers that be decide to make an example of someone you don't think???

and another thing... why is only (or mainly) america we does hear about these kinda tings??? food for thought eh?

bakannal said...

it mite jus be a sport but she caused a lotta anguish for folks who believed in her. leh she chill lil bit.


Six months a nuh nutten.Mek she do her time.She deserve it.Perjury a big time crime star!!Mek an example of her yes!!

Tami says: said...

On one hand i'd say a good for her but on the other id feel remorse for her. When she was denying her drug use all those times im sure somewhere in those speeches she wanted to say it but the people behind her, her coach etc should also be jailed for this because im sure that if she had come out and said it off her own will then she would have been cast aside, kinda like now. She should have had her head in the right place from the get go and come J'ca for some of our 'fast' food.

princessdominique said...

You're right and I agree with you. Just let the President decide and stop trying to retry her and build another case. I don't know why people do that. She's been in jail. That's example enough. You get these bleached celebs getting mere hours and she's been in there since February or March?

Empath said...

I think Ms. Jones should serve her time. She was stripped of her medals and money, but even that doesn't make up for the fact that the real winners in the Olympics, especially the Jamaican 4x400 relay team, were deprived of their opportunity at hearing their national anthem. Serving her time is the least she could do.

Abeni said...

I feel for her. But.the sentence soon finish and life goes on. Hopefully,she can move on and salvage something

Ruthibelle said...

She needs to finish her time... put other athletes through anguish, stole their golden podium moments and have them settling for redistributed medals (which can never replace getting it at the event before that crowd...) The punishment is worthy of the crime... No commuting.

Anonymous said...
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