Thursday, July 10, 2008


Food is food is food!

Don't you hate it when a restaurant that has in the past had reliably good quality tasty food suddenly isn't so good anymore?

I mean I wouldn't say I'm extremely picky with restaurants, I'll give most spots a try at least once as long as they look clean and the menu appeals to me. Its the getting me to go back there thing that will be an issue cause if you aint up to par I don't see why I should go back and spend my hard earned money with you.

And with that mindframe it means that aside from experimenting to find new spots that could be good there are very few spots that get my repeat business.

So its sad when one of them has to get cut from my list. Could be a number of things. Cooks change, menu change, size of meal change, price gone up and value for buck just aint what it used to be. But the one that really gets me is when the meal quality changes for the worse.

Woe is me

Today I had a roti from a place that I haven't been to frequently in the past few years but I always thought was one of the better roti places downtown. Dismal! I think its the fact that the staff changed and the old time roti makers aint around no more, instead replaced by cooks that clearly dont know how to make proper roti.

Shame shame shame


princessdominique said...

Yep. I hate it. I actually had that conversation with my husband not so long ago. We can't rely on places that used to have good food in the 80's or 90's. This is 2008.

Crankyputz said...

we need a name, so we know what to avoid

GC said...

yes, please tell us because ever since I read about it in Caribbean Beat, I've been planning to visit Caribbean Roti Palace the next time I'm in Toronto

Abeni said...

cook at home:)

Mighty Afroditee said...

Yeah, that is crappy, when you have developed a form of loyalty to a retaurant, and have certain expectations....

titilayo said...

What disappoints me is when I go to a restaurant for the first time and the food is really good and I tell myself, "Look, boy, this food real good, I must come back here again!" And then I go back the second and the third time, and the food is alright, but it just doesn't seem to be as tasty as I remembered. That's a real let-down.

Never as good as the first time, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Bad roti makers deserve a kick in dem baxside.


Stunner said...

I hate it when that happens with restaurants, so annoying. Yum, curry and roti...when it is done right.

Brotha Buck said...

Yea, I'm eating at home more, too.

Radmila said...

Could this restaurant be...let's call it the "Fake Jerk"

The Mister and me went there recently after not going for years...dismal is a good word for it. Meager portions (unusual for real west indian places)...can you say "sold out"?

Another restaurant which I will name: The Jerusalem (used to be at Leslie & Finch) moved to Leslie and Nymark and something happened.
Their previously grand buffet is now just sad and bad.

When that happens it's worth mourning.

Jdid said...

its not the fake jerk but thanks for the warning. havent been there in many years