Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A lot to be said

Guyana Girl said typings difficult. Couldnt agree more right now but lets see if I remember anything about poetry. ok freestyle this

There’s a lot to be said
But saying things don’t make things better
A lot in my head
But some thoughts they need an editor
A lot on my plate
But that don’t mean my plate is full
A lot of that stuff
Boils down to simple bull
A lot on my mind but no one asks cause no ones curious
Just grieve and move on
Times wasting, actions spurious
Makes me furious
Or should but then don’t have the strength for anger
Don’t have the strength for laughter
Don’t have the strength for chatter
Don’t have the ….....It don’t matter
When we spiral in that viral
Twisting turning funnel
Wish then that we could pummel
A path, a royal rumble
Through this rubble, mumble, stumble
But I speak in strange tongues so translated sounds grumble, grumble
All a jumble in this jungle over running the ruins
So I fumble while I tumble really don’t know what I’m doing
Worth pursuing is nothing
No point this, not poignant
its pointless, no point gets
made, words disappoint its
a lesson in nonsense
full of sound & fury
told by a fool
who's melancholy and moody
there's a lot to be said
but maybe silence's better than something
a lot in my head
but signifying nothing

oh yea now i remember why I gave up poetry. yuck!



Yes my boss! The new poet laureate!Respect star!

dalia said...

yeh, i hate poetry too.
actually, i DESPISE it.
wary of people who say they are poets.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Well, I love poetry, and I do tend to dabble, and I aint shame (fist raised proudly in the air)!

This poem actually had some bright sparks, especially when we hit on the fact that you are still grieving and feeling frustrated.

Interesting wher your 'freestyle' took you...

Melody said...

Alternative title for that poem: Futility!
Or maybe it just inspires that kinda feelin' because my own mind reflects that right now. It's intense, either way.

jelli said...

I thought it was cool,
I thought it was nice,
you did it once,
maybe you can do it twice...

I liked the poem.

Guyana-Gyal said...

For a fella who can't write, that sure is a lot. That's kinda how I felt after my father died.

My fingers are still itchy, full o' lil 'water' bumps.

Abeni said...

I hear you.It will get less raw..not better ..but less raw.

Hang in there