Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Caribana feva

Caribana in the air and I duz have to laff.

No, I not laffin at the Americun touristes like last year. And to be honest boy I wasnt really laffin nuh laff, just making an observation about dem so doan feel nuh way. How I cud laff at mi Americun friends when is 80% of mi blog visitors from de states. Ya feel I is a eediat? Not I, I not biting the hand that feed me.

Watch all my Caribbean and Canadian people get offended now cuhdear I just joking. Love off all wunnah bad like cook food.

PhotobucketNo, what I laffin bout is how the Caribana fever duz ketch everybody. Is like how the spirit duz tek hold a ya in some of dem churches where the people start to speak in tongues and jump bout in the aisles and duz have lil children holin on to dem mudda saying "mummy but is wha wrong wid dat woman? she like she gone mad or something eh he."

Well actually I lie Caribana fever is not really like that but still it duz be a fever and it duz be ketching quick quick by some people.

Make no mistake though. A lot a we doan ketch it, ya must realize dat but what duz be really surprising and laff-able to me is who duz ketch it. If ya ketch me drift.

Cause a lot a we Torontonians from the islands dont ketch it at all. We duz be like:

yea yea yeah Caribana again, I gine to the cottage boy
down the Lakeshore, in this sun, pun foolish TTC uh huh yea you look fa me.
Me, not me, I aint going nowhere to get shoot this year ?
How come the fetes so expensive?
Wha time the police gine shut down big people fete and get people vex,
A wonder what controversy they going have this year?
how many floats ya feel going mek it on the road this time before the police shut de gates
I remember when it used to be on University. Dat used to be good, not like now.
Is how come Caribana duz always dont have money and mek we look so bad year after year begging the Province fa funds? Dem Caribana people too tief-fy!
Boy dem Caribana events expensive nuh lie. I aint paying no 25 dollar to watch nuh poo poo pan playing nor nuh 40 dollar fa King and Queen an dem costume dont be even say nuttin? Is mad ya mad?
Me go down Lakeshore? I going Crop Over instead or I waiting til de parkway Labor day or I gine down Miami carnival. boy dat duz be too sweet.
how come them playing tunes from February carnival and Crop Over last year? Wha happen Crop Over music from Crop-Over this year cant reach here? Dem waiting on steam boat to bring the tunes? Man this is internet era, download man download. we should have plenty plenty new crop over tunes by now. Chupse.
Caribana chupse ya lie boy ribfest cant miss me this year! (that would be me)
Boy dem Trinidad people too confuse I aint want nuttin to do wid dat Caribana ting
Dat duz be we the island people in Toronto when Caribana come...well unless ya under 25 or ya looking fa woman or ya from Trinidad and then well you love off Caribana and every event it have can't miss you. (See I can make fun of the Trinis cause nun a dem dont read mi blog.)

But anyways like I said I laffin at how the fever duz ketch when Caribana week reach. Ad who duz ketch the feva if not the majority of we island people in Toronto?

Well boy that is a very good question and that is what is so funny.

Come Caribana week every lil store suddenly got in a Jamaican and Trini flag. Men dat would follow ya round their store the whole year and give ya dirty looks if ya come in to buy a bottle of water or a pack a gum suddenly got Caribana themed t-shirts in their window and two thousand island flags and hats and belts and rags and banadana and head band and wrist band and musse even underwear and anything wid a Vincy, Lucian, Grenadian, Trini, Bajan, Jamaican, Guyanaese, Dominican, or anybody else in the Caribbean colors item on their shelves and at the doors. And see dem there smiling, standing at the door, grinning, telling you come in and browse.

See cud only be some sort a sickness amm I mean fever mek dem fellas so change. So yes I duz laff my head off when I walk around downtown come Caribana time and watch dem people so change colors and try to mek money off we when I know how things duz be the rest a de year.

Me not me I stanning home an listening me 2008 Crop Over tune, 2007 long gone Toronto dj's. Dem fellas cant mek no money off me. But I will continue to watch and laff.

ps: Dont tell nuhbody but I feel one of them Vincy girls in dat Photo is mi sistren Kami. shhhhh dont tell nobody I say dat.


Melody said...

U feelin' Caribana, man. (Each a de Caribana females could prob'ly mek 2 Kamis in weight and size --like yu said before de T-dot Caribana tourists are plus size inna Caribana skimpy.)

Brotha Buck said...

Hot damn! I'm feelin' ya today, bruh.

Mighty Afroditee said...

All a dat and you aint now how often I contemplate flying up for Caribana, only for you to tell me seh all a u does be laffin at we farrinas. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Jdid said...

afroditee we not laffin at ya we laffin wid ya. doan tek it dat way. come spend some tourist dollas nuh gal

princessdominique said...

I wish we had something, anything even remotely similar to that here in New Jersey. We have to go to New York to get any kind of festivities at all. Sad.

Urban Sista said...

Sniff... I does actually enjoy Caribana -- I don't miss it... and I ain' a Trini either. I think crackin' bare jokes 'bout de tourists does mek it fun for me. (Like Jdid said, we ain' laffin' bout yuh really. We's laffin wif wunna, truly.) But, now I'se an old, married woman, I may just hol' de purses while de young ones carry on bad :)

Mad Bull said...

I used to want to come up for Caribana but all now I doh reach. One year, one year...

Mad Bull said...

By the way, I like your banner still! :)

Abeni said...

Lol@ melody. I grew girl.I really did:) Allyuh doan mind jdid,caribana is nuff fun

dutty said...

all I know is that it sounds like fun

Stunner said...

I feeling the feva! Take me to Caribana!!!

garry said...

I'm way to white to visit any of the crop over festivities in Barbados this year, but by next year I will be ready for it. I must admit I love to see all the pretty Bajan girls in their costumes, now that is real hot.

Campfyah said...

So how was Caribana???? Yuh cud still ketch early flight tomorrow and mek it down fuh Kadooment.