Tuesday, July 21, 2009


5 long weeks without garbage pickup in the City of Toronto. Thankfully the real summer weather naa reach and likely not to it seems, so the place aint smell up to high heavens yet. Still, 5 weeks man, that is a long long time in garbage days. Litter spewing forth from tie up trash cans all over the streets downtown, heaps of rot and buss up plastic bags, a mix and mingle of smells emanating from all around and the city requisitioning people nice nice park space as temporary dumps.

The place not right at all.

And the Union and the City officials like dey mekkin mock sport about all this thing. I aint hear bout them talking, I aint hear bout them unionizing and arbitrating and negotiating and wukkin round the clock to mek sure we city get clean up. No uh uh, dem play like a dirty city aint a certain prelude to an unhealthy city when the rats breed big and get feisty and get up an stage a coup an de leptospirosis lik we down or dem unhealthy garbage fumes round people house where they close to dumping grounds mek all dem pickney sick. Chupse! What allya know bout epidemic and nuff illness? Looka this is a serious ting!

But no, the Mayor hiding in plain site, sneaking through back ways, using special codes and side doors into he office to avoid picketers at the main entrance and ting so. Confrontation man, confrontation! That is not only a Bob Marley album name ya know? Deal wid de case. That is ya job, why we vote you in, what we put ya there for. Not to slink in back doors like a common thief.

Some man full a big speech but dey backative weak! Look it up Mr Mayor if ya dont understand.

And the strikers blocking people from throwing way two bags a garbage, mekkin we suffer and antagonizing we at the temporary dumps, like we is the body to blame for the industrial strike. Like we stop allya from having ya extra payout on ya sick leave even though none a de rest a we working stiffs dont get no benefits so sweet. It duz be use sick days or lose dem, nun a dat accrue them til later and if ya dont use them get paid for them business. I tell ya wunnah got it real sweet boy real real sweet.

Allya realize dis is still recession right? And that jobs scarce and belts to be tightened?

But I know allya cant last. 5 weeks on the strike line aint easy at all. 5 weeks without pay even worse! Any gains ya get from a lil wage increase wunnah dun wipe out wid dis 5 week strike. De City government trying to wear wunnah down. And they succeeding. I hope allya come to wunnah senses though, and I mean both Unions and Government, before I have to swim through the garbage to get to work punna morning.

And wunnah know wunnah affecting the economy too cause nuhbody aint gine pun no restaurant patio to sniff the garbage on the streets and why would tourists peoples want to come up here for all the summer festivals (Caribana included) to walk bout in filth? Allya best to be careful. Wha even CNN reporting that the place stink already.


GC (God's Child) said...

my word 5 weeks
makes a person really want to start a compost bucket

Anonymous said...

5 weeks and Toronto has not called for the Army's help. I forgot, only qualified unionized workers are permitted to haul it away.

This could be a lesson in home waste management and recycling.

Will said...

holy cow... that's A LOT of garbage... i remember walking through China Town in the wee hours of the morning and seeing all the trash from the day before... that piled up 5 weeks worth??? mmmmm...

Leon said...

5 weeks? Wow. I never expected crap like this to happen in Canada.

CoolDestiny said...

The longest I've gone without garbage collection was 2 weeks and it was dreadful and that was a couple years ago well! As bad as little little Jamaica is, the NSWMA seem to be doing their job now a days.

Abeni said...

Lord what a mess! Blocking people from temporary dump too? T hose strikers mean business man

Guyana-Gyal said...

I know dis lady who does always go on and on about how perfect Canada is, blah blah. I hope she was smelling the garbage while she was there on she perfect holiday in the perfect country.

Compost, compost, compost. Less garbage.