Monday, July 13, 2009

WI vs Bangladesh

The real tragedy isn't that the once mighty (a long long time ago) West Indies team was beaten today by bottom of the rung Bangladesh. You can excuse that given that the team calling itself West Indies for this match was made up of has beens, never was-es and rank newcomers who had been pulled together at the 11th hour when the regular team went on strike.

Call them scabs or whatever you want for crossing the picket line they still went out and tried their best and managed to be competitive which is more than you can say for the regular West Indies team sixty percent of the time.

No, The real tragedy is that two sides which should have the best interests of West Indies cricket at heart and work together towards getting our team back to the top have somehow in recent years found a way to always manage to screw over the game and embarrass the West Indian public and fans on numerous occasions.

I've lost count of the number of attempted strikes, most called on the brink of a test series by the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) after talks with the WICB have broken down, that have occurred recently and while both sides innocently try to play the victim it is us the cricket fans who are forced to suffer.

From one perspective its actually somehow reminiscent of my childhood playing in de road or on the cow pasture when a bats owner might get vex when he got out and would pick up bat and go home finishing the game prematurely and leaving the other children just hanging their heads, hangs in pockets standing looking stupid, wishing they had their own bats and cricket equipment. Own way team quits field over dispute or in this case just decides not to play cause they want a better deal.

And who's to blame? I mean its a given these days that the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is incompetent. The public is well aware of that fact. Numerous changes in personnel seem to have done nothing for its professionalism or its outlook on the game but at the same time the Board is not the only guilty party here. WIPA is just as guilty if not moreso for holding the great game for ransom, picking up their bats and going home, especially with their penchant for last minute seemingly out of the blue strikes.

And I not calling no names but lets look at this thing from another angle too. WICB presidents have come and gone, WICB CEOs and management teams have come and gone, Team captains have come and gone and the problems and somehow WIPA president Ramnarine still remain. I aint saying its his fault but hey if you looking for commonality in all the disputes well.........

As I said somewhere else appearance counts a lot in the business world. Its not just enough to be right but one must also appear to be right. That's where good PR comes in. Not saying that WIPA is correct in this impasse but WIPA definetly doesn't do good PR. Threatening to strike at the 11th hour, just before an international series is to begin, giving the general public little notice about your issues and the reasons for the strike isnt good PR and it doesn't win you fans. It just makes you look like petulant children forever playing a game of brinkmanship.

All told though, I'm not really surprised. No one really cares about the game or the fans unless they stop paying to watch games. Its all about the cash these days and one can see it from the lackluster on the field approach by the players. Not that players shouldn't be fairly compensated but at the same time, it would be nice to see some effort, grit, determination and perhaps a sprinkling of love for the game shine though. Oh and some pride. We used to have a proud team when we were on top what seems like a long long long time ago. They wanted to win, they cared about winning, they realized what winning meant to the West Indian public. Not so anymore.

Now West Indies cricket just sucks. Go on with your strikes and disputes, alienate the few remaining fans you have why don't you. Keep it up and you soon wont have any kingdom to fight over.

Thank you WIPA and WICB for killing our cricket. You're both doing a bang up job! Keep it up.


Abeni said...

You know something Windies cricket died a while back. Like MJ they just haven't buried it as yet. These days I find it extremely difficult to even bother with what is happening around them.

Abeni said...

Have you seen Wipa's "apology"?

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

I don't know much about the runnings of the cricket board, WIPA and all of that [doesn't WIPA sound like 'weeper'?]. I've tried to understand their role in damaging Windies cricket and I still can't, me head hard.

The Windies team should [pretend to] disband, start a new team with new Board and all. Yes, I know, simplistic.

I stop watching cricket nowadays.

But I kinda like them li'l Bengali boys. Ow, them come from nowhere and they does look so shy.

CoolDestiny said...

This was a good post. The sad thing is no matter what happens, no matter how bad WI play, the fans are still going out to watch games, still glued to the TV. Caribbean people just love their cricket.

For me, the WICB needs to all be put in a barrel and rolled out to the sea. It needs some new blood. Everybody is complaining about the poor leadership on the WICB.

That's the problem with the world today - Poor Leadership.

Jacqueline said...

1) If you have no employment contract, you are not employed, and hence by definition, cannot enter into strike action. The players have consistently played without contracts, basically trusting that the WICB will pay them and take care of the medical bills were they to be injured. In other words, they have been volunteering.
2) It is the WIPA and the players fault - they keep falling for WICB promises, going back to play and then having the promises broken.
They should have refused to play several years ago until the issue was properly signed, sealed and delivered.
3)WICB is acting with disdain towards the players, the fans, the sponsors. We will all give up on them at some point, and then they will be in charge of a big fat nothing!
4) What about the Patterson report? It will gather dust like all the other reports that recommend changing the structure of the WIB and making it more democratic, professional and transparent. WICB is not going to change themselves. They seem perfectly comfortable while they destroy Windies cricket.