Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why ask

Does this happen to you too?

For some strange reason folks just approach me to ask me directions. I'm not sure why exactly but apparently I must look like someone who knows where he is going or where he is.

Anyway the messed up thing is that lately folk have been coming up to me asking me directions but then when I give them a response they pretend to believe me but then two minutes later I see them asking someone else for directions.

Kinda messed up I say. Why ask me for directions if you dont think I know the way. And its not like I give them bad directions. If I dont know the answer I'll tell them but when I give you an answer I'm 100% certain of where I'm telling you to go and I think I convey this quite well with no hesitancy in my voice. So what gives?

Maybe they dont like the directions I'm giving them. Maybe I should give people false directions and tell them that something is right around the corner when it really isnt.

Whatever the case its really a bit aggravating to have folks ask you for directions, then two minutes later completely ignore them and ask someone else.

Next time, I'm just going to lie and say I have no idea where so n so.


GC (God's Child) said...

I think that's a good plan
I have one of those faces also
People in stores like to ask me if this bag will match something they already have at home

dalia said...

just pretend you don't speak english. or, in my case, i pretend i don't understand french.

Tami says: said...

If it happened more than once maybe your face looks insecure in direction giving. Otherwise the lost soldier might be the insecure one.

Radmila said...

Asking twice is just confirmation.
I've had more than one experience where I only asked once and was steered wrong.

If two people tell you the same thing, there's less of a chance that you'll go the wrong way.

You're just the first person they asked, I reckon.

Will said...

well i know if i in de middle of toronto and i arks you directions and you answer me in a renkin bajan accent i gwine arks somebody else quick quick quick... :-P

Jacqueline Smith said...

Maybe they forget if you said turn left or right, or how many blocks down...