Tuesday, January 12, 2010


One of the all-time greats of Major League Baseball, Mark McGwire, has finally confirmed one of the most persistent rumours in the game. In a tell-all interview on cable TV in the US, McGwire admitted to steroid use throughout much of the 1990s, casting a cloud of doubt over the numerous records he set throughout a dazzling career at the St Louis Cardinals.

Forgive the bit of a rant here but you Mark Mcgwire are a fraud!

All all these years, you walk bout wid ya arms looking bigger than Popeye in de cartoons and talk bout oh you only taking Andro (Androstenedione) and you aint tekkin no steroids and denying the allegations and ting so and now you now got the nerve to come clean. Chupse!

I mean not that I surprised. Just by looking at you wid dat top heavy body and dem big lumberjack arms an ting so anybody that really wanted to know knew you was tekkin sumting ya aint had nuh right tekkin.

And now ya play ya copying A-Rod and coming clean begging forgiveness fa ya transgressions, like ya din know ya was doing wrong then or somebody lead you astray, looking all sad faced and remoresful an feeling the public gine gi ya a bligh.

Nuh uh! Doan mind he wid ded big tricks ya hear muh. Looka de man only doing that cause he feel we gine gi he a pass an he gine get in the Baseball Hall a Fame. Doan gi he nuh pass though.

He is a liard liar. Doan fall fa that remorse act.

And he got me vex too cause how come everybody jump down Barry Bonds throat bout steroids and gi Mcgwire a pass when we did know he was using something? Um is cause Bonds caustic and din nuh press favorite an nuhbody outside he mudda and the people a San Franciso cann tek he at all? Is that the reason? All de press can quote this an that and show images saying Bonds head get big like a ripe watermelon in recent years showing he was on the steroids but nuhbody never do nuttin so and say looka how much like a cartoon character Mcgwire look when he was breaking records compared to how normal he looked back in the day. Nuhbody aint do nuttin so ya kno!

Yea the race ting duz play into um too cause McGwire was the All-American hero here to save boring baseball with he long ball homeruns and brek records and put people in the seats and eyes on the tv. He was a icon! So dem look past he fatal flaws.

And that is why I say since he did such an icon an held so highly in regard that we shouldnt give he no pass cause everything he do when de, held he in high esteem was tainted and he was a fraud. He fall further than Bonds ever reach so hold he to at least the same standard and crucify he fa the steroids too.


Abeni said...

We knew this right? I wonder what prompted the admission though since I doubt he just woke up one morning with a conscience

dalia said...

so are they going to strip him publicly of his dignity and make an example of him like they did marion jones?


*big kiss teet*

Jdid said...

dalia, you made an excellent point there bout Marion. I wasnt even thinking about her but you are so right.