Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Anytime you a pedestrian think you can tek on a moto car think again.

Pedestrians gettin lik down in Toronto at an alarming rate since the year start. Something like 10 in the last 8 or 9 days. Lawd avest mercy!

It doesnt seem to be a case where you can say well is solely the pedestrian fault or solely the drivers it just seems to be that perfect confluence where sadly crap happens with the fault being shared equally.

Ya gotta be careful my fellow walkers cause wunnah realize that when a car hit ya it doan feel nuttin right? Still yesterday I thought I was going to be privy to another pedestrian accident and this time it would have been the pedestrian squarely and solely at fault.

I was standing in a packed 8 o'clock bus on the way to Kennedy station yesterday. The bus was so full that the driver was bypassing some of the stops cause he aint had nuh room for more people. A few stops before the station somebody ring the bell but seeing as um mighta been one body getting off and bout 10 people was at the bus stop the driver decide to drive pass the stop and let off the passenger or passengers a bit further down the road. Now who tell he to do dat!

Disgruntled and I can only describe with no exaggeration as pure eediat woman standing at the bus stop sees that the bus driver isnt slowing down to stop and steps boldly, willfully and stupidly off the sidewalk into the road into the path of the oncoming bus. Myself and other passengers could only gasp and utter a wha de while my eyes compelled me to look thinking I'd soon hear a thud cause no way could the driver avoid this lady. However somehow mashing the brakes and swerving and no doubt with the help of God he barely managed to avoid her and stopped soon after.

Thankfully somehow she get way wid trying to stand up to a big however much tonne bus. But ya think the woman would be happy she cheat death? No she get on the bus and start pissparading bout she late fa work and a bus already pass she already! Absolutely incredible!

total Eediat!!


GC (God's Child) said...

too many times I have caught just a glimpse of a pedestrian at dusk, all in black, stepping across my path just in time
too many times I have been glad I wasn't going any faster

Radmila said...

I think that part of the problem is Miller's "war on the car" has given many pedestrians an arrogance in having the right of way. That, combined with the little bubbles we all live in with our iPods, texting and so on...especially in winter with hats and hoods as well. It makes us even less aware of our surroundings.

The other night, I was coming down Parkside Drive at 50km...the left turn lane is always very long, while the right lane is empty as cars merge onto Lakeshore Blvd going westbound.
I was in the right lane when a jogger bolted through the cars in the left lane and across my path. Not only did I almost hit him going 50km, but I almost killed myself and others swerving to avoid him.

If I could have gotten out of my car, I would have choked him with my bare hands for almost killing all of us with his arrogant stupidity.

Guyana-Gyal said...

People should get charged for jaywalking. I hate driving in town, people walking all over the street like they head ain't good.

I think though, this woman was desperate. If she lost her job...etc.

Anonymous said...

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