Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Terror in the Pie

Throwing a pie in the face of Canada's fisheries minister to protest the seal hunt should earn animal rights group PETA a "terrorist" label, a Canadian lawmaker said Tuesday.

A seal hunt protester hit Fisheries Minister Gail Shea with a cream pie on Monday as she gave a speech in Burlington, Ontario.

The animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, later claimed responsibility for the incident.

Me and the wife was talking bout this tonight. The story is this. Some 37 year old American woman, on behalf of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), left home in New York to come all the way to Ontario, Canada, to throw a pie at a Canadian Government minister to protest Canada's seal hunt. PETA claims responsibility for the incident.

Now on the face of it, the Canadian government opposition member who made the comments about seeing if PETA fits the terrorist bill can just be laughed off cause we think of terrorists as bombers and shooters, jihadists, killers of infidels, fundamentalist religious types with an axe to grind not pie wielding American white female types. I mean nuhbody never get kill by a pie in the face right? Well I guess its possible but still a bit improbable.

But on the other hand think about it. An organization with a fundamentalist agenda based in another country sends an operative past the Canadian border into the country to assault a Canadian government minister. Sounds alot like terrorism when I say that right?

Now lets for arguments sake say what if. What if say the other country in which the organization who sent the assaulter was based oh lets say somewhere in the Middle East and the government official was oh lets say American. Would not people be screaming blue murder about terrorists and harboring of criminals that aint true?

Why even a Canadian fella once tried to go across the border to the US to bomb something or the other and since then we ben hearing about what a bastion of terrorism lovers we have over here and how porous our borders are. That aint true?

Plus this act was an assault by a fringe organization (PETA) in an attempt to make a foreign (Canadian) government change their policies. To intimidate and to endanger and to make a point. Isn't that what terrorist do? I dont know what the official definition of terrorism is and I really wouldn't want to stick my neck out here and claim the pie thrower is a terrorist but yea you really have to think about this one carefully dont you.

Now yes it seems a tad frivolous on the surface cause we have bigger fish to fry right but today a pie tomorrow what will they throw? Who knows.

Now we all will say yes the act was wrong but how wrong was it? Has PETA overstepped its boundaries? I mean in my opinion, sending operatives to assault government ministers cause you dont like their policies seems to be going too far in my opinion. And then claiming responsibility for the incident. I mean whenever I hear about groups claiming resposibility for insidents I think Al Quada and Hezbollah and the IRA and those sorts of groups that happy happy that they do something to injure folks. Hmmm think about it!

Three things I think here though and they might not makee alot of seense but bear with m

One if this was olden times an a cat from another country come and assault someone in your country that would have been grounds for war. I lie? Not that we gine get we two row boat navy and a battalion of Eskimos to attack the US but still.

Two in these modern times, post 9/11, if the assault was on an American the American government would get on dixie, do bad and the attack would seen as grounds for the American government to ask for the extradition to face charges of the ringleaders of the organization that plan the attack or if the other government wasnt willing to send them they might just invade or attack them just so inside their country (Again not that we gine do nuttin so but I making a comparison).

And three if the person who assaulted the Canadian minister was Muslim or black or Indian or some sort of minority then people would be kicking up nuff fuss and looking to ban and put embargoes and other restrictions on the country of origin of that person, asking what kind of country they running that they are a haven for such deviant characters and putting all sorts of extra scrutiny at the airport on people who were the same minority as the pie thrower. Can we now assume that 37 year old American women will be put to additional scrutiny at the Canadian borders cause they might fit a profile of a PETA pie throwing operative?

Yea you know the answer to that as good as me but still think bout it. And like I said I'm not saying PETA are terrorists but hey the Canadian opposition fella statement aint as stupid as people would make ya believe at first. Think bout it.

with this post I've probably gotten onto the PETA watchlist. nuhbody better doan come throwing nuh pie at me doah cause Isa bajan an I duz throw back big rocks.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Stchuuusp, everything is extreme today.

You throw pie, is extreme now.

I am sure this ain't the first time people throw cream pie.

But seriously, I think them jihadist-terrorists must be laughing at us in the west.

Now, when I say I hate terrorists, I gon have to define who I talking about. stchhhhusp.

Empath said...

Throwing a pie in someones' face can be seen as or is assault. PETA is or has been getting pretty extreme. But calling them terrorist might just be er...extreme.

Anonymous said...

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