Thursday, March 25, 2010

So what

ok I trying to not just blog about celebrity things but I couldnt resist this one here.

The big news lately is about Sandra Bullock who just won a big Oscar and how her husband was cheating on her with some tattooed floozy.

Now I understand why its fairly big news but at the same time why are we acting all shocked here? Is it because she's famous and accomplished and we don't think guys cheat on famous and accomplished women? Cause I'm sure Halle Berry and Hillary Clinton would say umm wait a minute now.

And look at the dude. I mean the revelation that Tiger Woods cheated was shocking given his prior clean cut image but Sandra bullock's husband doesn't have that image. I mean the dude's name is Jesse James, you know like the famous outlaw who he claims to be family to. Dude looks like a thug not that thugs all cheat or anything but he looks like the type of cat that a woman's mother would tell her to stay away from cause he aint no good.

Then dude has been married twice and one of his former wives was a porn star. How many decent dudes you know that will marry a porn star? They may mess around with one if given the chance but marry umm no. Now I don't know bout you but this image of Jesse James doan say choir boy to me. So why the shock?

Is it cause Sandra is America's sweetheart? And I never really got that whole title cause not to kick her when she's down but seriously she aint all that.

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Abeni said...

A brave woman will marry a man who was married to a pornstar. How do you even compete:)