Friday, March 26, 2010

gun play?

So some of you may know that I have a 4 year old at home. Dont worry I wont get all cute and cuddly (not that I know how to) regaling you with kid do the funniest things stories just yet. Not really in my character actually.

But sometime after Jdid Jr was born I signed up for this email update from this site which gives you info on certain milestones, expected behaviors at what ages etc. They send weekly updates and bad parent that I am, I maybe read like one in four since I not really sure what I can do or whether I'd really be pushing him to make all the milestones if he's not there already cause in my opinion children all develop at different rates. Still the emails are interesting sometimes especially when they do correspond to some new quirk that Jr has developed in his personality.

Anyways this week they sent me an email which I scanned about four year old behavior. The last paragraph read

"And now that your child is becoming ever more social, it's important to check in with the parents of his playdates to make sure that any guns they have at their home are locked up at all times. You may choose not to let him play at houses where weapons are stored, even if they are in a safe. And, of course, if your family has guns, you'll want to be equally sure that they're always locked away."

Boy all I could do was laugh. I know one of you will say is a sign of the times but I'm here waiting to see if next week's update says something like and its important to make sure that the parents of his playdates dont smoke crack. If they do freebase you might choose not to let him go over to their crack house.

lawd a mercy!


Abeni said...


wait he 4 already? Sibling time parents:)

Anonymous said...

sign of de time Jdid surely sign of the time... You might get one that say, and check to see if the parents of Jdid Jr. playmate or the playmate him/herself are not surfing the porn sites on the web or have the magazine stash in view of the little players.

Luke Cage said...

LOL @ your last sentence bro. You never know right?

GC (God's Child) said...

it doesn't go without saying. . .you really have to know who you're dealing with. . .

Guyana-Gyal said...

First of all, lemme inform you, JDidJr. is not 4. I does still think is a baby you have in the house, hahaha.


But anyways, don't ignore the gun warning thing. I know of one incident...and this was long, long, long before the gun-era. In supposedly innocent Guyana! When pickney find gun, them does take it and point it. So make sure you ask dem parents if dem have guns for true.

Radmila said...

You'd be surprised to know who has them.
Our neighbour not only had a gun collection, and was an regular member of the local gun club. We had no idea until he invited our youngest to his son's birthday party which they were holding at the range.

We had no idea of any of it until the party invite. He was a nice man, but the birthday party idea was wrong on so many levels and made me question his judgment in other areas...if you know what I mean.

No. We didn't let him go to the party.

dalia said...

i do not know anyone with ... wait, let me rephrase that.

i don't know anyone with CHILDREN who owns a gun. the rest of the badmen dem with no offspring need to defend themselves on the mean streets of scarbs, seen?