Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fashion faux pas

Wha she did wearing atall doah?

The food was nice, real good actually but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the waitress' getup. In fact I spent the entire meal trying to figure out how to comprehend and adequately convey the outfit in question in text and I still dont think I've found the words.

It was like fan girl meets burlesque meets street walker meets I duz juss wear this at home. But that doesnt get to the heart of the outfit. The word Obzocky comes to mind and if ya want an official explanation of that word let me self reference to this post cause even wikipedia a quote de I (puffs out chest to look important, realizes that chest still not bigger than belly, silently gives up).

She was wearing pum pum shorts, long black see through stockings or leggings under the shorts and a pink top with black polka dots which was long enough to half cover the shorts at the back and was tied around her neck. The top had seen better days judging by the dullness of the colors. It was then all covered with a black sweater which came to just below her waist allowing the pink polka dot top to be revealed at the bottom as well as at the section tied around her neck. The entire ensemble was completed by a thick black ribbon tied at an angle on her head.

See even that doesn't truly convey the sight. I still think I'm missing something here. Hmm maybe I'll just stick to obzocky.

Lovely lovely food though.


Ruthibelle said...

well jdid, glad u enjoyd the food... that probly explains why chest not getting bigger than belly?? :P :)

Jdid said...

actually Ruthibelle I didnt even finish my entire plate. great food though

Anonymous said...

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