Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm sorry but am I the only one a bit disturbed that an elected member of the Canadian Parliament was tweeting during question and answer session in the House of Commons yesterday?

Lisa Raitt seems to have found a cure for ministerial boredom in the House of Commons.

The labour minister announced on Twitter Wednesday that she would live tweet during question period, and proceeded to provide colour commentary - literally.

What the hell?

I mean seriously is this the sort of behavior that our elected officials should be engaging in during House sessions? Is our government one big joke? (Wait don't answer that one.)

Isn't this the political equivalent of doodling in class or hiding comics in your text book? Shouldn't you, our leaders be paying attention? Is running this country sooooo boring that you have to tweet?

And she's not even a backbencher. I could maybe just possibly forgive this act if she was a backbencher (actually I'd probably be pretty pissed then too) but she's a minister. The Minister of Labour for Pete's sake! Isnt that an important portfolio? Shouldn't she be paying attention during the question session? Good grief! When else does she tweet one wonders? During policy meetings?

Pay attention!

I mean given what sometimes passes for political discourse at some of these sessions I'm not surprised but damn at least pretend that you're sort of interested in what's going on and representing your constituents who I'm pretty sure didn't vote you in for your tweeting skills.

At least when I was messing around in class doodling I at least pretended that I was interested. This is just openly mocking us.

No disrespect to twitter, it serves its purpose (whatever that may be), and its cool to see politicians using the new media/social interaction stuff to reach the tech savvy crowd but there is a time and place for everything and in my opinion the House of Commons is definitely not the place to be tweeting about trivial stuff like what others are wearing unless you're working for fashion TV.

Stay focused man!

Seriously, its bad enough that Parliament was prorogued on a whim for like two months for no real reason but then you guys just come back and you are already tweeting? Way to take governing seriously! And to think that you politicos make the decisions that affect our lives? Wonder why our economy and societies are so messed up? Why its because our leaders are too busy twittering their lives away. Duhh! (OK that's probably not the main reason but still)

Damn damn damn!

Seriously I mean tweeting! Really! Really? Tweeting? Are you serious? Come on now.

Whats that phrase? Nero fiddles while Rome burns. Guess we need to update that to something about Raitt tweeting while Canada fumbles along.


Ruthibelle said...

*sigh* One of your ppl tweeting in parliament?? One of ours just walked out. Got upset, got up, and left. Of course, leter, he claimed to be taking a principled stand...

GC (God's Child) said...

she should be fired.
anyone of us would be fired for similar behavior. . . making the company look bad to the general public

Abeni said...

Ah keep telling you to join the tweet crew!

Abeni said...

Not that I know what i am doing on twitter but you know the drill lol

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hm, I wonder if she knows that tweeting or twittering or whatever it's called, is public........

Crankyputz said...

on the flip side,,....who willingly watches cspan or whatever the parliamentary channel is??

Anonymous said...

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ackeelover chronicles said...
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Corve said...

I don't mind him tweeting, what about multitasking.

I can understand someone being upset that they are not paying attention but he may be keeping connected with his constituents at the same time.