Friday, February 24, 2006


Have you guys heard about the huge bank robberies in Britain lately? On Thursday, a bunch of criminals kidnapped a bank manager and his family and forced him to help them steal 40 million pounds in some town in the Kent region. Check this link for more details.

Then today in Belfast, Northern Ireland using a similar M.O, criminals robbed another bank of around 200,000 pounds after kidnapping a manager and his family and forcing him to help them commit the crime.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHey wait a second! Doesn't Harrison Ford have a movie out, released like last week, in which he plays a bank employee and part of the movie synopsis reads like "When a ruthless criminal mastermind (Paul Bettany) kidnaps his family, Jack (Harrison Ford) is forced to find a flaw in his system and steal $100 million."

Coincidence hmmmm!

All I have to say is that its a good thing that Firewall is a Harrison Ford movie and not something starring someone like say I don't know maybe umm the rapper 50 Cents. If this was a 50 cents movie ya dun know we would hear how the man promoting violence and he needs to be banned from entering Britain and how he influencing the yout and he need locking up and all sort of stuff like that.

I lie?

You're not going to hear that Harrison Ford need to be banned from entering Britain though. Why that would just be preposterous! Pure poppycock indeed!

And while I'm making these incredible, incendiary type comparisons just for the hell of it let me hit on another crime that caught my interest this week. A 50 something year old Canadian couple was killed in Mexico this week in what appears to be some sort of professional killing as they waited to go to their daughter's wedding the next day. Pretty sad story when you think of it.

Now I don't know all the details and to be honest the press has been kind of sketchy with info but I see their names, their photos, where they are from in the GTA and I see the words professional killing and well I could come up with one conclusion which its possible is way way off base but hey if they were black folk from Jane n Finch, or Malvern I would have seen as equally an invalid conclusion in the press so I wont feel too bad about my conclusion.

Which brings me to the point. When a crime involves black people up here even the innocent get painted as guilty. Ya dun know if it was a black couple who had been offed in Mexico somebody would have dropped the obligatory 'he/she was known to the police' even if it was just that the poor fellow accustomed to saying a regular good morning to Officer Browne when he see him on the road. I lie?

But if the crime doesn't involve black folk, even if it is a quote unquote professional hit you don't see the wild speculation and innuendo spreading in the press.

I dun wid dat I got diapers to change.


Radmila said...

It's funny that you make the comparison to Harrison Ford and the bank robberies, since soccer moms have been blaming movies, and music for the maladies of the world for decades now.
The fact of the matter is that people are stupid, and it doesn't take much for some idiot to say, "Hey! I can do that!" I've often seen movies and said to myself.."Oh great! Give some moron ideas!". I know that isn't your point, but it was something you made me think about while I was reading it.

On the couple who was murdered in Mexico. You don't think that the Italian community isn't freaking out about the reference to 'organized crime'? It's a stereotype that Italians are really touchy about.
The same way other communities are touchy about their stereotypes...and everytime I heard a report about it...out came the mafia reference.

Stunner said...

Hmm... I wonder if these robbers are getting their ideas from Hollywood.

Violence and crime are always linked to black people by the media. The media quickly brush aside the news about white criminals, and live on a crime commited by a black person for weeks, even months.

Kaschief said...

Does life imitate art? Seemingly so. On the bright side, this bank robbery in Britain is kinda cool for the promoters of the movie. It couldn't have happened at a better time. (Ouch, how caustic). :-)

De Immigrant said...

Yes boss, its two different worlds that exist today measured by different standards. What a shame, Martin, Coretta, Rosa all come and gone and not much has really changed.

Ironman said...

Haha good post, come check out the blog couple new posts.

Guyana-Gyal said...

What you mean, you got diapers to change? I didn't see announcement of baby. How did I miss that? Boy or girl?

I too scared of crime right now, man. I open our newspapers...sigh...

Mad Bull said...

Yeah, that is a coincidence... We've had a couple of crimes like that in Jamaica, as I recall it. Long ago, though.

~b*b~ said...

eh- eh but check the star today!? apparently the suspects were all female? and yet at tne end of the piece, they're bringing up something that happened in tnt 10 YEARS AGO in order to make some sort of analogy about how law enforcement "overseas" is not co-operative.

p.s. have you been "sprayed" during change duty? heh heh

Miz JJ said...

I feel bad for that couple in Mexico. I didn't realize they were Italian and they were trying to link them to organized crime. White, but clearly not white enough.

Good luck with diaper duty. I just don't understand how people that little create that much...waste.

obifromsouthlondon said...

lol i loved that bit about "being known to police". typical innit.

yeah dem robberies got the whole nation going. audacious to say the least.

hope you coping good (as in getting sleep) with baby and wife.


Anonymous said...

i hate to agree but it does seem that way - 'we're' always 'known' to them. one day i should sit down and do my own study of news reporting blacks vs. other races. although i'm sure of what the results would be.

smallislandgirl said...

I know what you mean in trini if certain people are killed its always drug related according to the media but a rich business man was killed in an obviuos fashion and the words drug related was never used its somethingelse when you think about it yes.

Dr. D. said... right about the media JDi(a)ddy.

You notice how is always a lilly white young girl who been raped, kidnapped or missing? Apparently this sort of thing does not happen to black/mixed young women....or, if it is not news that is worthy of reporting. Sad.

On a lighter note I hear seh de man well experienced wid de diaper change ting! Can all give lessons to the uninitiated (like me) now to rass! ;-)

jelli_us said...

Well ya know here in the states the same type disparities go on. I think its interesting the stuff you bring up about the Harrison Ford Movie and bank robberies.