Monday, February 13, 2006

This and that

Been pretty scarce the last few weeks and I may become scarcer just getting ready for the baby's arrival and all that but thanks to the folks who continue to read here and to all my fellow bloggers whose sites I check sorry about not being a frequent visitor of late. Between work and painting, putting together stuff and just getting prepared at home. In general its been hectic.

Oh and to all those who checked out TTC drama hoped you liked it, thanks for the motivation to finish.

"That Jdid he's so hot right now!"
On another note the line above was supposed to be a take from the Zoolander movie because somehow or the other a brother like me got nominated as one of the ten hot bloggers of 2005. The wife say "hot wha? man dem really doan know you cause you aint even lukewarm den, chupse!" Boy all I have to say is a good thing they never ask for a picture before the nomination or they would take me off the hot blogger list immediately and give me the ugliest blogger alive crown cause some people say I duz mek Shabba look like Denzil.

But seriously hot blogger? What me going do with that now? I going have to start dressing different now, get me an entourage and stand around street corners going "wha gwan daughter, come check de I. ya neva know say me a hot blogger fe real!" I actually tried that this weekend and it somehow just didn't really work. Oh well back to the drawing board!

Anyway all jokes aside it was/is kinda cool being nominated. Makes a brother feel appreciated plus I'm in such wonderful company as Brother Buck who has one of the coolest blogs out there and some other cats who actually write for a living. Wow! Much love to Princess Dominque and whoever it was that nominated me. I'm just trying to hold it down for the T-dot and my West Indian bredren dem seen! p.s: Princess wunnah sure, sure there aint a monetary prize involved cause you know I could always send Theophilus to pick it up. If ya think the man had nuff chat in the TTC drama wait till ya hear him give acceptance speech, Wuhloss! :-)

And oh before you ask a brother is not a terrorist, you'll get the joke when you see the nomination photo lol.

On another level must say that we're missing the sistren Dorna and the bredren Shotta and my man Luke Cage from the blogworld lately. Not sure what's up with any of them but I hope they are all safe and return to us soon.

In other news yes the baby is due this month. Will keep you guys updated.

Image hosting by PhotobucketOh and after a pretty mild December and January, February in the T dot is looking to put things straight for winter and bring the cold, the snow and the ice. Yea just when I thought winter was going to peter out a bit, February has brought the -15s type temperatures and the snow along with it. Just waiting to see how it all plays out but seeing as how mild the past two months were I really shouldn't complain that much if February reverts to true form. Of course really shouldn't doesn't translate into will not cause it still will always be too cold here for my comfort.

Finally, got to say Rest in Peace to Chantel Dunn, a 19 year old York University student who was murdered here last week. Looks like the shooters were after her boyfriend and she got the deadly bullets instead. Its pretty sad to see a young black sister go out like that and its even sadder to see the apathy displayed by Toronto. Oh wait election times done and she was after all just a black girl and it didn't happen downtown so who really gives a damn. Anyway my home girl Urban Sista breaks it down quite well on the whole topic so I wont repeat it here just check out her site. Rest in peace Chantel you'll be remembered and you'll be missed!


Guyana-Gyal said...

When ya hot ya hot, we gotta vote for you, man.

This violence all over the place is really stressing me, some folks can ignore it but it's getting to me. This weekend a mother got gunned down too. A taxi driving mother.

Rest in peace young Chantel.

Nikki said...

I knew it was nearing the time for the baby to be born. I'm sure you guys will be very busy in the weeks ahead.

~b*b~ said...

blessings to you as the due date approaches! i jus' spent a week with my 2 week-old godson in chicago and newborns are the most amazing things :)

Slow Metamorphosis said...

Good Luck with the baby - I know its hectic for you and the wifey but all things will work out.

Hot blogger eh? Me haffi check dat out. :-P

Ravenbajan said...

Congrats Jdid on being a 'hot blogger!'. Your visitor count speaks for itself! Keep up the good work. :)

All the best for a fast and safe delivery for your wife and little one. I don't know you, but I'm excited for ya! There are no words that can describe meeting your child for the first time face-to-face.

Abeni said...

Ok ,Hotness-hope you don't forget the little peeps:)The violence is just too sad and becoming too commonplace

Dr. D. said...

Hey JDi(a)ddy...I man never realize seh the time did so close. All the best to you and Mrs. JDid.

I'm sure that likkle yout will be blogging in no time....first word going be CHUPSE!! LOL.

Sorry to hear of the killing of the young lady....we have more than our fair share of that shyte here in Jamrock.

Dr. D. said...

BTW, if you mek Shabba look like Denzil...tings bad fe you rude bwoy!

Jus cool.

Ri said...

When you end those sentences with "den" I always crack up, because I had a Bajan teacher who always did that, den.

thykness said...

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do in here!! I know you are ready for the baby to come! Hasn't it seemed like forever and a day???
And yes...YOU ARE THE HOT BLOGGER BABY!!!You were my very first comment when I started blogging 10 months ago! You know you are VIP status with me!

BajanQueen said...

You go boy....

Congrats! Keep it up we want more! *smile*


'ka said...

the 1st hot blogger that i find then! congratulationss! :D

oh.. and congratulations for the baby as well :)

happy v-day, man

4panist said...

so much to say, but I'll keep it brief cause its not my blog. I feel the loss of that young girl too, for some reason it hit me hard. congrats on the hot blogger, you keep us smilling so its deserved. as for the winter weather...buck up, its only February there could be many more weeks to go. even your picture shows the beauty of winter, enjoy the simple pleasures each day brings. sounds sappy, but makes life that much more wonderful.