Sunday, February 26, 2006

Winter Olympics

I've seen a few posts on the Winter Olympics amongst the regular sites I visit. I cant really say too much on these games as I've been a very infrequent viewer of the whole thing myself. Yea I love sports in general but I just never got with the winter thing. Yea ok you don't find a lot of blacks in this arena I guess that may be an issue but for me I think its more of a cultural thing. I wasn't raised in Canada or the cold so skiing, ice hockey, skating and the like are just rather foreign to me. So the same way I wouldn't expect most Canadians to follow cricket I just cant get with the Luge, speed skating or curling. I'll watch it if its exciting though, which completely rules out figure skating, so I did see a few events just never really invested any emotional or mental energy into following them.

Image hosting by PhotobucketCanada did really well in the Winter Olympics this year with a record 24 medals. I always wondered in the past why Canada was always so crappy at these Olympics. I mean its not like we don't have snow and cold and ice and the like so what gives? We should be like Winter Olympic superpowers because God knows we seriously struggle to win medals at the summer Olympics. Oh right I forgot Canada doesn't put much money into sports.

Anyway what limited viewing I did of these Olympics raised a few questions for me which I felt like sharing.

One. Who designed those medals at Turin? You know what I'm talking about. The medals that looked like huge donuts or rather bootleg dvds.

Two. How does one decide that one wants to be involved in something like the Luge? Not questioning it as a sport just wondering where on the earth I'd go to find a Luge track, doesn't seem like something you could easily put your kid into.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThree. (Stole this one from Amadeo). Why isn't snow shovelling an Olympic sport? For that matter why isn't running for the bus after a bout of freezing rain an Olympic sport too. How about driving on the highway in zero visibility in snow and slushy conditions. Now that ish deserves a medal!

Four. If it was anyone other than Wayne Gretzky in charge of Hockey Canada how much more critisism would one hear of the Olympic team and its failure to win a medal? Yea they took mucho flak but imagine if it wasn't Gretzky it would have been a straight crucifixion considering their showing.

Five. Why am I even doing this blog when I clearly don't care enough about the Winter Olympics.


Mad Bull said...

Is Luge that flat sled thing? Can you tell that I didn't watch ANY of the Winter Olympics?

Funny re the snow shovelling thing, you should push for it!

Urban Sista said...

Shovelling snow and running after a bus on ice should truly be Olympic sports. I can't tell you how many times I done skin out chasing down a bus in my youth. Chupse. Dem days done.

Brethren, I came here looking for a picture of your yout'... make haste, nuh man.

Miz JJ said...

I love figure skating. Just for the drama and the ridiculous scoring. You always know there's going to be controversy. Did you see the skeleton, which is like luge, but you go down head first? That was some crazy ish.

I'm with urban sista...where's the youngin'

Abeni said...

Figure skating I like.The rest can pass

Anonymous said...

me and my sister are voting for 'snow angel' making. it could all come down to the 'dismount'. or tobogganing - which is not much different then the luge or skeleton (speeding head first down an icy track/tube) but would be alot more fun to see teams racing down the mountain together.

Gunner Kaufman said...

You, Amadeao, and myself need to start the GHETTO WYNTER OLYMPICS. WORD!!!! Just for folks of color. Not only do we add the snow shoveling, and running for the bus,but we also add, street corner slush puddle jumping, and to allow the caribean nations to fully participate, we take folks from the island nations and have them dress up and stand still while waiting for the bus to come, in the freezing cold.

Dr. D. said...

Snow shovelling eeh? I will be the judge of that shyte!

I haven't seen any of it either...not interested.

Lene said...

lol @ urban sis

seriously, luge is madness. who is jumping head first down a frozen cute at over 100 km/hr? not my ass.

Campfyah said...

Ghetto winter games, ah just luv it. Seeing which Caribbean person can stand the longest in the cold waiting for the bus is a classic winter sport.

Just for you Jdid, try maneuvering the stroller, baby and baby bag in the snow trying to get down the train station steps.

Ri said...

I liked the speed skating.