Wednesday, August 08, 2007

8 random

The homie Inciquay (get well soon) tagged me and although I'm not the biggest fan of the meme here goes. Besides no one said I couldn't make them all little stories while revealing as little personal info as possible.

(1) Last week one of those street marketing kids looked at me as I walked by and asked 'Hey whats your favorite Miles Davis album?' (Its Sketches of Spain by the way.) I guess that was his way of enticing me to stop and sign up to whatever charity he was peddling but it didn't work. Now while I'd like to think I look like a sophisticated Miles listening bee-booper I think the only reason he used Miles was the gray in my hair. What you don't think I look young enough to listen to Hip-Hop? Mind you I would probably have been more insulted if he had asked whats your favorite Young Jeezy album.

(2) Today in Kensington Market I saw a young lady leading a group of young ladies on a tour and giving them tips on what to look for when buying vegetables ie in terms of textures and touch, smell etc. Not sure who or where they were from or if that was all to the tour but I thought it was a pretty novel idea. More folks need to learn how to shop and cook

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket(3) I planted this thing. The seeds said sunflower but as you can clearly see that aint no sunflower. Its nice enough mind you and it grew like a trooper given our lack of rain but I'd like to know exactly what it is.

(4) I think I'm officially retiring from playing pan. I enjoy it but its time to move on. Ya know Paul Keens says some people born to play mas and some born to watch people play mas well substitute pan for mas in that statement and you have me. Actually that's not true I fall somewhere in between but it seems like a good phrase to explain the retirement. Actually check with me in three months I may do a Jay-Z. Oh yea like that turned out for the best.

(5) I see a fella with a t-shirt that said 'Knocked-Up'. Old cat, 60 something at least. Made me laugh though cause I was thinking but look at him showing off that he knock up somebody. But she know that he walking around proclaiming big and bold that he knock she up? Well well well. Some people have audacity nuh! Knocked up indeed! Well not really but that little joke floated around in my head for a bit and the shirt did bring a smile to my face.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket(6) Shots!! through the offside for 4 (or so it seems). That fella looking like a test cricketer. NOT!

(7) Surprise of surprises I actually like quite a few hip hop albums that have been released this year. I absolutely love the Marco Polo joint. The KRS/Marley Marl stuff is tight and the Pharoah Monch, Common and Talib Kweli (if its anything like the leaked stuff) and all worthy of a listen or two or three or four. Oh and the Lil' Brother Mixtape "And Justus for all" is better than a tonne of albums out there (and I'm not just saying that cause my man Skillz is on there). Its been a long time since I can say I've really really liked more than three hip hop albums in one year. Maybe Hip hop isn't dead after all.

(8) When pointing me out to people the wife used to refer to me as 'the slim fella' or 'the skinny fella'. Hear she now recently describing me to someone who asked her who her husband was. 'Oh he is the fella cross deyso dat used to be slim.' I still trying to figure out what she really trying to say bout me.

I guess I need to tag someone. Never really big on the whole tagging business but lets tag the blogversary girl Kami.


Brotha Buck said...

It's a beautiful...thing. Even though it's not a sunflower.

Abeni said...

Jay,you didn't say what I was supposed to do. So how you gon tag me eh? no's 8 and 5 cracked me up

Jdid said...

my bad, you're supposed to write 8 random things about yourself

Crankyputz said...

that's funny, you still look skinny to me..

Luke Cage said...

Mrs. Jdid is one funny woman man!

Mad Bull said...

Yeah, what kind of flower is that?

GC said...

it is a gladiolus

Lucy said...

Hey, Jdid!

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I caught wind of your comment on a fellow blogger's post.

Based on your worldly response, I figured you might be interested in my most recent post on Metabigotry in comedy.

I'm trying to "get the word out," and I decided to drop you a line.
Perhaps, you would be interested in stopping by my spot and giving your opinion?

Thank you again, and thanks for being such an open-minded citizen.

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(Feel free to delete this comment as it does not pertain to your post.)

Stunner said...

It's a nice looking flowers. I have no clue what it is either.

"used to be slim"? I wonder what that look like! lol

scratchie said...

Mrs. Jdid has it down pat. Think she's just out to give you trouble.

Bush Babee said...

I agree with your comment about some worth while hip hop being released lately.

You can always pick up some free stuff on The Roots website

I picked up the new Jill Scott six months ago!

Live long and prosper!


Lene said...

i used to be one of those street marketing kids. I would see people drinking their smoothies or venti vanilla bean latte things and be like, "yo, i'll give you a quarter for a sip of that", and some people would laugh, give me cut eye, or try and give me a sip.

did i get the sale? no. lol =)

Ravenbajan said...

Your flower is a Gladiolus, and a beautiful one at that. I haven't seen many that brilliant red before, they are usually more of a washed out shade.