Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You might win some

But you just lost one

"you washed up like Arsenio Hall you not tough
take ya loss like a man admit it ya got crushed
but since you keep running ya lips would not hush
ended up like Mike Vick in the pocket you got rushed
and we went right quick at ya pockets ya got stuck"

Low Budget Allstars - Marco Polo et al

In the face of the blitz, Mike Vick scrambled but his offensive line folded and he ended up being sacked for a loss of yardage.

Ok pathetic football reference out of the way lets talk about Mike Vick.

First off let me give the disclaimer that I'm not trying to defend Michael Vick's alleged actions here. In the face of overwhelming evidence he has chosen to plead guilty and hope for a reduced sentence on his dog fighting charges. It seems like ol boy was kind of squeezed though as all of his co-defendants copped pleas and were going to testify against him. Damn so much for your boys having your back, the Feds had this case on lock.

But hey if you do the crime you do the time right? And Vick should have known better and not just cause he is a celebrity and one of the best known faces in the NFL. He just should have known better as a human being.

Still when you're a celebrity its even worse. You just cant get away with doing questionable stuff like this dog fighting thing if you're that well known. Now if you were a fourth string defensive back on a crappy team like the Vikings or something well maybe you could get away with it but a marquee Quarterback forever on Sportcentre? Naa forget that. Vick played himself thats the long and short of it.

Still I got to say that the coverage of this Mike Vick episode makes me want to go into a rant similar to the infamous Allan Iverson diatribe about practice; "Its dog fighting son, we're talking about dog fighting. What we talking about? Dog fighting? Dog fighting, not murder or rape or violent assault or shooting or stabbing a person but dog fighting. Man we talking about Dog fighting. What we talking about, dog fighting. Dog fighting man, we up in here talking about dog fighting right. I mean dog fighting" ......Something like that.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI mean Vick committed a serious crime, it against the law to dog fight, but the way Vick is being portrayed in the media its like he was Josef Mengele or Hitler or Pol Pot or Stalin or Saddam or something. I dont want to trivialize his crime but lets put it into perspective people. He didnt kill any humans, he didnt maim any humans, he didnt abuse any kids, he didnt do any experimental torture type ish on anyone, no one got shot cause he was playing the ass like in the case of Pac Man Jones, he hasnt committed genocide, he's not a terrorist.

I'm just saying this so y'all can put his crimes into perspective.

Yes he's going to plead guilty but even before this happened and he was simply the accused folk were acting like Mike Vick was the devil. Damn I mean I find the outrage here was so much more than the outrage when Kobe was accused of assaulting an actual human being. Kobe was found innocent by the way but that's not the point.

The point is all in the perspective. For me I say crimes against humans outweigh crimes against animals.

Vick'll get the book thrown at him for his crime but the man is not on the same level as the Anti-Christ as folks are trying to paint him.

He'll probably be banned for life from the NFL. Is that fair? Yes it probably is but I hope that some of these other guys who are getting into altercations where actual human beings are getting hurt will get banned too cause to be honest its looking to me like we're putting the value of a dog's life over that of a human being right now the way we are treating Vick. We're acting like Vick is a mass murderer, a Ted Bundy or Charles Manson type.

Ok so this is the biggest fall from grace for a sportsman since OJ was accused. Why couldn't Vick simply have stuck to the usual high stakes poker games, wilding out at the strip club or maybe chose a gentler sport like horse racing instead of messing with dogs. No one would have given a damn then.

Damn you Mike Vick and your amazingly strong arm and adept scrambling and rushing skills. Unfortunately none of that stuff can help you out of this mess you created for yourself. You've got no one else to blame. Shame on you!

p.s: I'm probably going to get beat up for this post by some kid soliticing on the behalf of PETA, Greenpeace or the Humane society on the streets of downtown Toronto but I'm only human so the outrage will be minimum.


Abeni said...

Anytime I hear Vick's name I remember the Ron Mexico story.Not surprised tho that his co defendants ditched-they must have heard 25 yrs and said each man for himself

Charles Follymacher said...

I'm with you on every point. It was an extremely gross thing to be involved with, and it was incomprehensively stupid of him to think this could go on for an extended period of time without anyone finding out. Seems mebbe R-Mex has a penchant for high-risk activity. I don't know.

But tell me ladies, which scenario would you prefer: You have a loving husband who you think you know very well and a close girlfriend who's also a policewoman. She calls you up after a long day and has a terrible secret to tell you about your husband. Would you rather her tell you she found out your husband was cheating on you or that she's discovered your husband is involved in some dog-fighting ring?

How did this get to be such a huuuuge deal? Looks like the only thing worse than this would be an accusation you used steroids to whack a bunch of homeruns.

GC said...

I don't know
could I stay married to a man who enjoys dogfighting?
I don't think I could go out with him in the first place.
And I'm not even sure if I'm joking or not.

Crankyputz said...

Where are his fellow conspirators? Why aren't they getting as much heat.

Luke Cage said...

There was a level of overzealousness on the part of the Gov't to get that brotha. I'm not saying he wasn't guilty for whatever he did, hell, he copped to it although he was pinned against the wall by his OWN boys at that... (so much for the No SNITCH factor!) and he was in a no win situation, but it would be nice to see this kind of zeal when a "human" being is at risk or has been killed or tortured.

p.s: I'm probably going to get beat up for this post by some kid soliticing on the behalf of PETA, Greenpeace or the Humane society on the streets of downtown Toronto but I'm only human so the outrage will be minimum. - Ahhh, there goes that sarcasm you was telling me about. So true man. so true...

Fiyah said...

I agree that the media does tend to over-cover certain stories for obvious reasons... but I don't think they overstated how bad the crime of dog-fighting is. Gumbel did a piece on his "Real Sports" show on HBO recently and its a TERRIBLE hobby to have. If anything these stars that commit crimes against human beings need to be shoved into the public eye more vs. Vick getting less exposure.

Mad Bull said...

I am TOTALLY with Fiyah! Vick's coverage was fine by me, because these guys are really cruel to these animals. Think of it... your dog fights and loses, so you electrocute it to death?!!!
You have some non pit bull dog that you tie up so it cannot move a muscle and then you have your dog attack it and maim or kill it to train your dog?!! It can't defwnd itself, must just lie and be torn to bits???!!! All to train your animal while making sure it doesn't get harmed? This is barbaric stuff, man! Also, remember these are not isolated incidents. These things were done to multiple animals! Vick had more than fifty animals on his property! How many animals were mistreated, maimed, killed, electrocuted before he was found out?
If they only give Vick 18 months as I have heard suggested on TV, it is a travesty of justice! Apparently he can face a maximum of five years per animal, and a better jail term would be ten years, IMHO!
Not that crimes against humans are less important, of course they are more important, but as I said, we aren't talking about minor animal cruelty here, and we are talking about many animals!

Mad Bull said...

Sorry, "Vick's coverage was fine by me," in the comment above should read "Fiyah's coverage was fine by me,"

Fiyah said...

Is like Mad Bull ah get mad... you said it right the first time boss!

Jdid said...

Going to have to disagree with you Mad Bull. It may be barbaric but no humans were hurt in the process. Now you probably think that I'm a dog hater but I'm not, I just think a distinction has to be made between human and animal.

I man kill nuff fowls in my backyard as a yout to put in the pot. Unna going arrest me for chicken slaughter? (Hopefully there is some statute of limitations on that although truth be told I murder two big breed chicken at christmas. ah confession is indeed so good for the soul) rathid I best to go on the run from the law from early :-)

In all seriousness though couple of points -

why is Vick killing a dog that lost a fight considered so much more barbaric than shooting a lame race horse cause he probably wont be able to run anymore? I talking about a horse than would live just not be able to run and make money for its owner again. nuhbody never get arrested for that. That is animal murder too and nuhbody dont say jack! Is it just because of the method of Vick's killing that this is so much more wrong? or are we basically saying in the animal hierarchy dog trump horse and we could give a damn about a lame racehorse?

and second whats wrong with an 18 months sentence? There are people who get convicted of shooting, assault, rape and other violent crimes up here in north america who get convicted and spend less time in jail than 18 months.

princessdominique said...

Hey, how come every time I come by you're talking football. I want to hear about shoes and stuff your wife does *lol* only kidding.

Fiyah said...

Not quigte true JDid. Animal euthenasia or "putting down" of horses rarely happens in todays world. And when it does it is with good reason. Broekn limb can cause a horse severe suffering before dying anyways... so they are put down... they aren't shot anymore. Dem barbaric days done.

But the point was not that Michael Vick's crime should be treated the same or worse than a crime against a human being... but rather that Micheal Vick's crime be treated the same as it is now and we should INCREASE the publicity and punishments on crimes with human victims. The separation in severity should not be created by reducing animal crime penalties...

Leon said...

I agree. But its understandable why they are on his back so much. Firstly, he's a celebrity. Secondly, he's black, and thirdly, Americans have an unnatural love for their pets. Still, it was exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how someone with so much talent and money can do something so stupid. But it happens everyday. Just ass Pacman Jones.

ms. complexity said...

I'm with Kami - every man and ooman fi demselves!

And Nikki's right...why most celebrities chupid as hell?

Diddy, you may think sentencing is harsh but Leon nuh speak troot? Americans love their pets...and it's simply cruel what is happening in this situation.

Vick's situation comes to light because he's a 'celebrity' (a notorious one at that).

What a shame...such a good looking man with a somewhat solid career but dogged by controversy as a result of his STUPID ASS actions...

jelli said...

Vick is an idiot. I agree with you they are acting like he murdered 100 humans. I too think of the Ron Mexico story. I don't think he will banned for life I think he will be banned but appeal after a few years he will be let back in. That boy is too talented for the NFL to let him go.

Lola Gets said...

I am an animal lover, just wanted to get that out of the way.

I think the reason folks get so upset over animal crimes is because they are considered innocent, ie, they do not possess the ability to say yea or nay to their circimstances, and that makes them more sympathetic. I think that children also fall into this category, but perhaps not to the extent that they should.

Ok, so Vick took a plea bargain and hes going to serve some time, fine by me. Should it be more? Perhaps, I dont have a full understanding of this area of law, so I cant say for sure. But I will say this: once he has served his time, he should be allowed to work in whatever field he can find employment in. If some football team wants to hire him, he should be allowed to play.

What someone needs to do is ban him from associating from such stupid friends, who dont have his back (I got you on that snitch thang Luke, and I was thinking the same thing, lol).


Matt aka Gullyside said...

As far as i'm concerned that should be a misdemeanor. However, if the law says that it isn't then it's only fair that he gets dealt the full hand of the law. Assuming that if it was Paris Hilton she would also be dealt a similar fate.

Bush Babee said...

To you posting, I must say:

"Can I get a witness?!"

Being from Atlanta and equally much a country boy, dogfighting is considered a sport. No more ficious or inhuman as boxing. It's considered a contact sport.

I don't think it was bright of Stephon Marbury to get involved, as if he needs any more bad press, but I really admire anyone and I mean anyone who will support the less than popular viewpoint.

Just because you don't like something, it doesn't mean it's wrong!


Jamaican Girl said...

Life is so funny....you posted the shared lunacy blog on Mad Bull and I realised that the guy is also my good friend as well:)) He had sent me the link and I was like...where have i seen this before....small world huh?

Amadeo said...

I told someone the other day that it's really just easy for people to condemn and protest someone who's ALREADY BEEN CAUGHT, than it is to do anything about real problems. I've read where people think he should never play in the NFL again and should be made to work for minimum wage at a dog shelter after he gets out of jail. I don't like dogfighting, but over 150 young black men have been killed in my city this year and the average high school graduate can't perform on an 8th grade level. The cops have Vick, the courts can handle it.

courtneyelizabeth said...

lol...did you just say Hitler!

*falls backwards out of chair*

Miz JJ said...

The hypocrisy of this situation is not lost on me. How do people think they got that chicken last night? Or those leather shoes? Or that piece of bacon this morning? We terrorize, kill, maim animals every day for our own needs and pleasure. I am not going to get all worked up over dog fighting. Not when black people are being murdered all over this planet and people do not even blink an eye. And I am suppose to be upset over some dogs?!? Hell NO.

Stunner said...

The media just wants to get a story to run with and they ride it for as long as they can!

Fiyah said...

@Miz jj: I understand where you are coming from. But I think you are misrepresenting the dog-fighting situation. Or maybe you just don't know the details.

Slaughter houses are a tough concept to take... but there are rules and regulations that should prevent the inhumane killing of an animal. It seems to be the lesser of a number of evils in providing meat to an ever-growing population.

Dog-fighting, on the other hand, is unregulated and serves no purpose but to provide cheap thrills. In addition the dogs are tortured and killed by drowning them, electricuting them, and, in some cases, putting them through meat grinders while still alive.

I agree, in the grand scheme of things its trivial when compared to human-victimization in society... but it still deserves some attention.

Mad Bull said...

Jdid, its ok, I am accustomed to people disagreeing with me. Again, I'm with Fiyah on this one. Killing chickens to eat is not really comparable. Hey, if you eat dogs and you kill a dog to eat it, I wouldn't have so much problems with it. I am not going to eat it myself, but if in your culture people eat dogs, bully for you (* side note : my first dog was named "Bully", so thats a pun of sorts...)
When people slaughter animals to eat them, they usually do it in a humane manner. Also, there is a good reason for killing the animal, they will be providing nutrition to people.
When they put down a racehorse, its because they feel the horse will suffer far more by being allowed to live, so once again, its a "humane" thing.
Animals that are raised for slaughtering are usually treated reasonably well before the slaughtering event as well, at least, as far as I am aware.

Killing animals for sport is wrong though. Drowning or electrocuting them to death or putting them through a meat grinder while they are still alive is savage, barbaric, cruel, sick and inhuman. Vick and his compadres are vicious animals and should be treated as such... just my opinion. I bet if they thought they could get away with it, they would have humans fighting to the death too...