Thursday, August 16, 2007

The world gone mad

What kind of world are we living in?

Story 1 - Guard uses taser on father holding newborn baby. And the guard was an off-duty cop! I mean come on now who seriously tasers a guy holding a baby. You can see the video here . What the hell! How irresponsible, how downright asinine is that?

So a taser packs enough voltage to knock the crap out of a regular sized guy. What the hell do you think that same voltage will do to a baby? Seriously this is the type of thing where one would not be surprised if mobs of angry citizens grabbed a hold of the guard and beat the living crap out of him. You tasered someone holding a newborn baby? Come on man there had to be some other tension relieving tactics that you could have used. Was that level of violence necessary?

It doesn't matter that you were aiming at the dad and that the dad may have been acting abusive or whatever. The dad was holding the baby and by tasering the father you also tasered an innocent child who now shock of shocks (no pun intended) is acting up cause the dad dropped her when he was tasered and she has head trauma. Essentially you probably just left that child with serious health and maybe even mental problems because the dad was trying to leave the hospital with her against wishes. Couldn't you have called for backup or something? Tried to reason with him until reinforcements arrived? Shot him in the foot or something even but taser him and the child. Damn!

I'm guessing you're a ends justifies the means type of person right? Way to go rent-a-cop! Moron!

Story 2 - Woman crawls around Toronto in her wedding dress for 8 hours to celebrate divorce ending 8 year marriage.

All I can say is she head got to be bad! What is it Elephant Man says "Mad sick, head nuh good? Well that's got to her he's describing. Got to be, no two ways about it. Who crawls around the streets and for 8 hrs and in a wedding dress? What kind of madness is that.

Ok so I've never been divorced but I heard that on divorce people can do some mighty crazy stuff; get blind drunk to celebrate, get tattoos, dye their hair, cut off their hair a la Britney, sleep with random folk just because. etc etc. But crawling around in their wedding dress on all fours? I think not!

I mean I see the woman on tv with knee pads on, someone behind her holding her train and someone walking ahead of her with a broom sweeping the sidewalk like is curling them playing or something so.

Well ok maybe I viewing this thing wrong. Maybe it was a cry for help or maybe the spectacle was meant to make me develop some feelings of pity. Know what? It succeeded.

I feel pity but is not fa she! I really feel the pain of the ex-husband, that poor man who had to put up with her for 8 years cause clearly she has some mental issues cause who in their right mind wakes up and says to celebrate my divorce I'm going to crawl around on all fours in my wedding dress huh? Seriously I mean who does that? So to the ex husband just let me say bredren that woman head bad, if this is the sort of thing you had to put up with for 8 years you are definitely a better man than me so props to you. Now be happy you got out alive, go church, thank the maker and put something in the collection plate. I don't know how ya survive but praise God she gone!


Radmila said...

People are stupid.
That would be the only answer.

GC said...

re the baby
what gets me is that the id bracelet on the baby prevented the elevators from opening. Since the baby was not released from the hospital, the father could not get out. No excuse whatsoever for this stupid crime.

Luke Cage said...

The rent-a-cop story with the baby is unreal man. I so wish I hadn't read that story because it really breaks my heart. I have no words.

As for the celebration of the divorce, well that must have been one helluva bad marriage when a woman celebrates the un-union IN her wedding gown. Now that's what you call getting your money's worth from the purchase of that dress. You got married in it, might as well celebrate going separate ways in it too! Ha! Good for her.

Abeni said...

Real idiot people fuh real

Crankyputz said...

The taser situation is appaling, i read about the woman crawling on her knees in her wedding dress..can you say drama queen??

Lola Gets said...

Uh, perhaps that wedding dress crawl was performance art?? No? Okay.

ms. complexity said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH eediat ting dat....

Re: the wedding dress fiasco - white people!