Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Year of the Dragon

In the year of the Dragon lots of men disappear
Quiet as it's kept they won't be around next year
Year of the Dragon - Wycleff Jean/Lauryn Hill

So Pras came out and said that Lauryn Hill is mentally ill. Read here. That's not too hard to believe is it? At least not considering some of her behavior post-Fugees anyways.

Way back when I started this blog I said I didn't want to see the Fugees do a reunion for legacy reasons but still this is pretty sad. I hope she gets some help. The Dutch Pots posted a paragraph about how terrible her concert was in Amsterdam a few weeks back and it got me thinking about the whole Lauryn thing.

I mean I used to be the biggest Lauryn Hill fan and this was even before the Score dropped and Killing me Softly became a worldwide hit. I used to be like did you see that girl in Sister Act 2 sing? Yo she's got potential, she'll go far. And yea I was disappointed with the Fugees first album, although a couple of the remixes that came out later were stellar, but still I held on to hope. That girl has potential just you wait and see she's going to break out big! Then Killing me softly dropped, one time, one time and it was over! It was nice to see that potential fulfilled with the Fugees. Then she did the solo thing and it was hitting. But somewhere along the line after her solo album dropped she wore thin on me. I just noticed some serious attitude like "I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread creeping in" and it turned me off. The album was great though and she deserved those Grammys but I sort of thought the fame was going to her head.

Then like Chinua Achebe Things fell apart. Damn. Y'all know the rest.

Anyway I was listening to this Lauryn verse on Wycleff Jean's The Carnival this morning and couldn't help but think that her words were self prophetic.

Clef it kind of remind me of this chick I once knew
Use to be a dime, now she's strung out in Bellevue
See the serpent played tricks run game like the Knicks
Build you up just to lose the championship.
I seen her reminiscing over Wu-Tang could It Be that Simple
She lost her Prince cause there were Thieves In the Temple
Tragic depression made her lose all her teeth
Lost and turned out gave her body to the streets
Sweet Mary don't you weep
Still water runs deep
So be careful of the company you keep.
In the year of the Dragon lots of men disappear
Quiet as it's kept they won't be around next year


Fiyah said...

Its that damn Marley fellow mess dih gyal up! I keep telling women: Only date a Jamaican man if you KNOW you can handle it :P

Anonymous said...

eh eh

i hope that she is more stable as a parent than she seems as an artiste.

and for de record fiyah i think it was a haitian man that mess her up in the first place - all those years she carrying on wit' wyclef and he married and ting.

Honest said...

Jamaican or Haitian either way I hope she gets the help she needs.

Crankyputz said...

first whitney and now her...beautiful talented, men, men

Inside Man said...

their is nothing like a woman scorned...........

jelli said...

I said this years back. We aren't going to get any more good music from that girl since she's looney now. So far I have been right. Score 1 for Jelli. It's a sad situation what is going with her.

Abeni said...

if true,that's very sad

AirBourne said...

Pras never really said she is insane, just that she is "far out there" which could mean anything...

Quel said...

Man! Reading those lyrics spooked me a little bit.

I've felt the loss of two music artists personally: Aaliyah and Lauryn. I still miss Aaliyah today, but with Lauryn it hard becasue she's still here, but not really here. I was hopeful when she started showing up on mag covers again and doing shows. it's just hard to see her gone like that.

I'm with you too Jay, When i saw Sister Act 2, all I wanted in life was to see her sing again and to get those braids. :)

Stunner said...

It is very sad, hope she bounces back.

Rose said...

I always hoped that she would pulled it together. But I guess another one bites the dust. Too bad, sister has serious vocal pipes.

Leon said...

I honestly didn't know! I hope what happened in the song doesn't happen to her. Self-prophetic indeed.

Luke Cage said...

I can't believe how far that honey has fallen. I so hope that she is able to rebound from whatever ills are plaguing her. Here's to her making a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem started when she got into the legal battle about the 'Miseducation of Lauryn Hill'.
She actually had to settle out court, because if she had of went to court and lost, she would have lost 'her' grammys, and been discredited at the same time. Thats when i think she she felt that her reputation went down the drain.

GC said...

why did Pras need to come up out of his mouth and talk about the woman's mental condition? All he wanted to do really was talk about his upcoming project.
Miss Hill needs prayer. It ain't over til it's over.

Dutch Pot said...

I have the concert post lurking on my dashboard. It is soooo sad I just can't yet bring myself to post it. I'll put the picture up of HOW SHE LOOKED!!! and post in a few days!

Mad Bull said...

Man, Lauryn was mah girl! I saw Sister Act 2 as well a,d like you, I just wanted to see her sing again! I thought she was hot to look at too, so she was the background on my PC for quite awhile, drove Natty crazy! :D

Anyway, its really sad whats happened with her. What a pity.