Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Things Brown

I hope allya didn't spend off big money at Christmas thinking this recession thing was just a slight blip and 2009 would be back to normal. Well if ya did and you thought things weren't that bad and this recession was just a passing fancy I have news for you.

Its real!

How I know its real? Well I always thought it was but just for further confirmation I open yesterday's paper and see a headline saying that a German Billionaire commit suicide cause his global empire ran into trouble with this economic downturn. Imagine that! The recession got billionaires killing themselves. What a ting! Tell me that don't mek ya realize how serious this thing is?

I mean we not talking about no I cant pay the light bill and my house get repossessed and I homeless suicide we talking about a cat that was a billionaire, lifestyles of the rich and shameless, caviar dreams and champagne wishes, private jet having, money wid nuff zeroes at the end falling off the page type of fellow.

So if things so dread that a guy like him say look I cant deal with this thing I want out, I dun, I gone, see ya, wha bout we dat cross hayso eating bully beef and chicken backs, with cheese cutter dreams and mauby wishes and trying to shuffle 10 cents from the light bill to the water bill? Lawd ave mercy!

And ya know a fellow like that with big money got access to nuff resources. So unlike we dat have to rely on the lies in the mainstream media where they try hard to convince us that everything gine be alright and not to panic and that we should go out and buy that new Buick and that enormous flat screen TV cause we really need them and it going help the economy, he is rich enough to afford to pay people to bring him the real news. So he must have had a few legit forecasts of the future showing him just how bad things going to get cause this thing only just start ya know.

So if he a fellow with the money and the info couldn't tek the strain and decide he couldn't tek it nuh more wha chance we pockets on E type people got?



GC (God's Child) said...

what a sad story
that is truly a tragedy
perhaps our losses are more manageable
still--a person has to be in a bad state anyway to think that they are unwilling to try again

dalia said...

i'm sorry.

cold, hard bitch that i am, he lost a billion dollars - of his NINE-POINT-FOUR-BILLION-DOLLAR-FORTUNE.

i'm sorry, what?

i'm supposed to feel sorry for this man who bathed in diamonds and showered in rubies every day? (not really, but you know what i mean).


it's not like he was on his last legs and couldn't feed his family.

he was prolly distraught because now he couldn't that island next to the sultan's off the coast of mauritius.

meanwhile, i've been eating PBJ and cutting corners everywhere i can because i get paid every two weeks, and after this month's bills are paid, i'm left with JUST ENOUGH to make it for another two weeks.

shut the fug up.

Pepper said...

ditto dalia

JerseyTjej said...

I was going to take the high road and follow my friend, GC, but after just managing to eek out a Christmas holiday for my kids and pray that my half assed company keeps me employed, I am cosigning with Dalia...

Fug him...and the horse he rode in on.

Urban Sista said...

Y'all are cold, boy. Well, I co-sign with GC. Anytime someone doesn't see any hope in the future and kills themselves, I think it's a shame.

Stunner said...

It's some seriously hard times ahead indeed!

That guy is crazy, I'm sure he had a few billion dollars left to 'survive' on. But that's what happens when people put all their faith and hope in their money.

Radmila said...

Easy to go up...hard to come down.

Bajegirl said...

True dat, Radmila. The higher you are the harder the fall. He needed Jesus though.

Radmila said...

I think that perhaps he needed more than Jesus, Bajegirl...LOL.

People are complicated, no?

I think that it might be harder for those who have never known poverty or discomfort to give up what they're used to.

If you're a spoiled rich person, maybe losing a billion from your 15 (or whatever ridiculous number) is the end of the world for you.

I know that for me, it would be hard to give up my Malbec and fresh fruit and veggies and go back to ramen noodles and bacon for dinner, and scrounging the change bin for bus fare...but, we'd adjust...because we've been there, done that.

For this guy, his psych obviously wasn't prepared to deal with not only the coming down, but probably the shame as well.

Who knows?
Maybe he offed himself so that his family could live off of what is left...*sigh* no more cristal footbaths for his is a big bitch.

Leon said...

You never know. There might've been more troubles in his life than we realize. Everyone has troubles, rich or poor.

nahmix said...

yeah....what dalia said. i'm not losing one bit of sleep on this one. billionaires gets no love from me...unless of course you're oprah. it's hard to totally hate her, even with her self imposed god-like complex.

Abeni said...

Maybe there is a little more to this but overall am not really sympathetic