Tuesday, January 13, 2009


(first in the written in Barbados trilogy)

And wunnah tell me Barbados doan got mountains. Chupse!

Looka I not suh sure what happened in Barbados the past few years cause I haven't been living there now for the last decade but I mean I noticed it this summer when I was there and just didn’t have the inclination to write about it then but well lets just say that something has changed with the women and the women’s fashions.

As I described it to a friend, its like there was an explosion of breasteses in the past few years as almost every woman young, old and in between is wearing some extreme-cleavage revealing or enhancing garb where the motto must be the more skin the better. Its was like being in a Russ Meyers movie at some points.

Where were these fashion options when I was a teenager, young single and carefree nuh? chupse!

I mean as I noted while walking the beach one morning it really is a thing when most of the women on the beach are dressed a lot more conservatively than the majority of women in Bridgetown during the day.

And as someone else noted to me when I told them about this well maybe they should consider changing the name of Bridgetown to Breast-town cause that was all that was on display from swan street to Broad street, high street, Marhill street and fairchile street and everywhere in between.

Now before ona dese young yams like Kami call me an old fogie and say I don’t know fashion its not that I complaining about the tit-illation (pun intended) I am just making a comment that modesty seems to have indeed left the building cause I know for a fact that that much skin wasn't on display when I was younger and could appreciate it lil more.

See I would have done a proper detailed scientific study and all that but its difficult to keep abreast (pun intended) of the comings and goings with so many subjects to choose from. All I know is that everywhere I went all I could do was look and try not to look like I looking but well the trying not to look was difficult cause like I said everybody and their mudda and I mean that literally was wearing some sort of revealing top so it was breasts staring at ya left, right and centre.

Now once upon a time it was bajan men that used to wear their shirts halfway unbuttoned and show off all their scraggly unkempt chest hair and such. Now the men learn to button up the button ups or dem wearing t-shirts and the women like they decide to flip tings and learn to unbutton or well just wear things that keep their chests looking like they want to bust (pun intended) loose.

And it wasn’t just one cut of dress either that I referring to. It was like almost every woman in Barbados just trying to accentuate that part of the anatomy and some women were so sizable they really needed to do the opposite of accentuate instead a mekkin we focus in on the top heaviness.

So there were the low cut tops, the v-cut tops where the v’s were real low, the absence of bras or the other issue where the ladies were clearly not wearing the correct bra size to go with their endowments. At first I played that one off as well maybe they don’t know nuh better or there is a lack of good bra sizers in Barbados but then I was informed that oh no they do know but they find wearing a bra clearly two or more sizes too small is a way to get that extra push up an push out look ie: that stand at attention look where it seems as if the breasts saluting ya and are trying to reach the chin or are coming together and collaborating on how best to make a break for it and jump out of the low cut blouse at any moment.

And as I pointed out before it wasn’t just one type of woman wearing these outfits. Big girls with plenty assets spewing over tight, tight tops or printed out in skin fitting blouses like if they flex like the hulk the whole thing pop loose and a fella lose an eye and small girls with not much to work with squeeze up and push out or wearing v cut things with no bras . Big hardback old women that really ya wud think should know and dress better and young young girls that ya figure their parents shud know better than to dress them like that. Somehow every and any women managed to get in on the action. It was quite a sight.

Not that I complaining! I just making a social commentary. This is what I saw and this is what I reporting so don't start off with no Jdid is a pervert thoughts. Wha I would gotta be Stevie Wonder not to have notice how these women dressing.

Still it gave me a thought. I feel the Tourism Authority should use this to their advantage and instead a promoting Barbados as land of flying fish and sun and sea we could do a thing with Bubby-dus land of the exploding breasts.

Well um is juss an idea cause the economy ain't dat good these days and sex duz sell.


Abeni said...

Lol.first I have a modest cleavage and secondly mi nah show nutten to the world.lol. Seriously though,boobs everywhere you go these days fuh real. They literally in your face for real

Campfyah said...

But how yuh go Barbados and looking at de wimmen bubbies so fuh doh....yuh too fresh :-))

Jdid said...

camp i wasnt looking at dem dem was peepin at me

nahmix said...

sounds like you were scoping the goods :)

Poeza said...

Yes. I will not mind you, 'coz you duz talk nuff, nuff foolishness! lol!