Friday, July 03, 2009


and dem thought Nipplegate was a issue.

Back in the days the worse thing ya had to worry bout was seeing Mommy kissing Santa under the mistletoe or maybe a fella might try an sneak into school wid a Playboy or something so but now

A local teacher accidentally put pornography into a DVD that was meant to be filled with school memories from the past year, and nobody caught the error until after it was sent home, shocking parents and students alike.

De woman gone an put pieca one of her own sex tapes on the children tape. Well I guessing I know what will be the top memory for them children for the past year lol.

You imagine you turn on the dvd to show you parents memories of jungle gyms, innocent plays and recitals, and running bout the schoolyard and all a sudden um cut into dem sorta big people things with your teacher giving new meaning to the phrase wham bam thank you mam! Wha dat wud traumatize even big people cuhdear.

Well even if this teacher doan get fired I hope she remove themselves from the vicinity of them traumatized children. I know if I did a parent and I did see dat I couldn't be in nuh sorta parent teacher meetings widout looking at she a certain way. And ya dun know discipline gone through the door in class too cause some day teacher say something an some igrant lil fast chile gine put she in she place bout that tape and hush she up one time bram.

an how come nuhbody din notice this thing on the tape though? I mean we is a people that see janet nipple fa 1/2 a second a everybody din see um, how come them din see however much of the teacher porn did on the tape cause i sure um was more than six seconds.

But ya know I been discussing this sex tape business. (No before wunnah ask wunnah cud search high and low there aint no Jdid sex tapes knocking bout and there never will be cause i aint embarrassing myself nor looking to traumatize nun a wunnah. In fact I feel if I ever was to do something so I wud traumatize myself too. After seeing that, I might gotta guh join a monastery and tek a new vow of chastity or something. cuhdear)

But what is the thing wid everybody mekkin sex tapes these days? Um is because digital equipment suh cheap? Or um is that everybody fancies themselves some sorta porn star? Is it that we are a nation of voyeurs? Or is just that people aint got nuh sorta common sense cause if ya mek it chances are ya gine mislay it at some point or the other and then bram embarrassment galore.

Well unless ya is a celebrity and then um will mek ya a superstar like Paris, de Kardasian girl or Ray J.


Abeni said...

Talk about embarrassment. Lawd, I must be old fashioned because I don't get the point at all with these sex videos. I even wonder if these "leaks" are not well orchestrated to get maximum publicity

Empath said...

CV for said Teacher:
Education:B.A, Dip. Education

Teaching Experience: Grades 1-6

Extra curricular:Part-time porn star

Any questions?

Ruthibelle said...

aaaaaah Empath. Quite a CV that!

This thing jus soun so humiliatin. Mi nuh kno bwoi. Di way di werl a go....

mad bull said...

So it not on Youtube yet? Whats the URL?

Anonymous said...

wha yuh mean even if she doan get fired??? Fire in she backside or shall I say frontside.... Is bare madness dat she do that.

@Bulll, I sure it on You tube now

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Maybe somebody drug she and make the video of she and she didn't know? Maybe somebody plunk on that piece with she, on to the school children one and she didn't know?

You got to be drugged or something for that to happen.

I wonder what she gon do now...

Dee said...

I don't understand things like these--don't people check after themselves to make sure the quality is good?

Radmila said...

What a jackass...I hope she was fired.

Unknown said...


Will said...

wow... that's a novel way of ensuring student attendance in class... "come see me with my clothes ON for a change!"